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Schools Out

It’s the start of the summer holidays, so we thought it would be a good idea to look at some tips to keep your house ‘viewing ready’ when you have kids around, and how best to prepare your home for property photos. There are some general rules that everyone can follow when preparing their home for photography or a viewing, but this post is aimed at those with children. Those poor souls who’s children’s belonging may have taken over the whole house and the thought of trying to portray a 'comfortable, adult living environment' to potential buyers, seems as tricky as the Brexit negotiations. Firstly – De-clutter Don’t wait until you’re moving to start to thin out those toys, when the kids are in bed get out that black sack and be ruthless! The less mess you have to keep on top of the better. There are so many charities and children’s centre’s that you can donate old toys to. A word of warning, DO NOT make the mistake of letting your kids find the sack. If they stumble across this huge bag of goodies, suddenly every broken toy, unloved teddy, snapped crayon will become one of their all time favourite objects. So this is a job that must be done covertly. The Fridge We are easily distracted, if you have taken the time to prepare your kitchen for photography or a viewing, then don’t forget about that little gallery wall that we like to call 'The Fridge Door'. It’s the perfect spot for those first master pieces, but a busy fridge door can subtly pull the eye away from what a potential buyer is actually looking at. You want them to remember the kitchen, not the brutally honest portrait your child drew, depicting your large tummy and hairy legs. Sort and hide! If you have space in cupboards, under beds or sofas for storage boxes, then these little hideaway spots can become your allies when selling your home. They offer a fast solution for those last minute viewings. No one need know that moments before the viewing your living room was a minefield of toys. Or you may have a spare room, garage or loft, that you could temporarily store most of the toys in. One room with some 'organised mess' in is better than an abundance of rooms littered with toys. The Garden. If your children can cope without some of their play equipment while trying to sell, then it may be a good idea to put these into storage. Nowadays garden toys seem to be oversized and bright, fun for families, but a bit of an eyesore. So, get sweet talking that kind relative with the extra space in their garden. Hold back one or two for those viewings when you have nowhere else but the garden to escape to. Now that your home is ready, what’s the best way to manage the viewings when the kids are around? We asked Luke Parle from Portico what he would advise sellers during school breaks. “Now this depends on the market at the time. In a sellers’ market (high demand, low supply) I’d suggest viewings on one day, the sellers can then tidy and get out themselves and their children out of the way for the day, leaving the agent to sell the house hassle free. In a buyers’ market (low demand, high supply – which we’re in now), if you don’t accommodate viewings when requested, you run the risk of losing the interest and delaying the whole sale process. So with this in mind, I’d set my clients expectations out from the beginning and explain if they want to sell, they’ll have to accommodate daily viewings, but maybe suggest we have one or two days viewing free. I’d also suggest sellers take their children out for the duration of the viewing, even if they haven’t had a chance to tidy up toys. As painful as it is, distracting children are far worse than stepping on Lego bricks! Potential buyers immediately feel their intruding when sellers are home and the feeling is heightened when children are at home.” Selling your home is never going to be easy with kids, so to ensure your home is off the market as quickly as possible it really is worth making sure your home looks the best it can for the property photography and allow your estate agent the freedom to do viewings when they need to.  So plan those days out, and for the unexpected viewings have a bag ready for the kids, with a fully charged ipad, some drawing books or travel games. Head to a park or wait it out in a coffee shop and dream of your new home, knowing it will all be worth it in the end!
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Give your properties the advantage.

THE POWER OF THE PAGE! Over the years conventional property brochures have been superseded by our friend 'The Internet'. We can shoot a property and have it online in 24 hours, the speed, efficiency and cost saving of this is something that a brochure just can’t compete with. And this is the thing, when it comes to documenting what a property has to offer, the internet wins. This doesn’t mean we should be over looking brochures. Where the internet may win in some areas, the brochure triumphs in others. In this post we are going to tell you why we still love a property brochure!
This is where good brochures really get their chance to shine. Creating something eye catching and unique is vital. With the internet you don’t have the freedom to let a property standout. Great photography and copy will only go so far on the web, but with everyday cyber distractions buzzing around the screen, you only have so much control over the viewers experience. A good brochure can draw your buyers into a property, with the feel of a home reflected throughout the design. At CP Creative we have a dedicated team who know how to design brochures to complement a property,  while still understanding the core values of your brand. Our bespoke service ensures that we don’t follow a formula to produce your brochures. A property brochure needs to be unique, working hand in hand with our photographers we can ensure that the imagery we produce is given the very best design to really showcase the property. We know what images work well together and which ones don’t. Again, it’s the subtle control you have over the buyers viewing experience that helps to enforce the properties lasting impression upon them. 
When we get the opportunity to photograph a stunning property we allow our photographers the creative freedom to select the best elements of the property to capture. From detailing the tiles around a fireplace, to showing how the light falls through a bedroom window. What this often means is that as an estate agent you may only end up selecting 8-12 images to upload to an online portal, even though you know there are more great images available to show. A brochure is the perfect home for these extra shots. By putting more detail into the brochure than online, it will become the best reference point for the property. So after a viewing when buyers are weighing up the property, if they want to take a second look at some of the detail, they will turn to the brochure and not the internet. By producing a physical reference point for them you have diverted their path away from the internet, where other properties are waiting to distract their attention from yours.
We know that nothing speaks to a potential buyer more than the actual property itself. We are not going to pretend that an amazing brochure will be the deciding factor when it comes to buying a property, but it may just give your property a little subtle advantage. Take for example a couple who are torn between two properties, if the other property doesn’t have a brochure produced, then the power of this beautiful little product is that it will act as a constant physical reminder. The chances are that if the property is a potential purchase then they will keep hold of the brochure until they have made a decision. The brochure maybe by their bed, or on the kitchen work surface, but what it means is even when they are not flicking through it, it will be working it’s magic as a subtle reminder of the property. 
Another benefit of a quality brochure is that you can use it within your portfolio. A great brochure sets the standard of your marketing, this useful tool can also demonstrate the quality of your marketing, setting you apart from the competition. A bespoke design service isn’t one you may want to roll out to every client, but for the right property it demonstrates that you can not only go the extra mile but the design and print quality of what you produce is of an award winning standard also.
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The Importance of Using Professional Photography to Sell Your Property.

These days everyone has access to a camera, we live in an age where photography has become part and parcel of our everyday lives, from the food we are about to eat, to our children as they grow. We have our camera phones at the ready, never to miss a moment. However useful this handy little tool is, we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of professional photography to help sell your property.
Good photography helps to sell your property, we can say this with full confidence and so do our clients –
 'As market leaders, it is essential for our properties to stand out from the competition. The results CP Creative deliver are outstanding without fail.  Most importantly, our clients are always impressed with the results.’
Ahmet Hussein, Winkworth-Palmers Green 
At a time when the London property market is slowing down, it is all the more important to market your properties in the very best light.This in turn attracts more potential buyers, enhances your agencies image, therefore attracting more instructions.There is often an assumption that professional photography comes at a huge cost, however at CP Creative we are able to offer competitive packages which make the service all the more attractive and sustainable for our clients.
Below aresome examples of properties photographedwith a standard camera orcameraphone, and then the same image taken with professional equipment. We produce pin sharp images, wider angles to capture the full room, we light the properties in a way that no amateur cameracan compete whilst our colours match the rooms natural ambience.
The high resolution images that we produce can be used for more than one format of marketing, they are print ready, unlike most amateurphotographs that are often low resolution. Good photography will draw prospective buyers in, enticing them to view your properties. Bad photography could mean they simply keep on scrolling. 
All our photographs are taken by professionally trained photographers, they know the best angles to truly capture a property and they know how to work with light. The above example shows how a standard camera phone will capture some difficult spaces. Our photographers are able to show the properties as inviting and warm, instead of gloomy and cold.
Vendors and their properties deserve the very best, this is why all our photography goes through a two step editing process. Ourin-house editors quality check every single photo we supply. This gives us the ability to not only turn around high quality photography in 24 hours, but it also gives us the extra time to give certain photos a bit more special attention. For example, we are able to add a natural blue sky to exterior imagesand remove anything unsightly like bins, wires and dish cloths.
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Property Photography Highlights, April 2019

Every month we photograph and floorplan hundreds of stunning properties across London. We take great pride in the work we produce and our ‘monthly property marketing video’ is our chance to show off a little bit. We have selected four properties from April that we felt were a little special. It could be the way our photographers have captured a property, or the stunning interior decor, or simply a home that has the wow factor. So take a moment, get inspired or day dream about your next home, which one is your favourite? https://youtu.be/WfGOKDf7l2Q For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please contact us on the details below. T: 0203 637 1440     |     www.cpcreative.co.uk     |     E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk

Property Photography Highlights Video March 2019

  Every month we photograph and floorplan hundreds of stunning properties across London. We take great pride in the work we produce and our ‘monthly property marketing video’ is our chance to show off a little bit. We have selected four properties from March that we felt were a little special. It could be the way our photographers have captured a property, or the stunning interior decor, or simply a home that has the wow factor. So take a moment, get inspired or day dream about your next home, which one is your favourite? https://youtu.be/Pfq8vwrs-6o For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please contact us on the details below. T: 0203 637 1440     |     www.cpcreative.co.uk     |     E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk

What is lifestyle photography?

When it comes to property photography‘lifestyle shots’ are those images that help to place potential buyers into that property and give a glimpse of how they could live their life in that home. It shows not just the literal space, or standard room set up, but it also gives an impression of how that space can be used in a more aspirationalway. Clever use of home décor can really help to set the scene, but this can often get lost in the wide angle shots that we know details the rooms space effectively. This is why we offer a mixture of photography in a our packages, showing not only the room as a whole, but focusing on those extra details that can be really say a lot about a lifestyle you can have within that home. 
Understanding the people who will be likely to buy your property can really help, so talk with your estate agents, they will be able to help paint a picture of the typical buyer your property will appeal to. Once you know this you can set the scene with a few extra details that catch the eye of these buyers.
We’ve asked estate agent, Luke Parle, From Portico, Clapham about the importance of depicting a lifestyle when marketing your property.
It’s a well-known fact that people buy in to lifestyles and this is very much the case when buying a property too. I’ve seen many people buy from similar like-minded people to themselves, artists buying from artists, bankers from bankers, chefs from chefs, the list goes on. Dressing a property helps obtain more viewings and a quicker sale, portraying a certain lifestyle can help find the perfect buyer and the chance of a sale falling through is lowered. A well-placed cook book could help get a buyers imagination flowing and subconsciously encourage them to visualise themselves living(andcooking) in the property. It’s very important that this isn’t taken too far though, if a property is too personalised, or portraying a particular lifestyle too alternative, then it could have the opposite effect and actually put people off and limit the audience’.
Striking the right balance is vital when dressing your home, for the viewings, but also for the properties marketing photography. Why wait for just the viewings to help sell a lifestyle to potential viewers when the photography can do this too. So we have pulled a few tips together focusing on a few rooms, to help get you on the right track and dress your home.
For the love of cooking – The kitchen/Dining room
Attract those that love to cook, or who want to find their love for cooking. This is pretty much everyone so this is definitely one of the rooms worth dressing and taking your time on. We spend so much time in the kitchen and we know the reality of meal times can often be stressful. We want to paint a picture of an enjoyable space, so clear the work surfaces, keep cooking utensils to an absolute minimum and haveondisplay only those objects that will reinforce this space as a kitchen for those who love to cook. Set the dinner table, use runners, candles, contemporary placemats.
Good Props– Cooking books, Stylish utensils, fine condiments.
It’s not just about the TV - The Living Room 
We can’t ignore the fact that the watching TV is a huge part of most people’s downtime, but what we want to do is show that a living room can be a social space as well as a room to unwind in. Appealing to those who may dream of a home that can help them engage and connect with their family. Often living rooms are set up to have the focus point on the telly, dictating to us the sofa arrangements. Just shifting this idea and focusing instead on how seating can help connect people can relay a subtleideology. 
Good Props – Fire side seating, fabrics to get cosy in, games board, some design magazines.
The Bedroom 
A bedroom needs to be inviting, you don’t need to go overboard staging this room, focus on the bed and the lighting. Ensure it has fresh bedding that works with the décor. Add extra texture to the bed with a throw and some cushions, but know when to stop. For the lighting, if your room has space for a little bedside table, then this is the perfect home for a stylish lamp and a great book. Again, always helping the viewer to picture themselves in this space.
Good Props – Lamps, nicely made bed, Fabric!
The Study
It maybe called the study or the spare room, or just that room that is home to all those ugly bits that we love to keep hidden. When it comes to preparing your home to sell, make a firm decision about what this room is. Keeping it as a mixed use room will do you no favors. Dressing it as a study can appeal to those who work remotely. This new way of working is on the up, and it appeals not only to a  younger generation, but also to those who may be taking a step back from work and reduce their office hours. So what’s the best way to stage this room. Well, it may sound obvious but a well dressed desk is where we need to focus our efforts. Give the illusion of space, and remove the items we would normally see in reality. Hide those bic pens, and remove all the paper and post it notes and tuck away the wires. Surround the desk with inspiration but keep it minimal, bookshelves should be tidy and selective. Artwork is subjective, but it helps set the scene of an office that helps motivate its owner.
Props – Artwork, a Bookshelf, a stylish desk space 
If you would like to see further examples of these shots, have a look at our current creative photography brochure, click here.
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Property Marketing Highlights Video, February 2019

Every month we photograph and floorplan hundreds of stunning properties across London. We take great pride in the work we produce and our ‘monthly property marketing video’ is our chance to show off a little bit. We have selected four properties from February that we felt were a little special. It could be the way our photographers have captured a property, or the stunning interior decor, or simply a home that has the wow factor. https://youtu.be/K7OMc0u9rmE So take a moment, get inspired or day dream about your next home, which one is your favourite? For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please contact us on the details below. T: 0203 637 1440     |     www.cpcreative.co.uk     |     E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk

CP Creatives Trend Predictions For 2019

Interior Trends 2019 When you photograph peoples homes day in, day out, you get a first hand look at what trends make their way from magazine pages into everyday homes. We also get to photograph work by some amazing interior designers. So naturally our interest in interior trends has developed and we love to have a look at what designers and magazines are predicting for the following year. This year is no different, we’ve flicked through Elle Decor and delved into Pinterest to picked out our five favorite trend predictions which we think can be applied to your home that will really make your property stand out and help you catch the eye of the contemporary buyer. Mustard It looks like Mustard Yellow is going nowhere in 2019. Using a splash of mustard can really make a room pop whist remaining warm and inviting. Coupled with the fact that you can incorporate mustard with a number of different trends means it’s not going anywhere soon!   Bold walls We think this trend makes a statement in a rather subtle way. So it’s all about the tones of those dark colors, bold walls can give an air of confidence and sophistication. This trend can also be achieved whist on a modest budget, just make sure to keep those tones rich and deep. Here are some colors we would expect to see popping up CRITTALL-STYLE DOORS We have already seen this trend hitting homes in 2018. Balancing the desire for open plan living with the security, comfort and warmth that comes from having designated separate space, Crittall Style doors offer the best of both worlds. These stylish partitions and windows are also appearing in extensions, beautifully allowing light to pass freely from rooms whist, bringing a unique industrial feel to a home.   BOLDLY PATTERNED BACKSPLASHES Sometimes we feel the need to play it safe when it comes to tiling, they are hard to change requiring a lot of work and expense, so this trend is for those brave souls who are confident in their taste and ready to commit to some serious kitchen wow factor. Be the envy of those ‘play it safers’ and go bold with your backsplashes. There are a so many ceramics that work for this trend, from funky geometric, interesting and unusual shapes to colorful mosaics. Your tiler may not thank you for this job but it will be well worth the time and effort. Another clever way to use this trend is to bring to life a breakfast table area with some bold tiles, you can see an example of this at a recent property we photographed.   FLORAL FABRICS AND WALLPAPERS ‘Abstracted or straight up chintz’ Says Elle Décor. Embrace this floral theme and you will be on trend regardless of the style you have picked. Wallpaper designers have such a large array of design on offer that you can be sure to pick one that suits your style and still be on trend! Both Graham & Brown and Little Green have over 100 different designs, here are a few of our favorites. We offer a range of creative interior photography package ensuring we capture all these little details, and we can't wait to see what trends make it properties this year. For more information about CP Creative and the property marketing services we provide, please visit or contact us on the details below. T: 0203 637 1440 | www.cpcreative.co.uk | E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk  

Working with a Design and Build company

Working with a Design and Build company.

The property market comes in all shapes and sizes, and at CP Creative we get a myriad of different clients and projects to Photograph. It’s one of the reasons we love what we do. We have built strong partnerships with not only estate agents and property developers, but interior designers and architects. This article will have a closer look at some of the work we have done with the leading office design and build company Oktra, who recently scooped two ‘UK Property Awards’!

Who are Oktra?

Their mission statement is boldly displayed on their website ‘We are driven by a singular goal – to create outstanding workplaces.’ And boy, they know how to achieve this. Oktra design and build workplaces anyone would dream of working in. They work closely with their clients, understanding brands, space and budgets to creatively design a workspace that ‘enriches your company culture and drives performance in your organisation’. They have worked with a number of high-profile companies including the likes of Photobox, Lonely Planet and M&C Saatchi.

How we work with Oktra

Oktra design commercial spaces that need to be seen to be understood. Ensuring they have a set of photographs that capture the design is vital. One of the projects they approached us to shoot was their ‘Sweat It’ project, a gym based in central London near Covent Garden. Oktra ‘Sweat it’ This London gym describe themselves as ‘Stripped back, functional and raw.’ So you can already conjure up some of the ideas that Oktra could potentially bring to this project. And they did not disappoint ‘We successfully met the brief, creating a gym like no other. The new space possesses an underground industrial feel, comprised of: changing rooms, an impressive open plan work out area and a touchdown reception area’ Along with ‘Sweat It’ we have also photographed a number of their office projects, our talented photographer Will has this to say about working with Oktra “Shooting offices for Oktra has been a great experience. It’s always a pleasure to face the challenge of expressing good design through a set of images. The offices have some wonderful, minimal detailing with interesting breakout areas and a great flow between spaces. I’ve been attempting to capture these qualities through my photography. Shooting architecture requires more than a by-the-numbers approach. I try to cultivate a very open headspace as I walk around, the best angles tend to pop out when you get out of your own way.” The enthusiasm our photographers have for this creative interior photography certainly comes through in the quality of work we produce, Oktra had these kind words about our services; “We can always rely on CP Creatives to provide an excellent service which meets all expectations. Their photographers are highly qualified and their attention to detail is outstanding. It is always a great pleasure to work with CP Creatives. We would definitely recommend their services”   Check out www.oktra.co.uk for more information about the stunning services that Oktra have on offer. For more information about CP Creative and the property marketing services we provide, please visit or contact us on the details below. T: 0203 637 1440 | www.cpcreative.co.uk | E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk              

Londons Scary Properties

With Halloween fast approaching we thought it would be the perfect time to explore some of London’s spookiest properties and the reasons behind these notorious buildings.

50 Berkeley Square

Dating back to the late eighteenth century this four story brick townhouse holds many frightful tales, giving it it’s title as the most haunted house in London. The legend goes that a young girl haunts the attic of the house, having committed suicide there to escape the abuse of her uncle. The Paranormal guide explain the horrors in more detail "… It seems that a Something or Other, very terrible indeed, haunts or did haunt a particular room. This unnamed Raw Head and Bloody Bones, or whatever it is, has been sufficiently awful to have caused the death, in convulsions, of at least two foolhardy persons who have dared to sleep in that chamber…” One of them was a nobleman, who scoffing at tales that a hideous entity was residing within the haunted room, vowed to spend the night there. It was agreed, however, that should he require assistance he would ring the servants’ bell to summon his friends. So saying, he retired for the night. A little after midnight there was a faint ring, which was followed by a ferocious peeling of the bell. Rushing upstairs, the friends threw open the door, and found their companion, rigid with terror, his eyes bulging from their sockets. He was unable to tell them what he had seen, and such was the shock to his system, that he died shortly afterwards" As a result of its dreadful reputation, no tenant could be found who was willing to take on the lease of “the house” in Berkeley Square, and for many years it remained empty. But its otherworldly inhabitants continued to be active. Strange lights that flashed in the windows would startle passers-by; disembodied screams were heard echoing from the depths of the building; and spookier still, the sound of a heavy body was heard being dragged down the staircase. One night, two sailors on shore leave in London, were seeking a place to stay, and chanced upon the obviously empty house. Breaking in they made their way upstairs, and inadvertently settled down to spend the night in the haunted room. They were woken by the sound of heavy, determined footsteps coming up the stairs. Suddenly the door banged open and a hideous, shapeless, oozing mass began to fill the room. One sailor managed to get past it and escape. Returning to the house with a policeman, he found his friend’s corpse, impaled on the railings outside, the twisted face and bulging eyes, grim testimony to the terror that had caused him to jump to his death, rather than confront the evil in the room above.

