Property & Promo Videos

From animated slides of a property, stop motion capture of a process to a corporate video showcasing your company’s services and strengths our creative visual team create eye catching videos.
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Video marketing is fast becoming the most effective way to advertise and showcase a company, property or a product. Technology and the internet have made video production and broadcasting very accessible to everyone.

At CP Creative we offer an in-house video production service which takes care of the entire process from planning, writing, filming, editing and then hosting & broadcasting. Our team of creatives have knowledge and expertise at creating videos that not only look good but portray whatever message is intended.

We use top of the range HD video cameras to ensure our work is of a premium quality and then use only the best software to edit and produce the videos.

Our designers take into account your company image and branding to ensure that the finished video matches your branding and suits the image of your company and what you are selling. Our Property and Promo videos can range from a simple short and snappy slide show to a full lifestyle shoot with presenter and props.