The Viaduct Tavern

One of the last examples of a Victorian Gin palace, The Viaduct Tavern Has some stories that will make you want a stiff drink! The pub was built on the foundations of an old remand prison and still beneath the pub, some of the original prison cells can still be accessed, where staff are said to have heard ‘terrible noises of pain’.  

Haunted London.com recall the following stories “The restless spirit that haunts the Viaduct Tavern has a propensity to haunt the pubs cellars where several members have staff have experienced its unwelcome attentions. In 1996, a manager was tidying the cellar one Saturday morning, when the door suddenly slammed shut and the lights went out. Feeling his way to the door, he found that no matter how hard he pushed it just would not open. Fortunately, his wife heard his cries for help and came down stairs to investigate. She found that the doors, which would not open from the inside, were unlocked and easily pushed open from the outside.

In May 199 two electricians, working in one of the pubs upstairs rooms, also attracted the ghosts unwelcome attentions. They had rolled the carpet up and were taking up the floorboards, when one of them felt a hand tap him on the shoulder. Thinking it was his workmate he turned round, but found that he was on the other side of the room. Believing he’s imagined it he went back to work and yet again he felt a tap on his shoulder. Standing up, he went over to his friend to ask if he was playing a prank, but the man denied any involvement. As he was about to return to his chores, both men watched as the heavy carpet, that lay rolled up by the window, was lifted into the air and dropped heavily onto the floor.“

The Langham Hotel

This luxurious 5 star hotel has everything you could want from a perfect break away, a huge swimming pool, spa, gym, restaurants and bars on site, grand bedrooms and apartments, oh and lets not forget the ghosts, especially in room 333! The Huffington post gave a quick run down of some of the ghostly activities the hotel has had reported “A doctor who murdered his wife then killed himself while on their honeymoon. Manifests as a silver-haired Victorian gentleman with cloak and cravat and, like all ghosts, has blank, staring eyes. Spotted in 1973 by BBC announcer James Alexander Gordon while he slumbered in Room 333. Only makes appearances in October. A German prince who jumped out of a fourth-floor window. Described by BBC announcer, the late Ray Moore, as “beefy, with cropped hair, sporting a military-style jacket that buttoned up to the neck.” Frequently observed in the early morning hours walking through doors. Rated most active ghost at the Langham, with a particular penchant for Room 333. A ghost who has a thing for tipping guests out of bed while they’re sleeping. Once shook the bed in Room 333 with such enthusiasm that the occupant fled the hotel in the middle of the night.” Sources – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ellen-ladowsky/room-333-the-most-haunted_b_341060.html http://www.haunted-london.com/haunted-london-pubs.html http://altereddimensions.net/2014/londons-haunted-langham-hotel-spirits-ghosts-haunt-hotel-guests http://www.theparanormalguide.com/blog/the-horror-of-50-berkeley-square

Getting Creative

Why we love to get creative! The clue is in our name. Estate agency photography doesn’t have to be dull. Let us loose on your properties and we will make them shine! We know the best angles to showcase a room and we have the experience and skills to capture it in the perfect light. When you are passionate about photography, you take pride in the images you create, so for us estate agency photography is exciting and a challenge we enjoy. It actually makes us sad to see poorly lit rooms, wonky angles, messy rooms and out of focus images littered across the internet. A home is the biggest investment people make, so make a statement with every image. We can offer a range of creative tools to help showcase your properties. Not just in the way we photograph the properties, but in the way they are presented. Artistic Lifestyle Shots For a long time we have struggled to understand why some property photography is so underwhelming. These days we shop online and are met with an abundance of information on, lets say that killer handbag we want. We get close up shots of the stitching, images that capture the detail of the fabric, how it looks from different angles. But when it comes to the biggest purchase that most of us will make in our lifetime, you are given just a few images. This is not how we work at CP Creative. We can offer our clients an artist service that views your home in a much more contemporary way. If you have a beautiful fire place, we will capture its’s detail up close. We will work with the natural light to show how the room looks when the sun comes pouring in through the window. We highlight the beautiful tiles and get stunning close up shots to show off that enviable kitchen sink and surface. We pick out those little elements that a seller has loved about their property and ensure that they proudly displayed. Duo Pics Duo Pics are the perfect way to present these images. This is where we merge two strong portrait images together, instantly showcasing your properties finest details. We set this within the popular landscape format that many property portals still prefer, with our designers marrying images that work well as a duo. This is a great way to detail some of the more intricate details of a property that often get lost in the more traditional formats. We have seen a real rise in the number of agents ordering our duo pics and expect to see this trend continue. Skilled team We understand the importance of employing professional photographers and creative designers who know how to pull all of this together for you. Ensuring we have a passionate and skilled team is key to producing this creative work. One of our talented photographers, Joe talks a bit about why he loves interior photography and how he finds creativity within the property marketing industry. “When shooting interiors I like to use as much natural light as possible, this creates natural shadows and adds an overall softness to the final image.I always look for the existing architectural lines within a space, using them as a guideline to frame the overall composition. For example a period bay window or contemporary kitchen island. The thing I enjoy most about interior photography is the variety and uniqueness of the spaces I shoot which allows me to be creative with how I approach each individual space.” So, if you are ready to take your property marketing to the next level just let us know and we shall be sure to include some in your next order. T: 0203 637 1440 | www.cpcreative.co.uk | E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk  

15 Seconds of Inspiration, September

If your creativity is in need of a little pick me up, then feast your eyes on this.

We have cherry picked the best interior photography from the last month and squeezed it into this bite sized video for you. Don’t worry, if your brain can’t keep up with your eyes, you can check out the images in all their glory below. https://youtu.be/gJJ2KHIj3cE For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit or contact us on the details below. T: 0203 637 1440 | www.cpcreative.co.uk | E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk    

Appetite for Construction.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a huge growth in the work we provide for the House Building and Property Development Industry. This blog will take a closer look at where this appetite for construction has come from and look at the role CP Creative plays when it comes to producing inspiring marketing materials. Our partnership with house builders has been established for many years, working with companies such as Berkeley Homes, Redrow, BPHA as well as many smaller scale local property developers. Managing Director, Sam Crozier reflects on some of the projects the company have been involved with and how he managed the complexities of producing marketing material for developments, where in some case the first foundations had yet to be laid. Tell us what work CP Creative produce for the housing industry? “The work we produce for our clients is very varied which highlights the beauty of what we do here. Certainly, the majority of our work for house builders is geared towards getting their developments on the market and visible as early as possible, this can be in the form of CGIs, photography, video production, site plans, floorplans and various forms of design & print. In addition to this, we also produce a lot of As-built Measured Surveys, these are carried out further down the line, once a development is near completion. Where have you seen the biggest increase and why? “We are seeing more and more developers recognising CP Creative as the place to go for all their marketing requirements. This is down to our ability to effectively and creatively manage the whole process from the initial conception through to completion. We are able to utilise our teams creative skills across a variety of different disciplines to ensure a potential purchaser or investor can visualise exactly what they will be buying into, whilst developers can start generating interest.” What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to working with developers? “It’s vital that we build a strong relationship with our clients, developments often change and keeping up with these changes is essential to ensure we deliver marketing materials that are accurate, eye catching and produced to strict deadlines. Having a great relationship with our clients has meant that our communication channels are open and clear, making us easily adaptable to those crucial last-minute changes.” Can you give us an example of some of your recent projects? “Its been an extremely busy but pleasing 12 months, which has seen up work on many exciting projects, all of which we are very proud of. Personally, overseeing the production of 113 as-built measured surveys at a Central London development which needed to be highly accurate and completed in a short time scale was very satisfying. In addition to this, for 2 years now we have been producing marketing materials for large developments in the Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire regions, these projects involve creating CGIs, Marketing floorplans, site plans and final brochures. When a project is complete its wonderful to see the fruits of our labour and knowing the hard work has paid off. The huge demand for new houses in the UK has seen a surge in construction over the past year. As widely reported in October 2017; British construction companies applied to build the greatest number of new homes in a decade during the three-month period ending September 2017. This is a boost for the UK’s chronic housing shortage and positive news for the industry and prospective house buyers. CP Creative will continue to provide a unique and creative service and look forward to welcoming new developers to our portfolio. Throughout this blog are some examples of the work we have produced for our clients over the last few months. We would be delighted to speak to anyone interested in hearing more about these services and how we can help you promote and market your development. For more information, please contact us on sales@cpcreative.co.ukor call 0203 637 1440.

Back To School

We all remember that ‘back to school’ feeling. A brand spanking new school uniform, some smart new shoes and the most exciting part, a new pencil case with a new set of pens and razor-sharp pencils, if you were lucky you even got a fresh rubber and a shatter proof ruler. We prepare our kids for the new term but how do we prepare our home for it? Giving your kids a dedicated space to study will help focus their attention and avoid some of those classic homework avoidance excuses. We don’t always have the luxury to dedicate a whole room for their studying, so often it will be a case of carving out some space within your home office, however if your office has a strict ‘no kids’ policy then making room within their bedroom is probably the best option. Now, I’m not going to lie, making room for a work area is no easy feat, convincing your small person that the dress up corner, or their ever growing ‘lego land’ may need to be tidied up and relocated is not an easy task, so you want to make sure that they love the new work area. Understanding their needs and involving them in designing this space is a good place to start, different ages will require different things, and ultimately every child has different ways of learning. “The simple fact is that every student is uniquely different. While some find it necessary to have complete silence while they study, others can study just fine with a bit of ambient noise in their study area. What this means is that a parent first needs to know what type of environment best suits their child if they are keen on creating a study space that will make the best use of their study time.” – Room to grow Here we have selected some great products from the wonderful world wide web to give you an idea of some of the amazing products out there and hopefully help your children embrace their new study space. If you are in the throws of marketing your property the fold away desks make the perfect compromise, not only do they work great with limited space, but the compact design ensures you can easily hide your children’s work station without distracting potential buyers from the rooms full potential. These range in prices and style so can work with any budget and room taste. For those with older children, here is some more grown up office ideas.   For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit or contact us on the details below. T: 0203 637 1440 | www.cpcreative.co.uk | E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk        

The Serpentine Pavilion.

With this glorious summer set to continue, we suggest a visit to this years Serpentine Pavilion. Every year the Serpentine gallery commission a new architect to design a temporary structure for their summer pavilion. It’s an exciting project that is given to an international architect or design team who have never had a building completed in the UK. We have seen pavilions from Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas and Frank Gehry, with this years structure being designed by Mexican architect Frida Escobedo. “We usually work with simple materials – industrial materials – and we try to create more sophisticated forms or arrangements with them. It's not about super expensive finishes, it's about what you can create with simple things” - Frida Escobedo Talking to Dezeen  We sent Ben, one of our photographers down there to capture the Pavilion in this amazing summer light. Here is what he thought about the project - “Simplicity supreme. pockets of light creep in through the slatted walls, bouncing from the reflective ceiling creating a peaceful bliss. Grey has never looked so gripping. Whilst inside the space I still feel connected to the park surrounding, colours of green and yellow flowing in through the slats, the blue sky ever visible and the trees towering over the space, peering though the open roof. A water feature sits still under one wall, mirroring its image creating a beautiful scene worthy of sitting in the gallery itself.” Why not take a stroll through Hyde park and see what you think of it yourselves? For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit or contact us on the details below. T: 0203 637 1440 | www.cpcreative.co.uk | E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk  

How To Prepare Your Garden For Selling

There are those home owners who take great joy in gardening, investing time, effort, patience and money into their own little outdoor eutopia. And then there are those who think ‘Acuba Japonica Variegata’ is a Harry Potter spell! Whichever camp you fall into, when it comes to marketing your property, your garden should not be overlooked. Here are our top tips for preparing your garden for sale.

Don’t over invest

Just like any other room in your home, don’t suddenly see the need to heavily invest in your garden just to sell your property, so cancel that trip to the garden centre and listen to what Alan Titchmarsh has to say on the matter: “If you’re going to do it, do it for your own benefit as you can’t assume a new owner will share your taste – and they won’t want to pay over the odds for a lot of work they’re just going to rip out…..As a general rule, a presentable garden can help sell a house. But don’t assume a likely buyer will be a keen gardener. If they’re not, then one look at high-maintenance features like a koi pond – with its pool house full of filters, pumps and potions – a busy vegetable patch or a complicated rock garden full of fragile treasures in need of individual attention, will have your potential buyer plumping for a penthouse apartment instead”

Mow the lawn

Now you don’t necessarily have to do this before every viewing, but it is essential to do it before your property photos are taken. It may sound obvious but with so much focus on getting the house looking its best, the garden is often the last job done and it can be tempting to skim over it when rushing to get the house on the market.

Pack away the toys

Toys are getting bigger and brighter. Gardens these days can often resemble a children’s soft play area. These colourful toys and oversized trampolines will indeed give your family some wonderful memories, but to some buyers this may not be in line with their own lifestyle, making it difficult for them to see past the visual array of a chaotic pre-teen garden.

Jet wash the Patio

The indoor equivalent of a good carpet clean, with the added bonus that it will make you feel like a ghostbuster for at least 30 minutes. Once finished you will be surprised by just how grubby it was and spend the next couple of days staring at it with your sunglasses on, dazzled by its new-found glow.

Get the paint out

Nothing brings a tired fence or a sleepy shed back to life better than a lick of paint. It’s amazing what a quick freshen up can do for the overall feel of a garden.

Dress the scene

Once all of the above has been completed, it’s important to dress the garden. Clean up your garden furniture and decorate the scene. A few well placed glasses, placemats and inviting scatter cushions can really help potential buyers picture themselves in your garden.

Don’t forget about the front

The gateway to your property and the first thing your potential buyer will clap eyes on. This needs to be an inviting entrance to your home, you don’t want buyers losing interest because of bad curb appeal. We hope these tips come in handy and help to increase the charm of your property. For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit or contact us on the details below. T: 0203 637 1440 | www.cpcreative.co.uk | E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk

15 Seconds of Inspiration, July

If your creativity is in need of a little pick me up, then feast your eyes on this.

Every month we will bring to you 15 seconds of our top images. Interesting angles, amazing light, jaw dropping interiors, or just down right awesome photography. We have cherry picked the best interior photography from the last month and squeezed it into this bite sized video for you. And don’t worry, if your brain can’t keep up with your eyes, you can check out the images in all their glory below. https://youtu.be/LRMfeZBG9-s For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit or contact us on the details below. T: 0203 637 1440 | www.cpcreative.co.uk | E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk

Property Marketing Highlights Video

Our May Property Highlights Video is now live.

Bringing to you our favourite properties this month to give you some inspiration for your home. We have the privilege of producing stunning property photography and floorplans for some amazing properties across London and we would like to share some of those with you. https://youtu.be/wf5fZuDKPUU Incorporated into a quick slideshow video, we have selected our top four properties this May in the CP Creative office. Which one is your favourite? For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit or contact us on the details below. T: 0203 637 1440     |     www.cpcreative.co.uk     |     E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk

Property Marketing Highlights Video.

Our April Property Highlights Video is now live.

Bringing to you our favourite properties this month to give you some inspiration for your home. We have the privilege of producing photography and floorplans for some amazing properties across London and we would like to share some of those with you. https://youtu.be/cv6vMHCyk4E Incorporated into a quick slideshow video, we have selected our top four properties this April in the CP Creative office. Which one is your favourite? For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit or contact us on the details below. T: 0203 637 1440     |     www.cpcreative.co.uk     |     E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Rental Property.

Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Rental Property.

Flooring in a property can make a considerable impact on first impressions, so it pays to get it right. Here are our top tips on choosing the right flooring for your rental property…

Consider the property’s use

The first step in choosing the right flooring for your rental property is to consider who will be living there. If your target tenant type will be families, for example, you’d want to avoid flooring types that can’t be easily refinished or could be ruined by a loose crayon or dirty paws. We’d recommend vinyl or laminate flooring for high-traffic areas of the property, as these flooring types can withstand heavy foot traffic better than most others.

You could also opt for non-slip wood-effect tiles, which are easily maintained, stylish and affordable. In properties with fewer tenants, you have greater freedom with flooring - so you could consider more stylish choices of tile, as they’re less likely to be damaged and can improve the property’s appearance.

PTCL_Flat 3 51 Strathblaine Road_SW11 1RG_011 (2)

Strathblaine Road, Battersea, SW11

£699,900 (Share of Freehold)

View more properties to buy in Battersea.

Think on a room-by-room basis

Certain flooring types are best matched to particular rooms in the house, so when changing flooring for an entire property, you should think on a room-by-room basis. When it comes to kitchens, keep in mind the type of material that will be easiest to clean and won’t need to be replaced every time you get a new tenant.

Natural stone floor tiles look great in kitchens - giving tenants a blank canvas when it comes to matching them with appliances and room décor. There are also a range of designs and colours to choose from, which gives you the chance to build up the room’s style from the ground up. Tiles are also the obvious choice for bathrooms - as they are waterproof, durable and easy to maintain.


Myrtle Road, Acton, W3

£599,950 (Share of Freehold)

View more properties to buy in Acton.

If you’re steering clear of carpets in an effort to avoid having to replace flooring too regularly, bedrooms will benefit from engineered or hardwood flooring for extra warmth and homely comfort. Living rooms are very much dependant on tenant type, as properties with more people will require more durable flooring, so we’d suggest hardwood flooring so that you won’t have to update your flooring every time your property is up for let.

Avoid obvious pitfalls

Certain flooring types are a definite no-no, with 14% of tenants saying carpet in the bathroom would completely put them off a property. Other pitfalls you should avoid include installing wooden flooring in wet rooms, light-coloured carpet in hallways or installing your flooring yourself, without experience or guidance. All of these mistakes can cost you tenants, time and money - so make sure you consider all potential pitfalls before rushing into buying your flooring.

With flooring playing such an integral role when it comes to securing tenants, it pays to make sure the flooring types you choose are well suited to your property. To make sure you choose the right flooring for your rental property, follow these top tips and build your property appeal from the ground up.

Photographs by CP Creative, properties for sale with Portico London estate agents.

Cabin Fever

The days are getting longer, the weather’s warming up. At last, spring is nearly here. So, this month CP Creative team is stepping out of the office and heading outside, with our thoughts on unearthing the potential that lies in your garden.

We’re not talking vegetables and flowerbeds. This is all about the prospect of growing your living space, while potentially also cultivating the value of your property.

‘Can’t move? Improve’ has become an all-too-familiar saying in the current climate. Stepping up the property ladder is still a struggle. Tougher mortgage applications, sluggish wage rises and ever-increasing property values can make upscaling feel impossible.

But more and more homeowners are finding alternatives to laborious home extensions. If you have some space in your garden, you could unlock a whole new living area for you and your family. A den for your kids, an uplifting office space, your own gym, a man cave or a she den. Those are just five of the endless list of options to increase your space, improve your wellbeing and/or boost your property value. More and more people are now utilizing their gardens to accommodate their family needs, with some surprising concepts and quirky outcomes.

The market has been quick to respond to the new demand for outdoor living areas. If for you the thought of a man cave conjures up a dusty old potting shed, the links and images we’ve included here might open your eyes to a new world of garden getaways.

The kids’ den

Children win the den-appreciation competition, hands down. A secret hideaway to play make-believe, to store their most treasured possessions, while keeping away from the watchful eye of someone who thinks they know better.

Until just a few years ago, if you were one of the lucky kids on the block, you might have had a primitive teepee or a no-frills Wendy house. Children’s garden rooms now have a whole new level of sophistication. They stand proud and strong – anything between a fully functional play castle and a cabin that resembles trendy Brighton beach hut.

A kids’ den is less likely than other outdoor spaces to attract a higher value to your property. But it will most certainly combat your children’s pester power, while allowing you to reclaim your own personal space in the house.

Here are a few of our favourites:

CP Creative Kids Garden rooms


The Garden Room

If your children have laid claim to every spare inch in the house, or if you need a space to escape the daily routine, you might like to consider your own garden room.

The Independent says that an ‘unusual improvement such as a “man cave” or a treehouse can make a one per cent difference when it comes to selling’. And Property Price Advice says ‘Garden rooms add both value and saleability to a property. In terms of added value, homeowners should expect to recoup at least 75% of the total project cost on the property value. In certain areas this could rise to 100% or more, providing an excellent return on investment.’

And until you sell, you can enjoy all the benefits of an extra room to your house. The ‘she den’ now rivals the ‘man cave’ as a relaxing bolthole. Keep it minimalistically chic, for zen-like recuperation at the end of a hectic day. Turn it into a useful space to explore your unfulfilled creative yen – perhaps a sewing shed, an art studio or a music room. Or treat yourself to something perfectly decadent – a bar, a games room or a sumptuous summer house.

Whatever the purpose, your garden room is bound to become a talking piece. And it might well become the centerpiece of your previously underused outside space.

A few different styles of garden rooms to give you some inspiration:

CP Creative Adult Garden rooms

The Home Office

We have seen a marked increase in the number of people working from home, with most recent figures giving a record high of 1.5 million. The addition of a home working space, without reducing the number of rooms within the house, will open up more potential for buyers whenever you come to selling your property.

Electricity, insulation and Wi-Fi are essential to a fully functional garden office, and you could expect to fork out up to £30k for an office similar to the ones we have pictured here. Once you have chosen your style of construction, your work space can be as contemporary or zany as your working mind requires.

It seems that no one is willing to stick their neck on the line and assure you that a garden office will increase your property value. However, Garden Office Guide says ‘Over the years many estate agents have told us that a quality garden room building will add between 5 and 15% to the value of your house.’ The Independent puts this figure closer to 5%. Here is a range of interesting outdoor work spaces:CP Creative Office Garden rooms

Fitness and Wellbeing

A gym membership can set you back over £50 a month, so a garden gym can provide a viable long-term cost-saving option. Housing your own fitness centre gives you the privacy to work out in your own space, with the added bonus of no queues for all the equipment!

Luxespa has noted that ‘More of us are choosing to relax and exercise at home, which has been contributing massively to the rise of hot-tub ownership nationwide’. Hot tubs and saunas are becoming more common in the UK home, with an average sauna kit now costing around £3,000–£5,000. So you really can go all out and find a tailored wellbeing solution that works for you.

CP Creative Fitness Garden rooms 

Every family is different. A garden room will reflect this, offering new space in a truly unique way for your family. And this should be the fundamental reason to optimize your garden space and generate some extra room – because it works for you.

Whereas a well-built office room or gym could add value to your property, a kids’ den or man cave may be less likely to. But either way, the extra space it can produce, along with the memories you can create, may just outweigh the cost!


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Our Favourite Properties of 2016

Our Favourite Properties of 2016

With 2016 nicely wrapped up we have created a video showcasing some of the amazing properties we had the opportunity to photograph over the year.

From contemporary styles to quirky interiors, the year provided us with some outstanding images of London properties that were a pleasure to capture.

Keep an eye out for our monthly highlights video to see what 2017 has to offer us!

For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit www.cpcreative.co.uk or contact us on the details below, we look forward to working with you in the New Year.

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October Property Highlights Video

Our October Property Highlights Video is now live, bringing to you our favourite properties this month to give you some inspiration for your home. We have the privilege of producing photography and floorplans for some amazing properties across London and we would like to share some of those with you.

Incorporated into a quick slideshow video, we have selected our top four properties this October in the CP Creative office. This month includes properties from Estate Agents Winkworth Islington, Winkworth Palmers Green and Portico Highbury, in various locations around London. Take a look at the October Property Highlights video below:


Don’t forget to check back the first week of every month to see what properties we have chosen to showcase next, it might even be yours.

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August Property Highlights Video

Our August Property Highlights Video is now live, bringing to you our favourite properties this month to give you some inspiration for your home. We have the privilege of producing photography and floorplans for some amazing properties across London and we would like to share some of those with you.



Incorporated into a quick slideshow video, we have selected our top four properties this August in the CP Creative office. This month includes properties from Estate Agents , Winkworth, Harringay, Winkworth, Highbury and Lanes New Homes  in various locations around London. Take a look at the August Property Highlights video below:

Which one is your favourite?

Don’t forget to check back the first week of every month to see what properties we have chosen to showcase next, it might even be yours.

For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit or contact us on the details below.

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Spotlight on Battersea

Spotlight on Battersea

Are you looking to make the move to the famous Nappy Valley? We’ve handpicked some fantastic properties in Battersea that are currently available for sale - and some have even been recently reduced in price. If you’re interested in any of the featured properties, give Portico London estate agents a call today on 0207 099 4000.


ptcl_33-manchuria-road_sw11-6af_18-1 ptcl_33-manchuria-road_sw11-6af_12-1

5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms | Manchuria Road, Battersea, SW11 | £1,650,000 (Freehold)

A charming Victorian family home, located on a popular road between ‘The Commons.’ The property is just a short walk to Northcote Road and Clapham South Tube, and offers over 2100 square feet of living space, plus a lovely secluded rear garden.

View more properties for sale in Battersea.



4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms | Gowrie Road, Battersea, SW11| £1,299,950 (Freehold)


Enviably located on a quiet road between Clapham Common and Lavender Hill, this handsome Victorian house is ideal for a family. The house is being offered with no onward chain and offers spacious accommodation and a south facing rear garden.

View more properties for sale in Battersea.



ptcl_flat-1-1-heyford-terrace_sw8-1xt-10-1 ptcl_flat-1-1-heyford-terrace_sw8-1xt-1-1

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom | Heyford Terrace, Kennington, SW8 | £549,950 (Leasehold)

Just a short walk to Vauxhall and Oval Tube stations, this lovely period conversion property has been lovingly refurbished throughout and offers a private garden.

View more properties for sale in Clapham.



ptcl_21-loats-road_sw2-5pt_10 ptcl_21-loats-road_sw2-5pt_02

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom | Loats Road, Clapham Park, SW2 £400,000 (Leasehold)

A ground floor apartment, situated on a tree-lined, quiet road in Clapham Park, just a short stroll from Brixton Windmill. The property is generously spacious with a  large bedroom with built-in wardrobes, a modern bathroom, and an open-plan kitchen/reception room with doors out to a lovely, south facing private garden.

View more properties for sale in Clapham.



ptcl_flat-2-rushton-house_sw8-2se_08-1 ptcl_flat-2-rushton-house_sw8-2se_04

3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom | Albion Avenue, Clapham North, SW8 | £464,999 (Leasehold)


A three bedroom property ideally located just a short walk from Stockwell and Clapham North Tube stations. The property has recently been redecorated throughout and has a lovely new kitchen and bathroom fitted.


View more properties for sale in Clapham.


Blog post courtesy of Portico London estate agents, with branches in ActonBatterseaBloomsburyCamdenClaphamDulwich,FulhamHammersmithHighburyIslingtonWest HampsteadBethnal GreenLeytonWalthamstowIlfordForest GateWoodford and Chigwell.

All the properties featured are currently for sale or for rent with Portico Estate Agents London.

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The photographs featured are taken by CP Creative.

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Having Trouble Selling Your Home?

Having Trouble Selling Your Home? This could be why...

Your house isn’t selling? It may well be down to this common mistake…

It’s quite hard to notice clutter, scuffs on the walls, or mismatched furniture in your own home, but unfortunately it’s one of the first things that potential buyers notice on a viewing.

On the other end of the scale, a bare property without any furniture can also be hard to sell, as buyers struggle to imagine themselves living there.



The solution?

Interior styling. The market is more competitive than ever, so interior styling is critical to ensuring your property is sold quickly, for the maximum price. Buyers take comfort in seeing a house that’s ready to move into, so staging the right furnishings and decorations are extremely important.


So how should you style a property?

To appeal to the widest range of potential buyers, the property must look stylish, neutral and spacious.

People buy into a lifestyle, and want to be able to envisage what the property would look like if they were living there - so make sure you’ve removed the kids’ artwork from the fridge and family photos, and replace them with more neutral pieces.


Staged homes sell for 8% more!

You heard us correctly, staged homes sell for an average of 8% more than un-staged properties!

It really does pay therefore to choose our 2% Concierge sales package, which as well as interior styling, includes featured advertising and free property maintenance.

Don’t believe that interior styling can make that much of a difference? Check out our before and after photos or watch the video by clicking on the link above...


Living room before styling:


Living room after styling:


3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms | Fulham Road, Fulham, SW6 | £949,950 (Leasehold)

View more properties for sale.


Empty living room before styling:


3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom |Leamore Street, Ravenscourt Park, W6 | £1,150,000 (Freehold)

View more properties for sale.


Living room after styling:


Blog post courtesy of Portico London estate agents, with branches in ActonBatterseaBloomsburyCamdenClaphamDulwich, FulhamHammersmithHighburyIslingtonWest HampsteadBethnal GreenLeytonWalthamstowIlfordForest GateWoodford and Chigwell.

All the properties featured are currently for sale or for rent with Portico Estate Agents London.

If you're considering selling and want a free, property valuation, check out our instant valuation tool or give us a call on 020 7099 4000.

The photographs featured are taken by CP Creative.

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June Property Highlights

The June Property Highlights Video is now live, bringing to you our favourite properties this month to give you some inspiration for your home. We have the privilege of producing photography and floorplans for some amazing properties across London and we would like to share some of those with you.

Incorporated into a quick slideshow video, we have selected our top four properties this June in the CP Creative office. This month includes properties from Estate Agents Jackson Stops Mayfair, Location Location, Portico Hammersmith and UPAD in various locations around London. Take a look at the June Property Highlights video below:


Which one is your favourite?

Don’t forget to check back the first week of every month to see what properties we have chosen to showcase next, it might even be yours.

For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit or contact us on the details below.

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Summer Interior Design Trends

Thinking about giving your home a spring makeover? Before you start looking at paints and prints, check out this year’s predicted Summer Interior Design Trends...


Pretty in pink

Pink is making a mighty comeback this spring, with dusty and rosy pinks tipped to become the new neutrals.

It’s an extremely versatile colour that suits nearly all styles of décor, and is fantastic for adding warmth to a room. Try adding a pale pink throw to a grey sofa, or statement, rosy metallic ornaments or light fixtures.


5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms | Coleford Road, Wandsworth, SW18 | £1,600,000 (Freehold)

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Granny florals

Florals have blossomed on the runways this season, and Elle are predicting that Granny Florals will dominate interiors this season too.

If you don’t feel bold enough to bring a floral statement sofa into your home, try using floral fabric to brighten up cushion covers, tablecloths, or curtains. Floral prints look great with vintage or antique furniture.


2 bedrooms, 1 Bathroom - Sold (SSTC) | Landells Road, Dulwich, SE22 | £720,000 (Freehold)

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The new nautical

Nautical interior fashion is a feel-good summer trend, and a great way for adding a sense of space to your living space.

For a fresh take on the classic look, try injecting a bright pop of red or yellow into the mix, and swap bright blues for bold navy colours.


2 bedrooms, 1 Bathroom | Ferndale Road, Clapham North, SW4 |£650,000 (Leasehold)

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Back to nature

Natural materials such as straw and wood are going to be extremely popular this season. Add wooden or white and blue backdrop to enhance the nautical, coastal feel, or pair natural ornaments or furniture with floral wallpaper and plants for a bold ‘back to nature’ look.  


3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms | Elspeth Road, Battersea, SW11 | £850,000 (Leasehold)

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Ethnic style

Ethnic and Middle Eastern prints and patterns are already making their way into our interiors, bringing colour, warmth and texture to our homes.

Try using patterned tiles, woven accessories, Turkish rugs and Moroccan style light fittings to give your rooms a sense of rich history.


4 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms - Sold (SSTC) | Shakespeare Road, Acton, W3 | £1,199,950 (Freehold)

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All photographs taken are courtesy of CP Creative.


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May Property Highlights

The May Property Highlights Video is now live, bringing to you our favourite properties this month to give you some inspiration for your home. We have the privilege of producing photography and floorplans for some amazing properties across London and we would like to share some of those with you.

Incorporated into a quick slideshow video, we have selected our top four properties this May in the CP Creative office. This month includes properties from Estate Agents Jones Lang Lasalle, Portico, Winkworth Islington and Winkworth Palmers Green in various locations around London. Take a look at the May Property Highlights video below:


Which one is your favourite?

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April Property Highlights

The April Property Highlights Video is now live, bringing to you our favourite properties this month to give you some inspiration for your home. We have the privilege of producing photography and floorplans for some amazing properties across London and we would like to share some of those with you.

Incorporated into a quick slideshow video, we have selected our top four properties this March in the CP Creative office. This month includes properties from Estate Agents Cornerstone, Jeremy Bass, UPAD and Winkworth Islington in various locations around London. Take a look at the April Property Highlights video below:


Which one is your favourite?

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Top Garden Tips To Add Value To Your Home

Spring is officially upon us! So get your gardening gloves on and start prettifying your outdoor space. If you’re trying to sell your home during the warmer months, a beautiful garden will translate to a quicker sale and the best possible price for your home.

Here are our top garden tips to add value to your home and make the most of your outside space ahead of spring viewings…


Cut the grass

There’s nothing worse than an overgrown lawn! Cutting the grass is a quick and easy thing to do that will neaten up your outdoor space and ensure your property stands out from the competition. If you want a more professional finish, use a half moon edger to create defined edges.

PTAC_34_Foxglove Street_W12 0QD_001

3 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms | Foxglove Street, Shepherd's Bush, W12

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Pristine patios

A dirty patio isn’t going to create a great first impression. We recommend removing any weeds, cleaning moss-covered paths and power-washing patios and walls. 

4 bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms | Brussels Road, Battersea, SW11

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Tidy up!

It may sound obvious, but it’s so important that your outside space is tidy. This means sweeping up leaves, stuffing that rusty barbeque at the back of the shed, and removing any broken pots or litter.

1 bedroom, 1 Bathroom | Berrymead Gardens, Acton, W3

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Garden staging

Exterior styling is just as important as interior styling when it comes to selling your house. Get the buyer’s imagination racing by getting out the garden table and chairs, and setting it with placemats and pretty plates, a centrepiece and even a jug of Pimms! Or if it’s a family home, lay out the tennis rackets or put out a swing set.

2 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms | Randolph Avenue, Maida Vale, W9

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Flower power

Bring some colour into your garden with some plants and flowers. Potted trees at the entrance of the home look wonderfully welcoming, and are a great way of making the entrance (or Portico!) look grander.

4 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms | Midholm, Hampstead, | NW11

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A fresh lick of paint

Give your shed, fences and front door a fresh lease of life with a bit of paint. It will immediately make the space look neat and tidy and will help a buyer see that they can move straight in and start living.

4 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms | Bushey Hill Road, Peckham Rye, SE5

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Spring Makeover

Is your home in need of a spring makeover in time for the warmer months? This time of year is the perfect time to get working on some of that much needed DIY you have been putting off over the winter and make the most of the lighter evenings. Stylish homes are so easy to look at but not so easy to achieve. But fear not, we have all the inspiration you need and some great tips from Interior Stylist Sophie Robinson on how to freshen up your home this spring without spending a fortune.


Coastal Bedrooms:

One of the biggest trends in interior design for 2016 is the coastal beach house. Form a harmonious blend of warm and cool using soft pastel colours to create an aura of calm in your bedroom. These coastal style rooms should have some nautical inspirations but also freshen up the look with bright colours such as red or yellow.

As an alternative to beige, paint your walls hues of grey and blue alongside white-washed or distressed furniture. Keep accessories pale and interesting, using natural materials like wicker and rattan; it’s a lovely idea to have a chair in the bedroom as an alternative place to sit.


Bold Blue Kitchens:

Yes, believe it or not, bold blue is a brilliant choice for your kitchen this spring. A very versatile colour palette, you can achieve a modern or vintage look with this one. Rather than decorating your whole kitchen blue, try using the colour in blocks through the use of accessories; offset blue against white for a classic look that won’t date and contrast it against yellow to really make it pop.

Tone is important with this trend, a blue that is too dark will appear flat but by adding some pattern and warmth via the wood will create an interesting interior. Invest in some bold patterned tiles to create a great focal point in the room and finally, hanging a piece of artwork in the kitchen can really bring the wow-factor to your spring kitchen update.


Kid’s Bedroom:

When it comes to designing children’s rooms you have got to be creative and most importantly, have fun! Get your children involved as they will have their own ideas on how they would like their room to look. Keep it low budget by using upturned crates for bedside tables and old suitcases for storage. A simple string of coloured lights makes for a fab nightlight and having a row of pegs on the wall is a great way to get clutter up and off the floor.

Mixing the old with the new is a real trend right now, so pick up cool toys from jumble sales and charity shops to get the vintage look. Every child’s room needs plenty of accessible storage; it’s important that they can get hold of their stuff but better still, encourage them to have a tidy up.


Spring Dining:

The tables are turning on dining rooms; formal eating areas are once again fashionable and warm pastel shades are great for a cheerful colour scheme to bring a touch of sunshine inside. For a feminine touch use floral patterns but be sure to add a sombre tone such as siege green to help your room look a little bit more grown up.

The use of rattan mirrors and furniture will keep this look on trend, with the slightest hint of gold for a classic feel that will make for a dining room that’s perfect for entertaining guests.



Modern Art Deco Bathrooms:

Between the morning battles and the night time hassles, family bathrooms rarely feel like a place to relax. Art deco is making a comeback for 2016, so update the industrial look with a new statement floor. If lavish marble designs are a little pricey for you, try a classic monochrome checkerboard flooring in tiles or vinyl.

As a tonic to all that black and white, add peachy pink towels for an oasis of calm and swap those silver taps for gold for the finishing touch!


Tropical Gardens:

Spring is here and it’s time to get out and into your garden. It can be quite a neglected space for some, but it is just as important as the inside of your home. A big trend this year is tropical—from pineapple to carnival themes, you will be just in time for the Rio Olympics.

Another great trend is Palm Beach meets Miami; bright colours and retro furniture will help you achieve this look. Focus on creating a garden that is suited to your lifestyle and make sure there is ample seating for friends and family.

So what are you waiting for? Spring into action this May bank holiday weekend and start transforming your home into a happy-haven in time for those precious few months of summer to come.

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Fifty Shades of Grey

We all know the hype around Fifty Shades of Grey, but don't worry, there are no red rooms in this post! We are talking Fifty Shades of Grey...Paint! Grey is one of the most fashionable paint colours of the moment. But as the title of this blog post suggests, it’s also a colour that’s available in a multitude of shades and hues. Here are a few of our favourites…


Farrow&Ball - Pravillion Gray, No. 242

Pavillion Gray works particularly well as a woodwork colour when contrasted with Blackened or Strong White on walls to create the relaxed, much loved Gustavian look. It is also a classic mid grey wall colour, cooler than Cornforth White, it is perfect for the modern family house.


4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms | Shakespeare Road, Acton, W3 | £1,250,000 (Freehold)

View the property for sale.


Farrow&Ball - Amonite No. 274

Ammonite is named after the treasured fossils often found on the Dorset coast. It has a fantastically understated modest quality, working perfectly with all the Easy Grey group. It is not gritty or industrial but has a subtle grey tone that suits all contemporary homes. To make it feel more grey, it is best paired with All White.


4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms | Shakespeare Road, Acton, W3 | £1,250,000 (Freehold)

 View the property for sale.


The Little Greene Company - Welcome Pale

This paint colour is so pale it’s almost white, so it’s a natural light reflector, and gives a wonderful sense of space. As you can see from the photo, furniture and soft furnishings look fantastic set against such a blank canvas, and colours really pop.


5 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms | Coleford Road, Wandsworth, SW18 | £1,600,000 (Freehold)

View the property for sale.


Designer Guild - Pebble / Farrow&Ball Down Pipe, No. 26

Warm greys work well in bathrooms as the colour looks great under electric light. It also looks great with bright colours, so try adding a bunch of bright flowers or a colourful art piece to the wall.


5 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms | Coleford Road, Wandsworth, SW18 | £1,600,000 (Freehold)

View the property for sale.


3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms | Wildwood Terrace, Hampstead, NW3 |

£2,200,000 (Freehold)

View the property for sale.


Farrow&Ball, Purbeck Stone, No. 275

Purbeck Stone which resembles the colour of the stone in the Isle of Purbeck, is the strongest of Farrow&Ball’s Easy Neutrals, with which it is the perfect counterbalance. Less cool and softer than Manor House Gray, it is the perfect tone for well-lit modern rooms.


2 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms | Glenthorne Road, Ravenscourt Park, W6 | £995,000 (Leasehold)

View the property for sale.


All the properties featured are currently for sale with Portico London Estate Agents. Portico has branches in Acton, Battersea, Bloomsbury, Camden, Clapham, Dulwich, Fulham, Hammersmith, Highbury, Islington and West Hampstead.

The photographs featured are taken by CP Creative.


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March Property Highlights

The March Property Highlights Video is now live, bringing to you our favourite properties this month to give you some inspiration for your home. We have the privilege of producing photography and floorplans for some amazing properties across London and we would like to share some of those with you.

Incorporated into a quick slideshow video, we have selected our top four properties this March in the CP Creative office. This month includes properties from Estate Agents Johns & Co, Lanes New Homes, Ludlow Thompson City and Winkworth Kentish Town in various locations around London. Take a look at the March Property Highlights video below:


Which one is your favourite?

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Creating a Scandinavian Interior

Here at CP Creative, we love Scandinavian interior design and we are seeing it across London properties everywhere. Known for their simplicity, utility and beauty, the popularity of the Scandinavian interior trend has risen so much in recent years that it now appears in all generic high street stores, which means creating a Scandinavian interior is easier than ever this spring.

In case geography isn’t your strongest link, Scandinavia is commonly used for Denmark, Norway and Sweden; three very beautiful countries that certainly know how to get interior design on point. Their interiors centre around functionality, clean lines, elegance and craftsmanship paired with earthy muted tones and natural materials. Not only is a Scandinavian interior aesthetically beautiful, it is also very livable. The overall design of this concept is lived-in spaces which are charming yet comfortable. What’s not to like?



The Scandinavian colour palette usually centres on stark colours, mainly white/off-whites, black and white, soft dove/cool greys and saturated blues. Although these are the common colours, all pastel colours will work well within this trend and contribute to the softness of a room. The great thing is about these colours is that they will open up a room making it appear bigger and brighter whilst giving you the option to add a splash of any of your favourite colours.



Rule number one of Scandinavian décor, declutter declutter declutter! This is something that is very different to the usual English Victorian interior — rather than boxes inside another collection of boxes, Scandinavian interiors consist of bright, clean spaces with a minimal approach to ornamentation but making sure that they are visually intriguing.

From wacky paintings to geometric wallpaper to colourful cushions, Scandinavian decor has the ability to be extremely captivating. Include greenery within your home too in the form of succulents or cacti; have them varying in size and they are bound to bring a cheerful burst of green into the monochrome world.




Carpets have never been a common interior choice within Sweden and all true Scandinavian interiors will feature wooden flooring in the majority of rooms within the house. Spruce wood, better known as light wood, is the preferred choice, keeping the theme as light as possible. White wood looks beautiful with this concept, however a light blonde like the below works just as well.

If you would like something a bit more colourful and imaginative, blue textiles give off the right vibe of a Scandinavian interior. Colourful and decorative textile influences from Josef Frank and Marimekko, both very Scandinavian, come into play with this modern flooring. Follow the saturated blue on to your walls and keep the furniture light and to a minimum.




When it comes to Scandinavian furniture, mixing the old with the new is the one of the most intriguing and exciting features of this trend. This aged cabinet sits on the landing perfectly due to its colour and tone to match the rest of the interior colour scheme and still looks as contemporary as a new piece. Any great pieces of well-made furniture will fit into any interior, serving a purpose and becoming stand-out pieces in their own right.

What do you think of the Scandinavian trend? Is it something you would try or already have in your home? If you struggle with putting together an interior scheme but would like to recreate a Scandinavian design within your home, get yourself to IKEA, the Swedish phenomenon. Most of your influence can be taken from here, but don’t be afraid to be creative and mix some of your own ideas and style into the trend to make it unique and decorate your space with imagination.


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Top tips on selling your property

Guest Post from Portico London Estate Agents: Spring into action! Top tips on selling your property in record time.

Easter comes with a flurry of property activity. The period is marked by not one but two bank holidays (hooray), giving those seeking a fresh start plenty of time to plan viewings.

The clocks also go forward, so there’s more daylight hours after work to see potential properties in their natural light - and that way you can see the condition of the property and have a nosey around the garden.

Here are our top five tips on how to sell your property this Easter…


Spring Clean

The house has to be spotless! We recommend getting industrial cleaners in to really make your home sparkle, and ensure the kitchen and bathrooms are given special attention. A new toilet seat, fresh towels and some fresh plants will also do wonders for making your space feel clean and inviting.

Top tip: a good photographer will be able to make your house look even more bright and appealing with the right tricks and techniques.

Click here to see the featured property.

Out with the old

We also advise having a big clear out before you start cleaning. De-cluttering and getting rid of tat (you know you don’t really need all those shoes) will make the place seem more spacious, and also more appealing to potential buyers who may not have the same taste in furniture and furnishings as you. It’s also advisable to clear away kitchen appliances like kettles and toasters to create an open plan living space.

Click here to see the featured property.

Kerb appeal

Potential buys will usually have made an impression within the first few seconds of seeing your property. That means it’s imperative that your home has kerb appeal! Make sure the garden looks pretty by mowing the lawn and putting out some pretty plants, ensure the windows are clean, and give the windows and doors a fresh lick of paint.

Click here to see the featured property.

That lived in feel

No, we don’t mean putting up a wall of family photos… Any buyer will want to imagine themselves living in your home, so make sure it feels homely and welcoming. It’s a bit of a cliché to bake bread and make fresh coffee prior to a viewing, but it is important that your home smells good. Fresh flowers and a fresh coat of neutral paint will help neutralise any odours.

Click here to see the featured property.


You may love your furry four legged friend, but a potential buyer may not - sorry. They may even be allergic to animals, which will put them off your home immediately. Even if the buyer is an animal lover, they may end up paying more attention to your pet than your home.

We advise you to keep all pets outside or out of the house during viewings.

All the properties featured are currently for sale or for rent with Portico Estate Agents London.

The photographs featured are taken by CP Creative.

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February Property Highlights

The second monthly video is here, bringing to you our favourite properties this month to give you some inspiration for your home. We have the privilege of producing photography and floorplans for some amazing properties across London and we would like to share some of those with you.

Incorporated into a quick slideshow video, we have selected our top four properties this February in the CP Creative office. This month includes properties from Estate Agents David Andrews, Portico and Winkworth in various locations around London. Take a look at the February Property Highlights video below:


Which one is your favourite?

Don’t forget to check back the first week of every month to see what properties we have chosen to showcase next, it might even be yours.

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Interior Gift Inspiration for Mothers Day

Can you believe it? The first two months of 2016 have flown by which means the month of March is upon us and we have another special occasion just around the corner, Mother’s Day!

Yes, it’s crept up on us early this year and if we may be so bold to say, instead of purchasing the usual gifts of flowers or chocolates, we want to encourage you to think outside the box and give her something a little more permanent as a present that she can treasure. Whether she is traditional, modern, nature-loving or just plain wacky, we have some wonderful gift ideas that will make her smile this Mothering Sunday.


If your mum is a traditional kind of gal, why not treat her to a simple yet sophisticated jug. Available in a whole range of styles and materials, you are bound to find the perfect one for her. They can be used as a flowerpot, to hold utensils or simply a decorative piece, take a look at this white vintage flower jug from Tregothnan or Royal Doulton 200th anniversary aqua jug from House of Fraser.


Take it from us, every mum loves a good set of scatter cushions! And if your mum is of the wacky kind of style, we have sourced some great examples for you. For sophistication, Anna Jacobs offers a beautiful range of cushions and matching accessories. If you want a personalised gift, Zazzle have on offer an amazing range of illustrative designs.


If dinner parties and celebrations are her thing, why not treat her to this stunning set of four individually coloured champagne flutes with an elegant bubble effect at the base from the Fizz collection by upcoming glassware brand Anton Studio Designs. They give a unique twist on the classic flutes sure to impress your guests.


We all love mum’s home cooking, I can still smell her roast dinner cooking on a Sunday! If she is a foodie, why not treat her this Mother’s Day to an Olive oil gift set from The Gift of Oil, the Truffle Lovers Collection is a personal favourite!


Every lady should have a good space to get ready and carry out that daily routine; plenty of light and a good mirror is an essential. Liven up her dressing table by treating her this large Hazelwood Round Wall Mirror from Houzz, we think it’s a thing of beauty!


All mums are hardworking, so why not spruce up her workspace with a new sleek desk lamp and accessories to make her office inspirational. This lamp comes in all different colours too so you can be sure to match her interior. We love this set of light wood boxes and matching clipboards from Made in Design to add the finishing touches.

We hope we have given you all the interior gift inspiration for Mothers Day that you need to find an alternative to the predictable gifts that we all usually buy. Or if you are a mother and have seen something on the blog that tickles your fancy, drop some heavy hints to those children of yours. Happy Mothering Sunday Mums!

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2016 Interior Design Trends

Guest Post from Portico Estate Agents on 2016 Interior Design Trends:

A new year means new trends - or in short, an excuse to put on an old shirt and get out a paintbrush or head to Ikea.

We see a lot of properties on a daily basis, so we tend to have a pretty good idea about the hottest new trends. Here’s what we expect to be big in the year ahead…

Mismatching & Clashing

Perfectly polished kitchens move over - this year it’s all about mismatching and clashing. We’ve found that people are moving away from using just one or two key materials in their kitchens, and instead are using a variety of styles to create a unique look.

We love the polished wood table with the rustic chairs in this kitchen, and the mixture of metal and wood gives a contemporary, farmhouse charm. Click here to view the property.

Black Metals

Copper dominated homes in 2015, but this year we expect black metallic to make a come-back. No longer limited to just garden furniture or bed frames, this simple material will be used in furniture, in bathrooms and in kitchens too.

The black metal lampshades in this property add to the simple style and industrial look. Click here to view the property.

Retro 70s Furniture

It seems we can’t resist the allure of the 70s and the retro revival is still going to be a key trend in 2016. Think velvet cushions, low-level furniture and anything that’s curved or sphere shaped. We’ve seen quite a few egg chairs being used as feature pieces.

Greys and whites work great with bold colours or feature pieces as shown in this retro room. Click here to view the property.


All hail the fireplace! That’s right, the humble fireplace is becoming the focal point of a room once more, and people are now arranging furniture on and around it rather than the TV. Click here to view the property.

Tech-free Tranquillity

The busyness of modern life can be overwhelming, so it’s important our homes are sanctuaries we can retreat to. This year interior design experts are predicting we'll see a lot less gadgets around, which will instead be hidden by clever furniture. Click here to view the property.

This is a guest post from Portico Estate Agents, and all the properties featured are currently for sale or for rent with Portico Estate Agents London.

The photographs featured are taken by CP Creative.

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January Property Highlights

Introducing our new monthly video, we will be bringing to you our favourite properties each month to give you some inspiration for your home. We have the privilege of producing photography and floorplans for some amazing properties across London and we would like to share some of those with you.

Incorporated into a quick slideshow video, we have selected our top four this January in the CP Creative office. This month includes properties from Estate Agents such as Ludlow Thompson, Portico, UPAD and Winkworth in various locations around London. Take a look at the January Property Highlights video below:



Which one is your favourite?

Don’t forget to check back the first week of every month to see what properties we have chosen to showcase next, it might even be yours.

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Love in the Interior

With the New Year swiftly underway, the next big event on the calendar you need to be thinking about is Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or hate it, it is impossible to avoid and if there is a lady in your life, they are almost certainly bound to love it.

Make sure everything is perfect for your loved one and prepare your home accordingly for the perfect date. From candles, rose petals, table decorations and just about everything heart-shaped, in this post we are presenting you with Valentine gift ideas as well as Valentine interior ideas to create some love in the interior.


We absolutely adore this first idea! If you have the luxury of adjustable spotlights in your home, why not try and angle them towards a clear wall to create a heart shaped silhouette. It’s completely free and pretty impressive if we do say so ourselves, something so simple is likely to wow your partner and make them head over heels for you.


Flowers, roses in particular, are one of the most popular, traditional and easiest gifts to buy for your Valentine. Readily available in all supermarkets, you don’t even need to venture to the florists anymore. However, if roses aren’t their thing, another option is to go the artificial route. You could try a deep red larger bouquet within a stylish metallic base as seen in this interior, or why not try this gorgeous vintage rose vase from Wilko and add your own choice of fresh or faux flowers to display within your home.


Enjoying the atmosphere can be a great alternative to showering your partner with gifts. Indulge in the ultimate romantic ambience with a hot bath, flowers and rose floating candles from Amazon. Decorative candles are all the rage at the moment and can be found in all kinds of designs and colours.


If candles aren’t her thing, there’s nothing a girl loves more than relaxing in a hot bath with handmade cosmetics. Treat her to a Valentine's Gift Package from Lush, each one filled with multiple bath time treats, wrapped and ready to go. And for all you single girls out there, don’t worry, there are packages specifically made for you within their range. Who needs a man hey?


Free-standing decorative words such as ‘Love’ have become evidently mainstream across interiors in the last few years. Not only are they a great Valentine’s gift, but they can be a permanent feature within your home and give any room a great finishing touch. Try this ‘Love’ product from Live Laugh Love, made of wood with a distressed finish to give a shabby chic feel.


If you want a ‘quirky’ alternative to the above, wire typographic signs for your décor are all the rage too. Coming in all different shapes and sizes, you can purchase a utility inspired word art from Wilko. This metal decoration brings a contemporary vibe and definitive style and personality to your living space.


Framed typographic prints are another great interior gift to remind your partner everyday how much they mean to you. From generic word/quotes, typographic, illustrative or personalised prints, you name it, Not on the High Street have it. A couple of our favourites include ‘We Make a Great Pair’ found here, or the ‘Explosive Heart Print’ found here. They even have a large Valentine’s section where you can search by category, making it even easier for you to find the perfect gift.


This room is just filled with love! From 3D silver hearts, a love heart shaped clock and wall transfers, there are multiple gifts ideas within this interior. Wall transfers of inspirational quotes have definitely become a popular feature within many homes. Whether you love them or hate them (and we do seem to find people very divided on this trend), they would be a great gift for Valentine’s. This one is from Next.

We have also found a red heart alarm clock for your bedroom from Tiger at only £4. We love the description on the website: ‘Don’t be fooled by the shape. This alarm clock won’t whisper sweet nothings in your ear – it’ll chase you out of bed with bells on’.


Initial mugs for both of you is another great sentimental idea as part of a gift, or buy letters to spell out a special message to your loved one. For example, ‘LOVE’ would be the obvious choice. You can keep these displayed around your home and create an ornamental feature within any room. For example, you could display them within your kitchen and put them to good use by using them as plant pots, funky hey? Initial mugs can be found in Matalan stores in a range of fonts.


Finally, a cushion can be another great idea for a Valentine’s interior gift. Grab a heart-patterned or love themed one this Valentine’s to match the colour scheme in your home. We have found one similar to this one from Red Bubble. If you haven’t already discovered this website, it is definitely worth a look through for any extravagant interior lovers who like beautifully coloured illustrated pieces.


The list really could go on. When searching the Internet for Valentine’s gifts, many sites now have their own section dedicated to the big day making it easier than ever to find the right gift. Our idea is to buy gifts that you can keep in the interior rather than throwaway items. We hope we have given you some inspiration and ideas of how to make the day special for your loved one. Whether you are married, newly dating or single, we wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day and remember to inject a bit of love into your interior to create the perfect atmosphere within your home.


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Bringing The Outdoors In

Kickstarting the New Year here at CP Creative with a 2016 trend prediction – Bringing the Outdoors In. We know this trend isn’t exactly brand new as it has been growing in popularity since last year, however this year it will start to become more mainstream. It is all about blurring the boundaries between our interiors and our exteriors.

With the cold weather upon us, it gives us even more reason to want to bring that spring/summer feeling back into our homes. We all miss seeing that bright green foliage in the garden that we had through the summer, but fear not, you can recreate that scenery within your home. Not only are they a great decorative feature, but adding a little nature to our lives can really enhance our mood, our health and wellbeing. They increase oxygen levels, remove harmful chemicals found in cleaning products, not to mention adds life into your space and brings a refreshing scent into your home. Here are some interior examples of how to bring the outdoors in…



Indoor Plants:

There are a few common houseplants that are known to be the most common and easiest to maintain for your indoor space. The fiddle leaf fig tree known for its leathery leaves can be a larger option if preferred. The rubber tree/plant is also known for its ability to make a big statement and for those of you who have a very modern look in your house, the snake plant is for you. They are great in almost any condition and hardly any watering needed, bonus!


For those of you who want something colourful, try succulents. They come in an array of greens, purples, blues and yellows, and are near enough impossible to kill too, unless you over-water. Like succulents, cacti are the other ‘trendy’ plants of the moment. Giving off a California vibe, they are modern and minimalistic.


English ivy is a great option for those of you who do not have time to care for your plants. It offers a slightly different appearance of cascading greenery and can look very natural in your home. The Bostern fern is another cascading plant form which can actually live for decades and make a big statement in its full form, great for hanging in a basket or placed on a pedestal.


Don’t panic, if you are reading this and thinking ‘I simply cannot keep a plant alive’, then you need to thank your lucky stars we have the artificial option. They may not bring the natural aromas into your home, but they still add some life, colour and natural elements into your space. These round box hedges offer a very feminine touch.


Be Creative:

Whether you are green fingered or not, you can get creative with your indoor plants. Think pots, containers, repetitive patterns and wall mounting; take a look below for some inspirational ideas on how to get creative with your greenery.

Thinking about the pots and containers your plants go in is as important as the plant itself. Crafting their containers and making these a focal point will certainly make your plants stand out. We love these clear cylinders that surround these plants in the centre of the table. They not only help them keep their shape but also stop any mess from falling onto the dining table.


This is a fantastic design idea within this modern London kitchen. Try mounting your pot plants onto a wall within your home and creating a display like this one. There is something very captivating and idyllic about having the plants situated by this spiral staircase. This is also a great idea for growing and keeping any herbs in your kitchen area and picking them as and when you cook.


Go one step further and create a tasteful wall display indoors. Make a bold statement and have a colourful display of foliage catch the eye of your visitors, contrasting against the all-white interior. This is a very different alternative and is also a good idea for those of you that may have a small garden.



If plants aren’t really your thing, there are other ways to implement the outdoors in your living space.

Bringing in natural fibres and textures into your home such as rattan and wicker will immediately add a touch of nature. Choosing a natural-looking wood for your furniture for example, is a great way to bring relaxing outdoors vibe into your home. Think about accessorising with the right baskets, lampshades, cushions and rugs when it comes to your décor.

Earthy and grassy greens, water and sky blues and sunshine yellows are the perfect colours to use creatively within your décor, pairing these with neutral tones on your walls for a calming ambience. We particularly love the bird patterned curtains, bird cages and knitted bedding in this bedroom.


The materials you use within your home can make a big difference. Try to choose eco-friendly materials where possible, and use natural flooring instead of man-made for that organic appeal. There is now a wealth of eco-friendly products out there such as bedding, towels and paint that will not only be beneficial to you, but also the earth around you.


Log fires are a great natural element for your home and can add a rustic feel to a cottage style interior or juxtapose against a modern aesthetic. The wood and fire will carry a scent around your home that will instantly make you feel in tune with nature.

Last but not least, the easiest of them all – light! Natural light is free and it really does make a difference in your home. Use light fabrics around your windows and let as much natural light flood into your home daily. Open up those windows too for a breath of fresh air. Oxygenate your home and let the peace and tranquillity take over.


Which of these indoor plants or furnishing ideas will you add to your décor?


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New Vision for a New Year

New Vision for a New Year at CP Creative

Here at CP Creative, we have been busy working on a number of exciting projects throughout 2015 which will be launched early this year. At the forefront of these changes are our clients; the changes made are to benefit all clients and will improve our service and the growth of the company. With the New Year comes a New Vision for CP Creative, here is an insight into what’s to come…


New Software: Throughout 2015, CP Creative have been working with a software development company to build a new bespoke company software that will take our efficiency and customer service to the next level. The key features of the new user interface will include a fantastic photo portal for our clients as well as a mobile app and easy to use interface for placing, tracking and scheduling orders.




New Office: In addition to our head office here in Sunny Suffolk (a beautiful grade 2 listed building dating back to the 1500’s), we have bagged ourselves a new London base this New Year. After 6 years in Camden, we have decided to make a move into Shoreditch.

Shoreditch is the perfect location for us to serve our clients across London and is convenient for travel to and from our head office in Suffolk via Liverpool Street at just a 10 minute walk. The office is a creative-hub with many like-minded creative companies all under one roof. Added benefits include its own fantastic restaurant and bar, having hosted the likes of Ed Sheeran and Paul Weller, making it the perfect setting for company and client meetings. It even boasts its own gallery!

Office Collage 1

Office Collage 2


New Photographers: As CP Creative continues to grow we will further recruit and add to our team of in-house professional photographers as well as our office team. This means we can continue to offer our clients the same fantastic service and fast turnaround time of orders. The first recruit of 2016 is professional photographer Ariella who has already been working in the industry for a number of years and brings both valuable experience and quality to the team. Welcome to the team Ariella!



New Branding: Last but certainly not least, we would like to introduce you to our new brand identity. Designed in-house, it is still within its stages of production having thus far created a new logo design alongside a refresh of our colour scheme, stationery, various brochures and videos. After 6 years of trading, we felt it was time to freshen up our brand and marketing to mark the next phase of the company. Keep an eye out for our new website design to be launched this year.



Logos For Blog


Stationery For Blog

Photography Brochure:




We hope you are just as excited as we are to see the new innovative developments to our company coming into action this year. Remember to also keep an eye out for more exciting instalments of the new CP Creative Property Blog throughout this year to keep up to date with the latest interior trends and what we get up to. Watch this space!

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Our Favourite Properties of 2015

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Christmas is almost here and another successful year is coming to a close. We have had a great year here at CP Creative and we have been lucky enough to have visited and photographed some amazing properties across London. We have compiled a list of Our Favourite Properties of 2015 here in the office and would like to share a quick video with you showcasing some of the best we have seen this year:

A big thank you to all of you who have supported us and been a part of 2015, keep an eye out for more instalments of the CP Creative Property Blog throughout 2016 for some exciting developments…

On behalf of all of us here at CP Creative, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Guardian Photographer of the Year 2015

Photography continues to inspire us here at CP Creative and we have another amazing photographers work to share with you this week. Congratulations to Yannis Behrakis of Reuters, crowned Guardian Photographer of the Year 2015, who has captured the astonishing and heart-breaking moments from two of the biggest stories of 2015 – the refugee crisis and the financial disaster in his home country of Greece. Join us as we take a look into the photojournalism world and share with you some of the beautiful photographs of the winner this year.


The Refugee Crisis


“I was dedicated to covering the refugee crisis from its early stages with sensitivity and sensibility, always following my instinct based on the highest journalistic ethics.”



A Syrian refugee mother carries her child off a dinghy on the Greek island of Lesbos, after crossing the Aegean sea from Turkey.



“The least challenging part of this year was taking pictures. The biggest struggle was the emotional involvement ... it was so sad to see the same thing again and again.”



A Syrian refugee holds his children as he struggles to leave a dinghy on Lesbos.



“One day I was photographing a raft when I noticed movement in the water. I thought someone had jumped overboard. I focused using a long lens – then saw a fin. A dolphin jumped almost in front of the raft. It was a truly magical moment. It was as if the dolphin was showing the way and welcoming the people.”



A refugee keeps warm by an open fire at a makeshift camp on Lesbos, 18 November.



A Syrian refugee kisses his daughter as he walks through a rainstorm towards Greece's border with Macedonia, in September.



Iranian migrant Hamid, 34, an electrical engineer from Sanandij, sits on the tracks in front of Macedonian riot police guarding the borderline with Greece, on 23 November.



Migrants and refugees beg special riot policemen of FYRO Macedonia to allow passage from Greece into FYRO Macedonia during a rainstorm.



“The emotional impact of covering the refugee crisis is devastating. I have suffered from insomnia and nightmares, and felt guilty many times for not being able to do more. I have refugee blood myself – and I am a father.”



Amoun, 70, a Palestinian refugee who lived in Aleppo in Syria, rests on a beach after arriving from Turkey on a dinghy with 40 others.


Financial Drama


A man talks on the phone in his office at Greece's Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the Greek parliament is reflected on the building in Athens in March.



A pedestrian walks through empty streets by a mural in Athens in July.



“It’s very hard working on a big story in your home country ... the emotional pressure is enormous when you see your friends and family suffer.”



A pensioner leans against the door of the National Bank in Athens in July.



Riot police stand among flames from exploded petrol bombs thrown by a small group of anti-establishment demonstrators in front of parliament in Athens in July.



Locals watch a firefighting plane drop water over a fire near holiday homes in the village of Costa in Southeastern Greece during a developing wildfire in July.



Deserted grain silos are seen in front of the snowcapped Mount Olympus near the town of Larissa in Thessaly. Abandoned factories are often looted, adding to the scenes of desolation.



“Photography can leave people speechless with its power and beauty. It can send a message to the audience, make people cry or laugh or both. It can make people feel guilty – or give money for a good cause. And it can make people think twice before pulling the trigger ...”


This is a truly fascinating account of two of the biggest stories of 2015 showcasing some of the best photojournalism in the world. We have only touched the surface with this selection, if you want to see and read more of Behrakis work and the heart-rending stories behind his photography, you can read the full article on the Guardian website.

**Imagery, captions and quotes taken from the Guardian website**

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I Spy With My Little Eye

I spy with my little eye, a reoccurring theme within London properties. There are a few certain objects making a regular appearance within our London Property Photography here at CP Creative, and we wanted to share the most popular items with you. Whether they are simply fitting in with the current interior trends or they are just favoured items amongst your good selves, take a look and see whether you can spot anything in your home that somebody else may also have!


The Aztec Rug

I spy with my little eye something beginning with A? The Aztec rug. In particular, this large black and white Aztec rug. Ideal for your living room, bedroom and under your dining table, this flat-woven rug is easy to incorporate into your home and will bring your room to life. The added bonus of monochrome means it will coordinate with anything within your existing interior. If you would like this rug in your home, you can find the exact one from IKEA. At only £80.00, there is no excuse not to. What’s more, if you are feeling really brave, grab yourselves the cushion to match at only £9.00 too.


The Audrey Hepburn Canvas

I spy with my little eye something beginning with A? Audrey Hepburn. You guys can’t get enough of this gorgeous woman in your home, and this particular canvas is the Breakfast at Tiffany’s black and white spray paint handmade stencil painting which is featured on Etsy at approximately £40.00. The stencil creates a pop-art feel, and with it being monochrome again means it can be incorporated into almost any colour scheme and adds to a fashionable décor style.


The Buddha Ornament

I spy with my little eye something beginning with B? The Buddha ornament. Unless you have been hibernating for quite some time, we are sure you can’t help but notice the Buddha trend that has been appearing the last few seasons. Perfect for adding tranquility to your window sills or mantelpiece, there are some beautiful ornament designs out there that make an exotic addition to your home. Intricately detailed models are tasteful, graceful and can come in all different styles to match any décor.


The Animal Skin Rug

I spy with my little eye something beginning with C? The Cowskin rug. This rug is appearing everywhere across London, and you can’t miss them. Large in size, the most popular design appears to be the white and brown colour. They certainly give a very expensive and luxurious feel to an interior and are actually very affordable. Currently having a major sale, you can find these rugs at Cowhide Rugs London in a range of different colours and sizes. There are also cushions, handbags and patchwork rugs up for grabs if you want to go all out with the trend.


The Fox Cushion

I spy with my little eye something beginning with F? The Scion Mr Fox cushion. This little fella is popping up everywhere we look, and here at CP Creative we think he is fabulous. Perfect for adding a splash of colour, he stamps personality all over your sofas, chairs and beds, creating a friendly and warm feel to your room. Available in many colours, we found them at John Lewis at the bargain price of just £40.00. He also gets a cracking 4.5/5 star review.


The Fish Print

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with F? The fish print. Maybe it is a coincidence, maybe it’s not, but these fish seem to be popping up all over London, and even more bizarrely, all placed within London kitchens. Is it just us, or is there something a bit fishy going on?! The print itself is minimal and contemporary, working well within a ‘less is more’ interior style. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to find the exact print online for you anywhere, so if you happen to have one in your home, get in touch and let us know where it is from.

What have you spied with your eyes? We are sure the list could be as long as your arm in addition to these particular examples featured here. Let us know if you have seen anything within these interiors that you have too, or if there is anything that you and your friends have that are the same within your homes.


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Christmas Gift Guide for Interiors

The month of November has once again escaped us and December is officially here which can only mean one thing; the countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway! Festive shops are in full swing and whether you are giddy or a little bah-humbug, we are here to help.

Our property photography across London interiors has allowed us to source some fantastic gift ideas for that home-lover in your life. We really do have something for everyone, take a look and pick your gift from our Christmas Gift Guide for Interiors and you’re guaranteed not to disappoint this Christmas…



Cushions are one of the easiest gifts to buy. Not only are they a pleasure to shop for, but they are also great to receive. If you know the colour scheme for the person you are buying for it is a great benefit, if not, choosing a striking contrast or patterned cushion is a great alternative to play with colour in a room. We love this matchstick design by Ikea at only £3.50. Take a look at their website for a huge range of affordable and funky designs.



There is now no excuse for forgetting things with a weekly planner chalkboard, it makes remembering things a joy! A great tool to keep track of your recent activities of the week, this is the perfect little gift for a friend or family member. Found in many different shapes, sizes and designs, the example above is from White Mint at a small cost of only £10.00.



Quirky and vintage inspired decorative pieces are being seen everywhere across London interiors. From gorgeous globes, hip flasks, statement trunks and sailing boats, they make great gifts for any home lover. For the traveller in your life, this stylish silver globe is not only functional but is bound to catch any visitors’ eye. Find yours here at John Lewis, it really is a thing of beauty.



Another small gift idea comes in the form of a notebook or journal. For those who like to stay organized, write lists, make notes, keep a diary or even doodle/draw on the go, there is nothing better than a good quality and imaginative notebook or journal. Paperchase offer a wide range of diaries in all designs and sizes, whilst Oh Deer have an amazing variety of notebooks and journals to choose from (as well as a great gift section).


Cookie Jar:

This is just irresistible, the Jaws cookie jar! This outrageous munchie container plays that old favorite tune from the hit film Jaws, da dum, da dum’ as you tilt its head back to grab a treat. The good thing is, no one will be able to snag a biscuit without you hearing! These seem to be so popular the only place we could find one is on Ebay, so you may have to hunt this one down. On your marks, get set, GO!


Candle Holders:

Industrial is all the rage within interiors at the moment and looks set to continue for quite some time. Wire and caged items are the perfect decorative finishing touch to a room and we particularly like these copper star candle holders from Mia Fleur. Bring a twinkle of candlelight to your home and use them as a centre piece on your dining table.



Skeleton wall clocks are another craze across London properties. The large roman wall clocks offer something different to contemporary modern clocks, bringing back that touch of vintage that we all love. Used as a big feature within a room, find this black and silver example at Contemporary Heaven or for something a little lower in price, Dunelm offer a great affordable alternative.


For your loved one:

If you are looking for something a bit more fun for your loved one, then we have found just the gift for you. This ‘You Are the Fish to My Chips’ illustrated print will not only brighten your partners day, but it is guaranteed to brighten up your interior too. Exclusive to Pedlars, limited to 20 editions and signed by the artist, the big, bold graphics and strong colours would brighten any kitchen and they also make great wedding presents too.

For other fun alternatives, check out Yard Gallery, ‘When Life Gives You Lemons’ is definitely our personal favorite here at CP Creative.


For the Family:

A perfect gift for any family, a loved one, a friend or even yourself, this personalised family poster will liven up any home. Featuring a huge amount of options, just add your choice of family members, including pets, and you can create your family as accurate as possible, even down to the height of each person. Match the print to any interior by choosing from a wide range of 40 colours! What’s not to like? We have found the exact print right here for you at Not On The High Street at a very reasonable £25.00.


Are you prepared for Christmas? Have you started your Christmas shopping? Or have you indeed finished? Whether you haven’t even started your Christmas shopping or you have that one tricky person left to buy for, we hope our Christmas Gift Guide for Interiors has given you some ideas and inspiration to help you along the way.


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Urban Photographer of the Year 2015

Alongside the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, we are also lucky enough to have the CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year 2015 within the same month. In its ninth year, the competition attracted more than 21,000 entries from 113 countries worldwide and encourages professional and amateur photographers to capture cities of the world and our society.

Here at CP Creative, we get excited about great photography, and it is nice once in a while to branch out of our speciality of Interior Property Photography. Join us as we take a look into the urban world as we share with you some of the beautiful photographs of the winners this year.


CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year Winner:


This year’s winning image is of a watch repairman at work in Doha, Qater. The photograph was named ‘Xyclops’, taken by Oscar Rialubin from the Philippines and is a truly stunning portrayal of a unique character whose face tells a thousand stories.



Winner of the Americas prize this year was this photograph by Christopher Martin. Titled ‘Winter Work’, the image shows an aeroplane being de-iced at Calgary International Airport, Canada.



For the first time, the 2015 competition included a mobile category. Cocu Liu from China won the category with this image ‘Blizzard Days’ capturing a winter scene in Chicago at the Chicago Board of Trading Building on his phone camera. Great photo Cocu!



There were two awards for younger photographers this year – the prize for the 13-15-year-old category was claimed by Diogo Miguel Carvalho Goncalves with this picture taken at the Carreiros do Monte in Madeira.



The 16-25 age category was won by Belal Hossain Rana capturing this photograph in Bangladesh of technicians working underground to repair electrical cables.



In addition to these awards, there was also a picture selected to depict each hour of the day around the globe. Pedro Lins's picture ‘Managaing Influence’ represents 00:00 and was taken during a series of protests in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.



Another one of our favourites from the time series is Martin Faltejsek’s ‘Digital Age Vol 2’ representing 22:00. Taken here in London, the simplicity of the photograph portrays the emptiness of the digital world we live in today with a man captured on his smartphone.


We have only selected a small minority of our favourite photographs from the awards. If you would like to see more, visit The Guardian website, BBC News or the Fubiz website by clicking on the links.


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Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015

Here at CP Creative, we appreciate the art of great photography. That’s why we would like to share something a little different with you this week. Taking you away from our property photographs and into the world of wildlife. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 was announced last month and we wanted to share with you some of the stunning photographs of the winners within the various categories.


Wildlife photographer of the year winner and mammals category winner: A tale of two foxes by Don Gutoski (Canada).

Canadian amateur photographer Don Gutoski took the title of Wildlife Photographer of the Year with his image ‘Tale of Two Foxes’, beating more the 42,000 entries from across 96 countries. Beautiful, stark and haunting, it shows the aftermath of the battle between two foxes amongst the struggle for life within the subarctic climes of Cape Churchill, Canada. The beauty of this image lies within the multiple levels of story-telling. Capturing climate change and behaviour, it's the symmetry of the heads, the bodies and the tails - even the expression on the faces that are captivating.


You can see this image up close and personal, centre stage at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Natural History Museum in London.


Young wildlife photographers: 11–14 years old winner: Ruffs on display by Ondrej Pelánek (Czech Republic).

An incredible photo of male ruffs in full breeding plumage in an area of tundra in Norway. Taken by Ondrej Pelánek, only 14, from the Czech Republic.

young winner


Young wildlife photographers: 15–17 years old winner: Flight of the scarlet ibis by Jonathan Jagot (France).

On a boat off the island of Lençóis on the coast of north-east Brazil, this shot was taken as the tide rose, alongside the ibis, creating a glorious pattern of scarlet wings against the canvas of sand and tropical blue sky.



Birds winner: The company of three by Amir Ben-Dov (Israel).

Six days of watching these Red-footed falcons resulted in this picture that reveals a subtle interaction between female birds to make room on the branch. Social birds, they migrate in large flocks from central and Eastern Europe to southern and south-western Africa.



Amphibians and reptiles winner: Still life by Edwin Giesbers (The Netherlands).

A fascinating photo of a great crested newt hanging motionless near the surface of a stream. Captured underneath the water, the photographer had to guess at the framing, point and shoot.



Underwater winner: A whale of a mouthful by Michael AW (Australia).

A beautiful underwater image capturing the moment of a Bryde whale ripping through a swirling ball of sardines, gulping a huge mouthful in a single pass.



From the Sky winner: The art of algae by Pere Soler (Spain).

Captured in the Bahía de Cádiz natural park on the coast of Andalucia, Spain, this spring phenomenon is only fully visible from the air. As the temperature warms and the salinity changes, the intertidal wetlands are transformed by colour as bright green seaweed intermingles with multicoloured microalgal blooms.



Urban winner: Shadow walker by Richard Peters (UK).
A rare sneak peek of an urban fox captured in the dark shadows in the UK. A glimpse of movement and a sense of mystery surrounds this shot.



Impressions winner: Life comes to art by Juan Tapia (Spain).

Combining art with photography, capturing the moment a swallow swooped in with the sky behind a hole made in an oil painting. The composition of this piece was made by positioning the painting over the window within an old barn.



The wildlife photojournalist award: single image winner: Broken cats by Britta Jaschinski (Germany/UK).
This shocking photograph captures the sad reality of performing cats at the Seven Star Park in Guilin, China. They have had their teeth and claws pulled out, and when not in the arena, they live in the tiny cages visible behind the stage. This photographer has travelled extensively for 20 years documenting the world of animals in captivity and states that she has never come across ‘such brutal and systematic deprivation’ as in China.


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Monday Blues

Monday Blues | CP Creative Blog

Did we blink and miss summer? Here at CP Creative, we are feeling a little blue—but not in a sad way, in an inspired kind of way. Within our London interior photography, we are seeing indigo and midnight blues everywhere and it is the perfect colour for the autumn/winter season. If you are one for a richer colour scheme for the winter, this is a great alternative to black and charcoals that we have seen in recent trends.

Blue has traditionally always been a calming colour, which means it is great for those winter nights in, cosying up to the fire. A room coated in an interesting saturated blue can really enrich your interior, and add a sense of drama and tranquillity to your home. A dreamy colour, it has the ability to transport you to your holiday destination and give a relaxing vibe. But it’s not all about transforming your walls, if you fear the colour to be too dark in your space, then a hint of blue décor is a great way to bring this trend into your home. From furniture to accessories, fabrics to lighting and artwork to exteriors, there are multiple ways to have fun with this trend. Take a sneak peek at our examples below for some 'bluspiration' in your home.


Oxford Blue by Dulux is a great muted deep blue to create this look within a modern apartment. Pair with orange and white for a striking contrast.


Deep blues are more than suitable in bathrooms and wet rooms. We love the patterned neutral and brown tiles in this home which creates a rustic feel.


LLSN_171b_Evering Road_N16 7BH_05

Your staircase is a great alternative to your reception room to add a hint of midnight blue. The white floorboards are perfect for keeping the space light against the dark walls.


If an entire room transformation isn’t for you, a feature wall or chimney breast is an easy way to introduce the deep hues to your home.


You aren’t restricted to just a blue interior, how about a blue exterior? Take a modern approach to the winter trend with a dark blue front door and window panes to match, or you could even paint your exterior walls blue.


Add a dreamy deep blue sofa to your interior for versatility and drama within your main reception room. Habitat’s Hendricks dark blue fabric 3 seater sofa is perfect.


A large rug can liven up any room. This geometric blue example creates a striking and modern twist to the standard monochrome. Pair with contrasting patterned cushions for added depth.


A beautiful touch to a bright reception room, this dark blue glass coffee table definitely steals the spotlight in this room. We have found a great alternative at Clippings.com.


Add a splash of this striking blue through an art piece in your home for a quick trend fix and timeless item that will never date even as the trends progress.

So what do you think of the trend? Are you brave enough to introduce a midnight blue into your home? For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit www.cpcreative.co.uk or contact us on the details below.

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Autumn - Winter Interior Trends 2015

Autumn - Winter Interior Trends 2015 - CP Creative

October is upon us, autumn is in full swing and we have all-you-need-to-know on what trends you should be featuing in your home...

Summer passed in the blink of an eye and our thoughts are quickly turning to cosying up indoors. We aren’t sure about you, but we are pretty excited about autumn. If you aren’t feeling the same, there is no better way to perk up your mood than with a home makeover and make sure you get your home prepared for the cooler months.

Here at CP Creative, we are in the lucky position of photographing properties across London every day, allowing us to have a front row seat to great interior design and the new popular trends you are showcasing in your homes. Whether it is planning a complete interior overhaul or simply wanting to breathe new life into your home, we have the top trends of AW15 covered with helpful tips along the way.


Colour Palette:

Sorry guys, it’s time to forget the fun and refreshing colours of the summer as autumn brings us a much more moody atmosphere within your home. But don’t panic, it isn’t all about doom and gloom as this season provokes some of the most stunning colour palettes. Deep rich purples, berry shades, navy, inky indigo, grey and golden tones that reflect the falling leaves outside, are the prime shades to go for. Sophisticated décor has taken over, and these palettes are the perfect way to introduce a cozy and warming ambience into your home.

Look for accessories, textiles and artwork to start introducing these tones into your interior as an alternative to saturating your walls in a dark shade. It is a good idea to lighten the mood by setting the full-bodied shades amongst a gentle background of cool neutrals, such as whites and dove greys reminiscent of frosty mornings, light wood and stone textures.


Deep Blues:

When it comes to the ultimate autumnal colour this year, blues are the new grey. Keeping the colour palette dark, blues can be very soothing and calming with the added benefit of being an easy colour to add to an existing room scheme. Like grey, there really are never-ending tones to choose from—warm or cool, earthy or silvery, it is definitely one to stir interest in your home.

For inspiration, take a look at Little Greene’s blue colour chart. With a total of 45 different shades to choose from, we like Hick’s Blue (208) and Thai Sapphire (116) for the ultimate saturated deep colour.



Autumn is the season for the texture takeover. Classic country living is given an update for urban hideaways, with the focus on materials that are au naturel. Chunky cosy knits, sheepskin, velvet and suede are the top runners, and you can add in these fabrics wherever possible using cushions, throws, rugs and pouffs. Anything soft cable-knit, chunky knit or ribbed wool can be found at John Lewis, and in a range of different colour. Take a look at this Citrine and Nordic Blue chunky knit cushion for just £25. Think Canadian cabins and basic ski lodges for inspiration, items that will engulf you in warmth within your home.

Tip: Take inspiration from naturalists and vintage explorers. Vintage style suitcases are featured everywhere across London, used as ornamental pieces within the home alongside globes, jars and butterfly motifs. Keep your eye open for vintage shops and pick up some truly unique pieces for your home.


Vintage Tubs:

Vintage and free-standing tubs have got to be one of our favorite features within the new autumn trends this year and seem to be grabbing all the attention. You can’t beat retreating to a hot bath after a long day and if you are the traditional sort, this style is definitely for you. Timeless and elegant, you can add this to your bathroom without breaking the beauty and aesthetics of your existing design.

We are also seeing free-standing bathtubs appearing in bedrooms too, this is a very luxurious and romantic touch to the modern interior. Imagine being able to just roll out of bed and into a deep tub or vice versa.

Tip: Antique bathtubs are more expensive than that of the modern bathtub in a vintage style, but the cast iron designs are certainly worth the money if you can afford one. If Father Christmas is feeling generous, check out Catchpole and Rye for some beautiful designs.


Libraries as Decor:

Home libraries are making a big come back in the interior world, and there’s no better time to create your own than in the Autumn/Winter when all you want to do is snuggle up in front of the fire and read a book. Despite the generation of e-readers, interiors are going back to old-school style. There is something very soothing about being surrounded by books, memories, words, characters and stories that remind us of different times in our lives.

The good news is, whether the style of your home is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between, libraries will work in all types of décor. But, if you don’t have the space there is a cunning alternative—fake it with some wallpaper, rising in popularity across London properties.

Old Tables:

What is that saying, opposites attract? Well this certainly applies to this new trend. Following on from the rustic look around the home, there are more and more interiors that now feature contemporary chairs paired with rustic and old style tables. Sounds strange right? Maybe you can’t decide between the two, so have them both! We think there is something endearing behind this look, and by pairing two things that shouldn’t go together actually emphasise the qualities of both. Honestly, take a look for yourself.

Statement Chairs:

Every room benefits from a focal point and the developing seasonal trend ensures that comfort is in the foreground with a statement chair. If you don’t have one yet, make sure it is top on your Christmas list! What is great, is that they invite you into the space and this is the most important function of a focal point in a room. The basic rules: if the chair looks irresistible to sit on and stands out from the rest of your interior then you are on to a winner.

Tip: If you spend the time shopping around, you really can have fun with this trend. Made and Habitat are a great place to start, but it is definitely worth taking a look at Utility Design. Featuring some very unique and fun designs, they have an entire section dedicated to statement chairs ranging in price and style.

We are certainly feeling inspired by the properties we see every day here in London, and we hope you are too. Which is your favorite trend for the Autumn/Winter this year? Which trend will you be embracing in your home? Make a start on your interior for this season and bring that extra bit of warmth into your home.

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Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows - CP Creative Blog

Stained glass windows have certainly risen in popularity these last few years and have quickly made their way into our everyday homes. The art of stained glass initially became popular in Europe during the 12th Century, while the movement began for windows of churches back in the 1800’s. As of late, stained glass has undergone a revival. Held together by lead, the glass can feature anything from traditional motifs including flora and fauna, to modern abstract geometric designs. Each one is unique in pattern and texture and can truly be a work of art presented within your home. Take a look at some of the beautiful examples we have seen in our London property photography most recently.


WWCE_92 Stapleton Road_N4_004

One of the most common places to have stained glass is within the front entrance of your home. Personalised with the house number, this examples focuses on the traditional colours of stained glass and adds an element of fauna as the centre piece of the art work. The white internal walls and wooden flooring are a great way to enhance the colours.


DC Derata_26_Cloncurry Street_SW6 6DS_55 - EDIT2

Another white hallway, decorated with stained glass windows and mono Victorian mosaic tiles really represents the era of the house. The intricate detail here in the glass is a beautiful piece of artwork, and the choice of feminine pastel colours rather than traditional deep blue and red, creates a timeless modern twist.


8 Primrose Hill Studios_57

A stunning example of a modern approach to stained glass within the home. This house combines simple pastel colours within small plain blocks to create a majestic and whimsical tone. The multiple small panels and light colours are a great way to let as much natural light in as possible.


Tip: Avoid anything too personal around the entrance of your interior as this could affect the salability of your home in the future.


WWCE_92 Stapleton Road_N4_014

This reception room bay window design really is a work of art. This home has opted for a complex floral design in a loose contemporary style. Beautifully illustrated, white walls really set off the colours and brighten the room with its rich wood flooring.


Tip: Think about what light is available—areas where there is plenty of light can have complex designs and strong colours, however any areas of limited lighting should opt for a more subtle design. Simple designs and lighter colours will help to maximize the amount of light entering a room.


204 Evering Road_E5_ (1)

If you are fortunate enough to have large windows within your home, stained glass is definitely a good option for you. This hallway demonstrates how you can introduce a subtle border design without having to convert the entire window.



Can you imagine surrounding your staircase with such a beautiful window as this one? A more contemporary geometric/art-deco design well suited to the modern interior, and the large size of the window is perfect for the detailed pattern and allows maximum light through.


WWGG_18 Highfield Avenue_NW11_003

Another beautiful example of stained glass used to surround the staircase. This is a much more traditional style of stained glass with its use of colour and floral pattern in a symmetrical set of 4 small square windows.


Tip: Before deciding on the stained glass within your home, the best place to start is by considering the age of your home. Decorative fanlights and door panels complement Edwardian and Victorian homes, whilst art-deco styles suit 1930’s interiors.



Circular windows are perfect for stained glass. This one shows how they can add an intriguing focal point and decorative touch to a room.


JSCH_9 Collingham Gardens_SW5 0HS_17

Stained glass windows are a great way to add both color and privacy to a bathroom. With most bathrooms opting for frosted glass, this is the perfect alternative and add a colourful feature to muted tones.



Not all stained glass has to be patterned. If heavy patterns aren’t for you, consider a simple colour. This home shows how you can include a very subtle hint of the trend within your interior and add that little bit extra to a standard window.


WWFH_30A Cavendish Avenue_N3_008

Internal glass partition walls are becoming more and more common within London interiors. This home not only features a curved glass block wall, but introduces the stained glass into the design of some of the blocks.


WWCE_9 Fairfield Road_N8_013

Finally, if you are looking for a cost effective way to introduce stained glass windows into your home or simply want a more subtle approach to the art-form, you could consider replacing your internal door panels and kitchen cabinets for some patterned stained glass. Another good option is a transom window set within your home, these are all great ways to bring a touch of the trend into your interior before considering any larger elements around the house.


So what do you think of the trend? Are you a fan of stained glass? Here at CP Creative we love the idea of having stained glass windows in our home. If you like what you see, you may be pleased to know that it is now surprisingly affordable. If you are thinking about introducing stained glass into your interior, contact any reputable stained glass specialist to get a quote and suggest any bespoke designs catered to your home.


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RIBA Stirling Prize 2015

For those of you that may be unaware, the RIBA Stirling Awards is the UK’s most prestigious architecture prize for new buildings and are currently underway. Now the ultimate architectural event of the year, it was set up nearly 10 years ago and the prize is named after the great British Architect, Sir James Stirling.

Announced every October, we are only moments away from hearing which development is crowned with this ultimate prize. To give you an idea of eligibility, it is stated that each building is judged against a range of criteria including design vision; innovation and originality; capacity to stimulate, engage and delight occupants and visitors; accessibility and sustainability; how fit the building is for its purpose and the level of client satisfaction.

What’s more, NEO Bankside is one of just six exceptional buildings that is shortlisted for the prize. Here at CP Creative, we have been photographing NEO Bankside since it was built back in 2012 and want to give you an exclusive insight into this exquisite building.





JLLRE - C2002 Neo Bankside SE1 9NX21

JLLRE - C2002 Neo Bankside SE1 9NX20

Having already won the RIBA National Award 2015 and RIBA London Award 2015, it is a well-mannered example of structurally expressive architecture costing a grand total of £132,000,000. Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners with John Robertson Architects built these new luxury housing towers featuring exo-skeleton and external lifts on London’s South Bank, and is somewhat undeniably a captivating and impressive urban design.

“The form and positioning of the blocks means there are very few pinch points and no overlooking, allowing 360 degree views out. Coupled with the exoskeletal structure this has freed up floor plates making the scheme more market responsive.

The articulation of the buildings, expressed structure, quality of the glazing systems and the external lifts make the scale feel almost cute. This is also due to the single-glazed large triangular winter gardens that dematerialise the ends of the blocks and the triple-height structural module which reduces their perceived height. The buildings retain a human scale at ground level due to their rich detailing and landscaped entrance gardens”. - Architecture.com


Although the final decision is selected through a thorough process of multiple sets of judges, the BBC (in partnership with RIBA), is running a 'people’s choice' vote inviting you to vote for your favourite. The winner will be announced after Midday on Thursday 15 October, so be sure to head over to the website and choose your winner now. In addition, NEO Bankside is also up for the RIBA National Award Winners 2015 which is given to buildings across the UK recognised as significant contributions to architecture. Exciting hey?

CP Creative would like to wish Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners alongside John Robertson Architects and all other nominees, the best of luck! Which RIBA Stirling Prize 2015 building is your favourite?

Winner announced 15th October 2015.


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Get Your Garden Autumn-Ready

Get Your Garden Autumn-Ready - CP Creative Blog

Coats and scarves at the ready – autumn has arrived. But what does this mean for your garden? Following on from our top picks of gardens this year, we want to make sure you are making all the preparations this season in order to get the best from your garden when spring finally comes along again next year.

 To help you along, we have compiled a list of top tips and all the inspiration you need to get your garden autumn-ready. Let’s see those green fingers!


Tip 1: Plant your bulbs

It might sound crazy, but forward-think to spring and plant your bulbs now—daffodils, crocus and snowdrops are the perfect pick of the bunch. This way, when spring arrives your garden will come back to life. Bulbs are so easy to plant and take very little time. Plant them about 10cm below the surface with the nobble facing upwards. If you can’t decipher which way is top or bottom with your bulbs, then plant them on their side and they will find their own way.


Tip 2: Apply moss killer

Everybody wants a luscious green lawn, but this does mean spending a small amount of time looking after it. Now is the perfect time for lawn feed and moss killer. Give your lawn a light covering, making sure to keep it nice and sparse and not too dense in areas. This will start to take hold within a few hours and can last up to 8 weeks. Make sure once the moss starts to die off (it will turn black) that you rake it away.


Tip 3: Get pruning

Yes, pruning can be boring but it is definitely worth your time. Snipping off all the dead heads on your plant will not only improve its appearance, but will also encourage flower quality. Cut them back harshly over the winter as this will give them a neater look and really encourage the new growth for next year.


Late flowering perennials:

At this time of year, it becomes tricky for our photographers here at CP Creative, to capture your garden in its best light. If you are selling your property within the autumn/winter season, some late flowering perennials are a great idea to help brighten up your space. Flower beds have now lost their colour and interest, however fear not, we have an array of options of plants that you can find at your local garden center that will brighten up your garden later in the season, survive the frosts and even flower between now and December.

Penstemon Raven: This plant is great for brightening your borders for the autumn, elegant spikes of small, tubular, foxglove-like flowers. If you deadhead regularly they will persist into the frosts. They come in a rich deep purple which looks lovely alongside acid greens.

Penstemon Raven

Anemone Andrea Atkinson: These large white poppy-like flowers are superb for cutting and will flower throughout October. These prefer a rich, moist and shaded site as they will spread to form a large patch.

Anemone Andrea Atkinson

Aster Novi Belgii: Usually quite small, these densely packed clusters are a flower of interest. The deep purplish-red flowers provide outstanding color in the garden for fall and are a great option for the front of your borders to keep the colour going.

Aster novi-belgii

Calamagrostis Brachytricha: A type of feather reed grass, this plant keeps its form through the winter and are fascinating to both look at and to touch. It is an upright and fairly narrow clump of feathery plumes which start out silvery-pink and fade to cream. Can tolerate shady sites but also happy in the sun. Cut back to just above ground in the late winter.

Calamagrostis Brachytricha

Panicum Virgatum: The Panicum is also known as ‘Heavy Metal’. In autumn, the foliage of this crop-like plant turns a beautiful deep burgundy, perfect for the season ahead. This one likes full sunshine rather than shaded areas. Plant in small groups among taller grasses.

Panicum Virgatum

Miscanthus Zebrinus: A fully hardy type of grass, although both graceful and fountainous. This plant can grow quite large and comes in various colours/styles. Cream bands on the leaves create a variegated appearance, dramatic for the winter. Cut down in the depths of winter before the new foliage appears.


Tip: Grasses really are brilliant for the winter months. Cut them down/back in February before the new growth comes and then you leave them. And you can repeat this year after year. Easy!



There are some stunning shrubs that are suitable for the autumn winter. This is just a small selection of some of our favorites that really highlight the change in season.

Witch Hazel: Rustic and natural, these shrubs can grow large in size. Their orange/red leaves are the perfect colour for autumn and are great for a focal point.

Witch Hazel

Japanese maple: Able to grow in sheltered conditions, this slow-growing shrub produces beautiful red leaves and are very ornamental and contemporary. Suitable in a pot in the garden or balcony.

Japanese maple

Cornus Sanguinea Magic Flame: These are simply autumn in a pot! With the title ‘magic flame’ the colours are self-explanatory. An upright form of dogwood, the leaves will fall to reveal stems of flaming orange, red and yellow. This one also grows in almost all conditions.

Cornus Sanguinea Magic Flame



Evergreen shrubs are the backbone of any garden and a plant that has leaves throughout the year. They can be both large and small and there will always be one that will suit any space.

Fatsia Japonica: Many peoples trusty favourite, the Fatsia Japonica has a similar leaf to a fig in appearance. It is a tropical and exotic style, these can be seen all over London and are good in most places. Part sun, part shade, they are very hardy and will also flower white pom-pom looking heads with what looks like little black fruit.

Fatsia japonica

Bamboo: A natural evergreen, these really are fascinating and can be used in a number of different situations. For those of you that have balconies, these are perfect for screening, and similarly if you have nosey neighbors these can be used just as well in the garden for some privacy.


October is now in full swing and with it comes the change in our season. Just a small amount of prep now really can make all the difference. No time to waste, get those gardens pruned and prepared for the winter ahead. Which are your favourites?


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Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? If you live in London, the answer is with innovation. City gardens have to tick lots of boxes, providing outdoor space for planting, relaxation and entertaining. Usually in a relatively small area, they need clever designs to make them work well.

We are aware that in the city some of you may not have a very large garden to work with or maybe not a garden at all, but who’s to say you can’t be creative with whatever space you do have? Whether you are blessed with a captivating cityscape, a tiny terrace or a petite patio, with a bit of creativity even the smallest of gardens can become an enjoyable place in which to spend time. As the summer season has come to a close, get inspired by this variety of garden design ideas ready for next year as we take a look back on some of the most compelling gardens we have photographed this year at CP Creative.


For those of you who don’t have a garden space, there are plenty of ways you can be creative with your balconies/terrace. This roof terrace is one of our favourites—a characteristic and inventive space, simply filled with innovative. Flowers and shrubs are planted within unique pot designs, nature-themed ornamental features are carefully positioned and the artificial ivy won’t ever become unruly.


This terrace has cleverly incorporated a unique seating area into its unusual shape. Surrounded by greenery, this is a versatile space which could be used for small parties, dining in the sunshine or some quiet-time if ever you need any.


Courtyard gardens can be amongst the most intimate style of garden. Brilliantly balanced with a number of ornamental features, this paved courtyard is a quiet oasis with layers of fresh foliage and fauna, creating a zen-like scene. Courtyards are perfect for dining on summer evenings too.


This modern courtyard garden creates the illusion of a larger space via the use of different levels. The white wall borders are tiered, lined with flowers and shrubs to keep a very orderly style garden making it easier to maintain. The combination of textures, modern landscape design and greenery work wonderfully in this example.


Growing in popularity, this modern style garden is the ultimate low maintenance option. Lawn-free, decking and decorative rockery, this is perfect all year round for those of you that haven’t got naturally green fingers.


A green alternative to the modern style garden, this again replaces the lawn with decking but adds borders for plants and shrubs for a brighter feel. This example has made the most of a small space to create an outdoor area to relax with its playful furnishings.


For the nature-lovers out there, this garden is for you. What makes this garden ingenious is that you would never know it was amongst the busy city life. Lined with borders, large trees and a small water feature at the bottom, it creates a beautiful tranquil setting.


Space is definitely on side with this city garden. A small patio area continues through the bi-folding doors which is further greeted by a luscious green lawn. With plenty of open space and a play area featured at the bottom, this home demonstrates how you can still have a beautiful garden which is also tailored for all the family.


Landscape gardens are beautiful when done right. This example really demonstrates the art of laying out grounds in a way which is ornamental but also imitates natural scenery. For those of you who are in a position to have professional landscape gardeners, they are great for advising on how to set about designing your garden. This one ticks all the boxes—a central water feature surrounded by a combination of greenery, paving, rockery stones and cobbles add texture, shape and definition.


This excessive garden hosts acres of grounds, including its own lake and tennis court. Greeted by large ornamental statues, layers of sculptured trees and shrubs surrounded by flowers and immersed in luscious lawn, it is certainly picture perfect. Can we just take a moment to admire this one?


Wouldn’t we all like to wake up to stunning views like this every day? We just had to show you this luxurious London garden. Its grand open space accommodates a swimming pool with sun loungers, a beautifully striped lawn and a large play area. The ‘hilly’ surface gives this garden extra personality. How jealous are we?


This home creates the effect of having another ‘room’ when looking outside. The bi-folding doors and glass construction allows the space to be entirely open, where the flooring continues and the cooking/dining room expands to a BBQ area within the garden for a fluid connection between spaces. We love the glass insertion to the right hand side too!

If these beautiful gardens don’t get you inspired, we don’t know what will. Make sure you keep an eye out for part two of this blog post up next week, where we will be telling you how to get your garden ready for the autumn.

For many years, our team at CP Creative have been photographing, filming, floorplanning and producing videos for properties across London, including lots of wonderful City gardens of course. For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit www.cpcreative.co.uk or contact us on the details below.


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Student Living - Interior Ideas

Student Living - Interior Ideas

With Fresher’s Week now upon us, it’s a nerve-racking time for those who are starting their first year of university. The student lifestyle today is vastly different to that of past generations and the stereotypical hysteria of student life has somewhat changed from what it used to be—halls are becoming more modern and students are surprisingly more sober!

Drinking has lost its shine and the focus is now on sophisticated living in terms of both health and interior. With the average student spending 3-4 years at university, it is essential that you are comfortable within your space. Shop shelves are currently filled with affordable uni living essentials for all you doting students out there and we hope that you’ve been collecting all that you need for your first time away from home.

So what next? Sorting out your room. Here at CP Creative, we think your living space is very important whilst you study. It is vital you have a safe environment, but also a place that will hold your interest throughout your studies. Whether you are starting your first year or a returning student, we are here to share with you all the helpful decorating tips and inspiration you need to turn your room into a stylish and efficient space ideal for studying and relaxing.



Kitchen / Dining Area

Think Multifunctional:

Multifunctional, mobile and compact. These are the three key things you should be thinking about when buying any furniture for your university accommodation. Be smart and choose key pieces that you can change accordingly and that are also small and easy to move. Sofa beds, folding computer desks and foot stalls are all great examples. I have seen instances where a foot stall can be used as a coffee table or a bedside stand. Often the bedrooms can be small, so it is important to keep as much open space as possible.

 Twin Plus Room -  (10)

Find the Best Layout:

Now you have the furniture, spend some time finding the best layout. Rearrange your furniture around the room, assess the layout and size first and test various placements until you find the right arrangement. If you are sharing, try placing two desks back-to-back to save on space and use your bed during the day as a seating area by simply adding decorative cushions against the back wall. Mirrors are another great investment piece in that they open up a small room and create the illusion of a larger space.


Be Colour Bold:

Colour brings life to a room. The vast majority of university accommodation won’t allow anyone to paint the walls so this development is a perfect example of how you can still incorporate colour through furniture and décor. The white walls enhance the vibrant splashes of luscious lime green, electric blue and sunshine yellow and make a huge impact on mood and atmosphere in these halls.


Compromise and Coordinate:

You like orange and your roommate like green, this doesn’t mean you have to go with one or the other. There are ways you can compromise on a colour scheme. Sit down and discuss the colours you both like until you have a palette that works together to avoid clashing. This dark blue and orange complement each other perfectly and creates a balance between tranquility and vibrancy.

 Large Study Twin

Add Personal Artwork:

Adding artwork to plain beige walls can be the answer to all your prayers. Transform your space with stylish and cutting-edge prints that add vibrancy and inspire your creativity whilst studying. Decals are another option which can easily be removed once it is your time to move out. Murals are another alternative and even creating a personal gallery wall as you can see in our previous blog post is a great idea to reminisce on the memories you have created throughout your time at university.

 Twin Plus Room

Creating Your Own Space:

Finding your own personal space can be difficult in halls, especially if you are sharing a room. Invest in a multifunctional cubed book shelf to divide the room which can also be used as a storage device that won’t completely enclose the room. If space isn’t on your side, then a simple ceiling to floor curtain can be a great temporary divider—this way you can decide when you need privacy and keep the room open at other times.

 Twin Plus Room

Storage Space:

This may sound obvious, but the best place for storage in a small room is underneath your bed. There won’t be a lot of room for all your things so invest in some storage containers that can easily be slipped underneath your bed. Those now-empty suitcases that transported all your things to university, use those as storage containers too. If you don’t have the luxury of a pull up storage bed like this one, you can always easily hide everything underneath with a bed skirt.

 Under bed storage

If you can’t store items underneath your bed, think vertical storage to keep floor space as clutter free as possible. Keep it stylish and install wall shelves to hold your books and nostalgic items you have brought from home to help you with the initial transition.

 Green Studio

Your Very Own Desk:

One thing that halls will always provide will be an adequate place to work, and you need to make sure that your desk has everything you need to be an effective work station for you. Keep it clean and organisied to relieve stress, and use as many desk organisers as you can. Store clutter in your drawers and have all neccessitites to hand. Don’t forget a comfortable desk chair too as you will probably be spending a lot of hours sitting there!

 Club Studio

Start an Inspiration Board:

Every desk needs a decorative memo board. Pin and post the things that inspire you most—important reminders and anything creative you find whilst researching. This could be anything from quotes, magazine cuttings, newspaper articles or even photographs of friends and family. It is a great positive device to have infront of you whilst you work.

 Twin Plus Room

Don’t let small spaces restrict your creativity. University is one of the most valuable and exciting experiences you will have and making sure you are comfortable within your space will only enhance your time there. Here at CP Creative, we hope we have given you some fresh ideas to create the perfect living space for the duration of your studies. We wish you the best of luck!

For many years, our team at CP Creative have been photographing, filming, floorplanning and producing videos for property across London, including student accomodation ofcourse. For more information about our company and the property marketing services we provide, please visit www.cpcreative.co.uk or contact us on the details below.


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Home Galleries - CP Creative Property Blog

Home Galleries - CP Creative Property Blog

Home galleries, or picture clusters, are becoming a regular appearance within our London Property Photography here at CP Creative. Why are they becoming so popular I hear you ask? Well, simply, because they just work. Whether it is a cluster of graphics, photos, artwork or even objects, they have the ability to turn any ordinary room into a home. They are not only a great alternative to a feature wall, but they provide a great way to reflect your personality within your home.

 Line or misalign them, mix or match them, either way they always seem to hang together and look right. Take a look at some of our examples below to give you the inspiration you need to start your own.


LLSN_52B Albion Road_N16 (10)

A colourful display of graphic prints liven up this neutral living room, showcasing various sizes and coloured frames hanging at different levels.

 PTCL_47 Alma Road_SW18 1AE_38

Finding space for all those family photographs in your home can be a difficult task. Creating a picture cluster is the perfect solution. A black and white theme keeps the look classic and sophisticated.



A functional display within a grid format is the best option for high quality photography as seen here in this open-plan London apartment.



Exposed brick creates the perfect setting for a personal gallery within your home. Spacious and misaligned, this is certainly an intriguing feature wall within this London apartment.


WWHB-lettings_88a_Mildmay Grove South_N1 4PJ_17

This industrial themed interior comes alive with this home gallery of miscellaneous graphics and 3D features including a dried butterfly display case.


Often neglected, the stairway in your home is a great space to hang photos or prints. This display is enhanced by adding numbers, symbols and letters to add a typographical element into the mix of prints.


WWIS_GFF_33_Florence Street_N1 2SW_06

A colourful display of illustrations really stand out against the white walls within this home and creates an uplifting mood and focal point within the dining area.


WWSD_26A Princelet Street_E1_018

Large, spacious and artist-inspired decor, this London apartment uses its wall space to create a contemporary gallery inspired display. Spotlights above each picture is the perfect finishing touch.


WWTR_37 Greenway Close_N20_ (23)

An orderly black and white alternating display of small square frames create a beautiful feature wall within this large living room. The skylights directly above builds a natural spotlight to highlight this home gallery.


For more information about our company and the property marketing services provide, please visit www.cpcreative.co.uk or contact us on the details below.


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Preparing your home for Interior Photography

We are often asked by vendors how to prepare and present your home before we visit your property to take photographs. First impressions are important when marketing your property and quality interior photography of your home will grab the attention of buyers and increases exposure via web portals, brochures and local advertising.

Just a few minutes of preparation makes a big difference. We have put together some helpful advice for getting the very best photography of your property.


Living Rooms/Dining Room:
  • Open all curtains and blinds to allow as much natural light as possible
  • Switch on any lamps, wall mounted and feature lights
  • Clear worktops, tables and sideboards of papers and non-essential items
  • Maximise space by clearing the floor of toys, boxes and any easily movable items

 Portfolio GB_27 Ripplevale Grove_N1_34

  • Ensure that washing up is cleared from the sink and draining board
  • Remove pots and pans from hob and worktop
  • Clear kitchen worktops of branded packages and bottles
  • Hide away bins, cleaning products and utensils

 WWTR_37 Greenway Close_N20_ (10)

  • Make sure all beds are freshly made and pillows are plumped
  • Where possible, try to cover/hide anything unsightly that is stored under the bed
  • Tidy away any piles of clothes, shoes, towels and dressing gowns

 JSHO-9 Caroline Place W2_03

  • Remove all towels, bath mats, dressing gowns & bins
  • Hide from view any detergent/cleaning products and toiletries
  • Ensure bathroom suite is clean and dry

 WWIS-1a Underwood StreetN1 7LY_-5

Outside Areas:
  • Remove any vehicles and bins from the front of your home
  • Clear your garden of toys, washing lines, bins and machinery
  • If possible, a freshly cut lawn will look fantastic

WWPG_9 Old Park Road_N13_028


Portfolio GB_27 Ripplevale Grove_N1_11

And finally…

A vase of fresh flowers add a splash of colour to a room and is a great finishing touch for your photos. Hallways are not usually photographed so are a great place to store items that need to be cleared from rooms.


You know your house better than anyone and know what attracted you to the property. Feel free to discuss any photo ideas with our photographer during the photos shoot and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need further advice prior to your photo shoot.


T: 0203 637 1440     |     E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk


Cushty Cushions - CP Creative Property Blog

We don’t know about you, but here at CP Creative, we absolutely love a good set of cushions. Artfully scattered cushions are a great device to bring personality to any living space in your home, and can really bring a room to life. It is a great low-cost way to experiment with new ideas, so don’t be scared to be playful. They are able to pull a scheme together with carefully selected prints or colors to match the interior and add the perfect finishing touch to a room.

For those of you who are after an instant home makeover, cushions and pillows are the perfect solution without having to redecorate your entire room. Just add a decorative cushion or three! So start planning your next buy as we have rounded up the best cushion examples that we have seen in our London property photography.


Explore with colour:

Cushions really are one of the easiest ways to play with colour in any room within your home. Not only that, they are an instant update too. Colours that may seem like a peculiar combination will unexpectedly complement each other. Contrast is key and they can break up a space which uses a lot of the same colour. Try aqua and green, fuchsia and grey and mustard with monochrome.

WWIS_49B St Pauls Road_N1 (1)

JBAS_28A_Chalcot Road_NW1 8LN_20


Work in pairs:

A good tip when working with multiple cushions is to try and work in pairs. This keeps the look clean and orderly. Use solid colours as a backdrop and patterned pillows in forefront to capture attention or combine two very contrasting patterns for a bold look. This technique is bound to liven up and sofa or bed.

GJRA - 4 Building 46 SE18 6TA08

GJWE_126_The Courthouse_SW1P 3FE_06


Experiment with textures:

When you have a set of cushions all within a close colour range, especially lighter shades, try mixing textures to keep it visually engaging. Luxurious soft pillows are of course best, some textures can become irritant to the skin if used on a sofa so choose carefully. Fluffy or furry cushions are our fav.

PJ-Beau Interiors_101_The Courthouse_SW1P 2FE_03

WWCE_13 Birchington Road_N8_017


Tell a story:

With advanced technologies, you are now able to create a custom-made photographic cushion of your own. A lot of people will have cushions with their pets printed on them or illustrative prints of animals—this works well with the current trends this year. An asymmetric layout works well here, as well as different textures and contrasting block colours alongside the photographic prints.

WWSD - Flat 3 Astral House E1 7JJ11

LTCT_Flat 7 Steam Mills_E1 1PT-9


An eye for art:

Artistic prints, pop art design and eye-catching illustration upon cushion covers has become a huge craze as of late. The rule of pairs completely goes out the window with this style, and adding as many different prints alongside an asymmetric layout works best with this trend. The contrast between organic and graphics work beautifully within a home when done right.

LLSN_7 Foulden Terrace_N16-5

WWGG_55_The Ridgeway_NW11 8QL_01


Look for shapes:

When it comes to scatter cushions, mixing up shapes can make a space appear a lot more interesting. Cushions don’t only come in square, and sometimes it’s nice to add different shapes. Round and rectangular are a great contrast and again, work well in pairs. Circular cushions also come with the added bonus of self-plumping! They don’t appear squashed and misshapen like the larger square cushions can. Bonus!

DBPH_24_Oppidans Road_NW3 3AG_02

DASG_17A Sparsholt Road_N19_114


Play with placement:

A sofa or a bed isn’t the only place you can use cushions effectively within your home. Place an array of cushions within an eat-in kitchen or dining room to add a splash of colour to neutrals and brighten up the place you eat. Or you could try stacking cushions on a window sill to create a decorative feature alongside oranamental objects.

UPAD_74 Stanley Grove_SW8 3PJ_11

KSHO - 2 The Regent - recep2 - original_1


Cushions can really give interiors a new lease of life. It is easy to become comfortable with a colour scheme and stick to the same shades throughout the home. However, as these photographs demonstrate that by adding an accent colour or pattern can bring vitality and visual contrast without disturbing the existing theme in your home. Accent colours are definitely back with a bang, so get creative with these inspiring looks and make your next interior purchase a set of beautiful cushions.


CP Creative have done the hard work for you—take a look at the links below for some inspiring buys:

Debenhams: https://www.debenhams.com/furniture

Made: https://www.made.com/homewares-accessories/cushions

Kitty McCall: https://kittymccall.com/

Designers Guild: https://www.designersguild.com/uk/lifestyle-gallery/cushions/l1211

Matalan: https://www.matalan.co.uk/homeware

Ohh Deer: https://ohhdeer.com/homeware/cushions

Stairway to Heaven

Statement staircases have been making a major comeback over the last few years and are now easier than ever to achieve. From stunning architectural grand entrances to smaller DIY enhancements, stairs are far more than just functionality—they are becoming a major design statement in the home.

 With a lot of focus now on home improvements rather than moving, homeowners are looking for high-impact with a rise in intricate details, handcrafted designs, expensive materials and elegant craftsmanship. Take flight on some of the stunning London properties we have photographed recently featured below.



Wood will always remain synonymous with great craftsmanship and can be seen in a lot of properties. Styles can vary majorly here, with wide grand oak staircases to small blocked wooden steps. Carpeting is always an option with wood, adding your own personal stamp and character within your home. The combination of hardwood and glass is also on an all-time rise and is a more cost-effective option, creating a warming yet modern feel to any interior.

 PBFH_38_Gordon Avenue_HA7 3QH_30

WWIS_5 Waterfront Mews_N1 7FE (5)


Curving staircases have got to be one of our favourites here at CP Creative. Their timeless design oozes elegance and class and certainly give the glass staircase a run for its money. Both seductive and glamourous, these are designed for homes where space is not an issue. Centrally-located sweeping curved flights like these examples below add a sense of grandeur. Materials such as limestone work well and replicate a classical era.

GJWE - 1502 The View, 20 Palace Street SW1 - Hall1

HUNT_20 Stradbrook Drive_IG7_019



Following on from previously, spiral staircases are not only an intriguing feature in the home, but they are perfect for those who live in a smaller space. So if like us, you love the curved design but do not have a grand hallway like the properties above, these are the perfect alternative. You can be as creative as you wish with these as the examples demonstrate below. For example, the outer and inner shape of each step can become a unique pattern or the base of step itself can have an intricate cutout pattern.

Olivers London_2 Canning Cross_SE5 8BH (24)

WWBN_31 Calvert Road_EN5_003



Floating staircases are definitely a close runner up on our favourite designs here in the office and they are certainly popular in the London Property Market. Creating the illusion of treads that simply hover, they are attached one side usually to a wall or stringer and unsupported the other. Perfect for any contemporary interior, they come in a range of materials and style from glass, stone or timber, straight or curved.

^666CB5F6B2B7CABAE993287C25BE423DC62AC2345D007133DD^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr (Custom)

Maurice Slevin_3_Wellington Close_W11 2AN_34



Glass is one of the most striking designs when it comes to staircases. Not only do they look sensational, but they are also practical as they are great for penetrating light around your interior. A little daunting at first glance, but with enhanced technologies they have become safer than ever with non-slip surfaces and built-in LED lights that make them glow. Glass combined with timber will warm up a look, whilst pairing it with a metal handrail like this example below keeps the look sleek and modern.


DAHB_6, New Crown Apartments_N1 (3)



Want to keep the costs down? Look at your existing surrounding space. Opening up boxed-in staircases to make a huge difference and is an easy do-it-yourself fix. Another cost-effective way to bring a new lease of life to your staircase is to add a feature balustrade and handrail to your existing structure, you will be surprised how much difference it makes to your home. The examples below demonstrate how you can get creative with paint and other props such as winding artificial flowers around the framing or using alternative materials like rope for a handrail.

WWHR SALES_35A Station Crescent_ N15_006

WWIS_45 Crossley Street_N7_020



No staircase is complete without railings and handrails. This can either really enhance or detract from the overall finished look of a staircase. The feel of elegant railings can be its defining glory and depending on the style you are going for, these can come in a huge array of variations. Attention to detail is key here, intricate handcrafted designs are a beautiful finale.

JLLKH_22_Melbury Road_W14 8AF_03_LR


Remember, there are simple ways to reinvent your current space. Simply lighting your staircase properly can make them more exciting— brighten the area, add wall art or use the space as an art gallery. Whether you are planning a complete staircase transformation or simply want to revamp your existing space, then we hope we have given you the inspiration to kick-start your stairway to heaven.


There’s simply no excuse not to get creative as we leave you with this last example. If you are really really short on space like London’s smallest house, then you can always improvise…


For more information about our interior photography services, contact us on 0203 637 1440 or email us at sales@cpcreative.co.uk.


Brighten up your home: Current Lighting Trends

Are you looking to create a glowing ambience in your home? Lighting is one of the many ways to bring a personal and creative vibe to your interior. It is known that lighting can enhance your mood and set the overall tone for your living space. Make sure yours is shining bright this year and light up your home in the right way with the latest trends and tips here for you.

We not only want to show you the latest trends via our London property photography, but we want to make sure you know how best to light each room in your home. So, switch up your interiors in an instant and let CP Creative illuminate the way…


Current lighting trends:

Right now, statement lamps and decorative bulbs are all the rage for 2015. Dare to be bold with large installations, suspension lights and characteristic lamps. Lights have certainly brought a playful look to interiors this year and currently feature beautiful geometric light fixtures and uniquely shaped bulbs. This is great news for us as simply bringing a large light fixture into your home can create an instant modern update.

For those of you who want to take a more subtle approach, cage lights are a great way to create a sleeker look. Combining these with decorative bulbs go hand-in-hand with the industrial style comeback of 2015. Ceramics are also great for softer interiors, with light up bases offering a gentle glow to any room. Whatever your style, we have some fabulous examples to share with you. Take a look below for the latest lighting trends of this year within some stunning London properties.

WWHB-lettings_88a_Mildmay Grove South_N1 4PJ_25

WWGG_15_Briardale Gardens_NW3 7PN_31

PT Bloomsbury_Flat 3_53 Godge Street_W1T_022

JLLRE - C2002 Neo Bankside SE1 9NX19

LLSN_7 Foulden Terrace_N16-10

LTKB_5 New Crescent Yard_NW10_007

What kind of lighting is best in each room?

Each room in the house requires individual care and attention when it comes to lighting. There are two rules to remember: you should always have a mix of light sources at various levels to create a harmonious ambience within your home, as well as focused task lighting for activities within that space. We have a created a quick run-through of the best lighting in each room to help you.


Reception Room: This is a perfect space to use a combination of overhead fixtures, table lamps and floor lamps. For any overhead fixtures, always try to ensure there is a dimmer for versatility. Try to light up to three of the four corners of the room focusing the lights on a particular object, for example, a striking chair or art piece. It is best to have some with a downwards glow and some that shine upwards, but don’t overdo the amount of different lampshades as you run the risk of looking like a lampshade shop!

JSMF_Flat C_19 Buckingham Street_WC2N_006

JLLRE - A1002 Neo Bankside SE1 9FU14


Dining Room: Lighting is a vital aspect of any dining area. Bright overhead lights are not appropriate here other than in a form of a chandelier. However, even these should be fitted with dimmers so you are able to control the lighting to suit any occasion. We’ve all experienced those restaurants that either have their lighting too low you can’t see your food, or too high that you simply look like Casper! Make the table the brightest spot in the room, but elsewhere make sure the lighting is indirect, relaxing and flattering. Sconces on the wall are a good option for secondary lighting.

LLSN_79 Kynaston Road_N16_ (28)


Kitchen: Overhead lighting is best in terms of the kitchen, and lower sources such as pendants are a great option in a large space situated directly over an island to illuminate a work surface. Again, having a dimmer that you can brighten when cooking and lower on other occasions is always handy. Use under cabinet lights for a modern twist and to highlight a particular area.

DC Derata_26_Cloncurry Street_SW6 6DS_03RGKN_29b_Cleveland Row_SW1A 1NR_25


Bedroom: A bedroom is a space for relaxation so be sure to create a cozy atmosphere in this space. Reading lamps are a must, or sconces by your bed if you do not have bedside cabinets. However, be sure not to point these directly at the bed. Always angle lights away from the bed and towards the dressing area. Tinted low voltage bulbs are best for lamps to create a candlelit atmosphere.

GJCB_142 Oswald_SW8 4PJ (1)


Bathroom: This space is best bright, with overhead lights filling any shadows and side lights for enhancing areas such as the sink. There are now great options for mirrors with built in lights which are perfect for illuminating your face, especially for applying makeup for the ladies. In a larger space, it has also become a common trend to have a light directly over the shower.

JLLHO_201_3_Merchant Square_W2 1AJ_23


Tip: One area that can be neglected in the home is the staircase. Overhead lights in this area can cast various shadows and create pools of light which isn’t ideal. One thing you can do is install directional lights at the floor level which distributes the light evenly around the steps like this property below. It then creates a beautiful setting to hang prints and pictures.

Maurice Slevin_3_Wellington Close_W11 2AN_07


Brightening up your home with our CP Creative guide has never been easier. There really is a whole world of lighting styles out there but just remember one thing: lampshades are like the shoes of the interior world: “The right shoes can make an outfit, but if you have the wrong shoesyou can feel old-fashioned in the smartest suit”.


T: 0203 637 1440     |     E: sales@cpcreative.co.uk

New Brand Identity for Camerons Stiff & Co and Queens Park Partnership Estate Agents

Over the last 12 months, here at CP Creative, we have had the pleasure of working with one of the most successful and acclaimed London Estate Agents to create a distinguishing new brand identity for their company. Over this period of time, we have continuously refined their identity to ensure they have the strongest presence in their market area. From a logo to stationery, brochures to billboards, we would like to share our work with you.


The Brief:

Launch a new brand identity that refreshes and contemporises the look of the estate agents while remaining true to the established brand essence of Camerons Stiff & Co.


How we helped:

Camerons Stiff & Co are a highly motivated, independent Residential Sales and Lettings Estate Agency based in London. As a family business, they pride themselves on their personal service to achieve the best results for their clients. Having been successfully established for over 30 years, they felt the need to re-define their brand identity, with a view of creating improved clarity in their communications and positioning in the market.

Focusing on their core values, the brand identity project included creating a logo which reflected their personality and established reputation. Choosing appropriate fonts close to that of the original design was vital in making sure the company maintained its recognition in the market.

­­The result is a timeless, minimal and versatile identity to work across multiple platforms. We started by developing all aspects of the business stationery keeping it classic and functional, followed by an A4 folder design and multiple marketing collateral for inside the folder.

We further designed the company’s signature brochure. This was created with a view of being utterly unique in order for it to stand out against the conventions of other Estate Agent brochure design. We utilised the ampersand within their new logo and used this a visual device to create an abstract element throughout the brand identity. Exploiting the use colour, we created a vibrant, eye-catching design with beautiful imagery, a high-quality finish and spot UV printing techniques to add a modern twist.

On-going activity has included the design and development of supporting advertising and promotional material, with products as large as billboards and as small as A5 flyer designs.


Partnership Company:

Queens Park Partnership are associate partners to that of Camerons Stiff & Co. By combining their resources, they are able to offer a service that is second to none. With an outstanding reputation, they are a major force in selling and letting in Queens Park and the surrounding areas.

The brief was the same as that of Camerons Stiff & Coto launch a new brand identity that refreshes and contemporises the look of the Estate Agents while remaining true to the established brand essence of Queens Park Partnership as well as the new brand identity of Camerons Stiff & Co.

The logo was the main difference in the design products. Once we had developed the brand and created all design deliverables for Camerons Stiff & Co, we were able to make a swift transition of all design products to that of Queens Park Partnership. The same grey pantone was used, and the burgundy was replaced by a navy blue to reflect their previous branding.

The letter Q from the logo became the visual device to replace the ampersand, and all colours and designs are changed accordingly. We are currently still producing various seasonal canvass designs for both companies to date.



Brand logo design | Brand Identity development | Business Stationery | Print advertising | Brochure design | Promotion marketing | Billboard Design



CP Creative have been producing design work for our Estate Agency Business for just over a year. We started working with the Design Team at the beginning of 2014. Over the past year, they have produced a multitude of different advertising for our company. All our Canvasses, Billboard posters, Event Invitations, Banners, Brochures and all our Stationery have been designed and produced by CP Creative to a very high standard.

We have been extremely pleased with the professional approach to all tasks requested and the products produced. They are a friendly, professional company who make initial ideas come to life and they are equipped to handle all tasks. I would gladly recommend them to any property agency".

Andrea Stiff – Design Consultant











If you are interested in any of our design services or thinking about a rebrand for your company, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0203 637 1440.




Print Paradise - CP Creative Blog

Whilst interior trends change year-to-year, wallpaper is still going strong and has become a traditional fail-safe option when it comes to decorating your home. With more options than ever before, we welcome metallic sheens, geometric prints, pretty florals and faux finishes to the forefront of the wallpaper world to create highly versatile and contemporary looks. Shooting interior photography daily within the property marketing industry allows us to share our best picks with you of a vast variety of wallpaper currently featured across London.


The rise of the metallic:

Continuing its success from last year, metallic wallpaper is still an ongoing trend for 2015. This is great news for us as they can be used to create a rich and luxurious feel to any space within your home. From hallways and reception rooms to bedrooms and en suites, they are excellent for opening up any small space due to their reflective tones, bouncing light throughout the room making it appear bigger and brighter.

Tone on tone styles are also becoming increasingly popular with a metallic sheen on top for added interest. The subtlety of these are ideal for your hallways, whereas bolder patterns are perfect for the main reception room and large bedrooms.

Look out for gold and silver details and accents which are appearing in all the latest designs, as well as brass and copper tones that are highly captivating in the right spaces. We love this repeated silhouette bird pattern used in a nursery room with a silver metallic reflection on each shape. It creates a calming atmosphere as well as having that brilliant shimmer and glow to create a sense of depth to the walls.

If you are looking for some striking metallic wallpaper, Graham & Brown offer an amazing range. From dark moody silvers all the way through to sparkly glitter effects and gloss highlights, there is something for everyone.

 DAHB_42c_Calabria Road_N5 1HU_11

PBFH_38_Gordon Avenue_HA7 3QH_07

WWFH_24 Windsor Road_N3_006


Pretty florals & wildlife patterns:

If you have been keeping up to date with the CP Creative blog, you would have seen that floral and wildlife themes are a big trend this spring and have quickly made their way into the wallpaper market (visit our SS15 Spring Trends blog post here if you missed it).

Floral wallpaper has always been a very traditional and classical choice for many years, however 2015 updates now incorporate insects, birds and even other animals into the forefront of this trend. We have fallen for this flamingo design and found that this is becoming a real hit across interiors. Don’t worry, we have done the hard work for you and found some similar designs here, here and here.

Another favorable aspect of this trend is that it can come in a huge array of styles and colours so it really is easy to incorporate these designs into your existing colour scheme. If this style is for you, Harlequin offer some very imaginative florals in some mouthwatering colours that are guaranteed to make your walls a work of art in their own right.

 DC Derata_Flat D 162 164 Lancaster Road_W11 (4)

LLSN_3, 117 Brook Road_N16_


Trompe l'oeil, geometrics & faux finishes:

Faux finishes and trompe l’oeil patterns have also had an update from the 50’s and 60’s this season to create some intriguing themes. If you want to add depth to your room, this is definitely the way to go. Authentic appearances work well in dining rooms, offices and bedrooms, and can come in a number of different natural looks from wood grain or paneling, slate, stone and brick effects. We have found some fascinating examples on Rockett St George who sell a vast range of themes in this area.

In addition, textured wallpapers are perfect for adding that element of luxury and expense within your home. They can create a sensory experience with their play on depth and tactility, and can be as simple or eccentric as you wish. This example of the fish wallpaper design is a very unusual but exceptional choice in this home. We love their creativity in the choice of location too. Their choice of a unique spot around the staircase really sets this wallpaper apart from the rest.

Geometric wallpaper is another trend that has come to life as of late and has been used to its finest in this open-plan kitchen. It pushes the boundaries by including a very fine striped wallpaper in a multitude of colours making it appear as an illusion. It is a great way to draw attention to a beautiful room and works exceptionally well in such a large open space. It certainly gives a whole new meaning to the standard ‘feature wall’.

 EV88_Apt 32_One Hans Crescent_SW1X_014

EV88_Apt 32_One Hans Crescent_SW1X_013

WWTR_37 Greenway Close_N20_ (12)

WWTR_37 Greenway Close_N20_ (16)


Digital designs/murals:

Digital wallpapers are certainly on the rise this year, and here at CP Creative we have discovered some fab examples out on our travels. We love this first one from Cole & Son Ltd. The neutral backdrop colour means it can be easily incorporated into any modern interior and creates a fantastic focal point in this bedroom.

Unfortunately, this particular wallpaper design has been discontinued (I know, I hear you ask why too), but it is certainly still worth taking a look at their website. Known for their beautiful and innovative collections, they can evoke a theatrical space within any home. You can download The Cole & Son Pattern Book iPad app to browse their collections for those of you on the go.

WWHR SALES_37 Homecroft Road_N22_005

Digital murals have also become an increasingly popular update this year thanks to new technologies in wallpaper design. If a feature wall just isn’t enough for you, a digital mural can provide a fresh alternative and act as large art pieces to create a strong focal point.

There are a vast range of murals available that come in many different themes including nature depictions, cityscapes, abstract patterns, art replications and even children’s designs. The examples below are both nature themed but differ from a photographed landscape to an abstract flower composition. They really can bring any room to life and provide a great conversation piece.

If you are interested in wall murals, take a look at both Photowall and 1wall for some great examples or even upload your own photograph/artwork for a personalised finish in your home.

 WWBN_1 Raebarn Gardens_EN5_013

JSCH_9 Collingham Gardens_SW5 0HS_40

Why stop there? If a feature wall just doesn’t cut it for you, wallpaper can be used in a number of unique applications such as accents on furniture, backdrops for bookcases and shelving or even on the ceiling. I know, sounds weird right? Google it, you will be pleasantly surprised! Think outside of the box and push the boundaries beyond just the usual papering ideas. Whether it’s an entire room, a feature wall or you have a couple of spare rolls left over, we hope that our interior photography has given you some inspiration to get creative in your home.

Dream Dressing Rooms

It’s time to get your summer wardrobe ready and say goodbye to winter coats until next season which can only mean one thing, organising your wardrobe! Forget the never-used spare bedroom, an entire room dedicated to your fashion needs is not only a great way to store your clothes and accessories clutter-free, but it is certainly more gratifying for yourself right?

Whether you have a small closet or spacious dressing room to work with, we have all the inspiration you will need here at CP Creative, and we want to share our best dressing room discoveries with you. But before we do, we must stress that this isn’t just for the Sex and The City lifestyle women out there, we have some great male dressing rooms to offer you guys too.

Take some inspiration from our gallery of photos below featuring beautiful dressing rooms, clever cabinets, and sleek walk-ins. We will also provide you with helpful ideas for maximizing space and creating the perfect dressing room along the way. Warning: Serious envy may occur with further reading!

* * *

Maurice Slevin_3_Wellington Close_W11 2AN_21 (1)

For those of you who do not have the luxury of a spare room to convert into a walk-in wardrobe, there are great ways of incorporating luxury features of a dressing room into your current bedroom. This is a clever example of how to integrate a dressing table into your bedroom furniture, which not only allows the owner to construct additional storage overhead, but it also allows for a lot more floor space, bonus!



WWTR_329 Princes Park Manor_Royal Drive_N11_002 (3)

 WWTR_329 Princes Park Manor_Royal Drive_N11_001 (2)

A pretty dressing room is every woman’s dream — this large personal space to get ready in is bound to make rushed mornings less stressful and leisurely evenings a pleasure. This dressing room has plenty of walkable space as well as a huge amount of storage, all beautifully enclosed to create order and functionality.

 A dressing table is also a ladies essential and a pretty place to make the most of smart storage solutions for accessories and make-up. You can display your favourite items such as jewellery and perfume bottles in glass or mirrored trays on top of the dressing table, and slot decorative boxes underneath for any extras.



GJWE - 74a, 3 Whitehall Court, SW1 -  (4)

GJWE - 74a, 3 Whitehall Court, SW1 -  (5)

When it comes to using space wisely, this gentlemen scores double points. It’s not only the women that enjoy a space to themselves, here at CP Creative we are certainly seeing a rise on the male walk-in wardrobes in London. What may look like a simple cupboard in a corridor, in fact opens up into a walk-in closet — what a genius way to create an innovative space for your clothes! The double doors open to reveal two large mirrors on their reverse, with an open wall storage system, neatly aligned making it easy to choose your outfit for the day.



PBFH_10 King George Avenue_WD23 (6)

JLLRE - Penthouse (153) E1 6GS (7)

Dressing rooms with open wall storage systems are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Using a mixture of rails, shelves and racks, you can create an open space that displays and stores everything you need. An alternative would be to simply take off your wardrobe doors, that way you will be able to see all your outfits at once and keep the costs to a minimum.

There are multiple ways to pack clothes and accessories away in a more stylish way too. The example above has chosen decorative storage boxes to keep it looking tidy and presentable. Make sure that any storage boxes are breathable, and line them with tissue paper to protect your favourite shirts and knits. Any smaller garments such as lingerie can be kept in cotton storage bags which are easily to hang up inside your dressing room.



JLLKH_22_Melbury Road_W14 8AF_13 (8)

JLLKH_22_Melbury Road_W14 8AF_14 (9)

This dressing room ticks all the boxes — a large wardrobe space, drawers galore and just take a moment to look at that shoe rack! The finishing touches and furnishings to this dressing room is what makes it special. The dark furniture is classically beautiful with a glass finish to give an open-plan feel.

Every grand dressing room needs a place to sit for the times you want to try on all those shoes. This bench is the perfect option with hidden storage underneath and padded comfort seating. A dressing room is more than just a walk-in wardrobe, it’s a place to make plans or to escape from reality. This example even adds in a TV for leisure which suggests this is the perfect spot to take a break.

Make it your own personal space by decorating your dressing room with some inspirational artwork like this lady, showcasing multiple Manolo Blahnik illustrations to continue the chic fashion theme throughout. This is what we like to call, the ‘Manolo Lounge’.



GJWE_102_Camp Road_SL9 7PB_01 (10)

What is that saying? Leave the best until last? Well the grand finale does not disappoint! This rock-star style dressing room has everything you will ever possibly need and more. A mixture of drawers, shelves, cupboards, cabinets, a huge walkable space, a double island, skylights and not to mention an unthinkable amount of mirrors. You will never be short of a reflection or two in this dressing room! It simply oozes luxury, we just had to share it with you guys. I don’t think we can quite put it into words how fabulous it is.

 * * *

Whether you are planning to transform an entire room in your house or simply want to revamp the space you have within your bedroom, we hope that we have given you all the inspiration you need to kick-start your dream dressing room. We can’t quite decide which one is our favourite here at CP Creative, what’s yours?

Spring Interior Trends 2015

With Easter nearly upon us, spring is in full swing and we have all-you-need-to-know on what trends you should be featuring in your home…

There is no better way to kick start the British springtime than with a home makeover. Here at CP Creative, we are in the lucky position of photographing properties across London every day. This allows us to have a front row seat to great interior design and the new popular trends you are showcasing in your homes. Whether it’s planning a complete interior overhaul or simply wanting to breathe new life into your home, we have the top trends of SS15 covered, with helpful tips along the way just in time for the Easter break.


Warm Pastels:

Warm pastels have always been the ideal palette for the spring to keep your house looking fresh and spacious. Having been a statement trend for the last couple of years, they are still making a stand for 2015 and we just can’t seem to get enough of their versatility. The light shades open up a room and create a relaxing and positive environment, what’s not to like?

They aren’t only for the young or those with feminine style preferences as some may think, they have the ability to create depth when teamed with bolder colours or patterns for a more masculine approach.

Tip: For those of you who like a contrast in your interiors, rich cherry wood looks beautiful with pink and peach tones, whilst mahogany or deep brown coloured furnishing works well with pastel blues, greens and yellows for added depth to any room.

 LTTT_2 Gracedale Road_SW16 6SW_11(1)

 WWIS_51A_Ferntower Road_N5 2JE (2)

A hint of Sunshine:

There’s no doubt that we all need that burst of sunshine in our lives seeing as the British weather can be somewhat unreliable. The good news is, that yellow is the colour of this spring/summer and it is a great way to brighten any interior. Accessories are the focal point for this trend, anything from a single seater chair to a small cluster of cushions to add that splash of colour.

Not only that, enchanting woodland prints and moss greens are all the rage and go perfectly alongside citrus yellow. Small plants are making a comeback too, which is a great way to add the finishing touch to this look.

Tip: Look out for ochre, a rich deep yellow in a variety of styles and accessorize your home to highlight specific features. If green isn’t your cup of tea, try pairing ochre with rich velvet jewel tones for a warm and expensive look.

DBPH_24_Oppidans Road_NW3 3AG_14(3)

 Portfolio GB_27 Ripplevale Grove_N1_34(4)

Powerful Patterns/Geometry:

As we step into spring, we bring bold, powerful patterns to the forefront of interiors. From flower power to geometry, there is something for everyone. Floral designs and wildlife is a still a very popular trend ― animals, birds and even insect designs can be found everywhere and are a great way to inject some fun into your home.

Print is important as a decorative element, and there are a vast array of choices when it comes to patterned accessories in your home. One of our favorites is wallpaper. Exciting wallpaper designs are readily available at your fingers tips, and one of the easiest ways to introduce pattern into your home.

Geometrics is another timeless trend with monochrome being hot on the scene once again. This is a real ‘wow’ factor within in a home, using bold straight lines and checkerboard patterns for the ultimate striking appearance. However, on the other side of the spectrum, loose geometric shapes are the latest development when it comes to this trend. This is a new loose hand-painted technique requires calm paint shades and results in an imaginative and artistic living space.

 Tip: Strong shapes and clean lines combined with texture make for a richness that is bold, impactful and easy to live with.

 GJRA - 4 Building 46 SE18 6TA12(5)

WWHB Lettings_4 Gerrard Road_N1_022(6)

Cool Greys:

Sugary pastels have been revolutionised this spring/summer with grey becoming the new eye candy. The revised palette takes a more sophisticated turn, teaming gentle pastel shades with cool, neutral greys and white to keep the look stylish. Stripped floorboards in pale grey or white can also lend a house character and charm and are a practical and traditional way to anchor this decorating scheme.

Get one step ahead and reinvent a new pastel colour palette with muted neutrals by finding a colour tint graph that represents the different saturations. Colour blocking with these shades is crucial and can be seen across walls, flooring, furniture and accessories. Keep the designs simple and stick to retro shapes to complete that modern look.

Tip: If you are feeling confident and want a bolder look for your home, team heavy greys with primary shades for a striking contrast.

LLSN_109 Clissold Crescent_N16 (7)

WWPG_228 Winchmore Hill Road_N21_018(8)


At CP Creative we are certainly feeling inspired by the properties we see every day here in London, and we hope you are too. Which is your favorite trend for the spring/summer 2015? Which trend will you be embracing in your home? Make a start on your interior for this season and bring that extra bit of sunshine into your home.

Happy Easter from CP Creative Property Marketing.



0203 637 1440

Have we photographed London's smallest house?

WWIS-90A RICHMOND AVE N1_02In September, the UK national newspapers were all over shots we took, featuring one of the quirkiest properties for sale we’ve ever photographed.

This cheeky, almost impudent 188sq ft one-bedroom house isn’t much bigger than a garage. You actually have to clamber onto the kitchen counter to climb the wooden hill into bed, so to speak.

Small but charming, the pint-sized pad is finished to a high standard. The space available is cleverly utilised. Even so, it’s probably the architectural equivalent of a high-end onesie. Yet it still manages to aspire to the eye-watering asking price of £275,000!

Though it did take a little while for our head photographer Gabby, who took the shots, to feel a connection, she soon warmed to the place. “It’s surprisingly comfortable as a living space and I thought for a single person it’d be quite a cool place to live,” she said.


Location, location, location

As with any property, its price is largely dictated by its location. And this one is set in the heart of the London Borough of Islington’s Barnsbury conservation area. Fashionable Barnsbury’s streets have special architectural and historic interest, with a look-and-feel the council are rightly keen to preserve.

So with all the trendy bars and restaurants on Islington’s Upper Street to hand, as well as ready transport links, this pad takes the capital’s trend for so-called ‘hutch living’ to an all-new level.

once inside, our photographer had some adjusting to do. “Initially I was thinking, where’s the rest of it?” she said. “I was quite surprised. I couldn’t quite believe that was all there was.”

Intrigued and bemused, Gabby quickly deduced that a great way for her to get going is to do the floor plan first. “It’s where I always tend to start anyway and helps me to make a judgement on what the best camera angles will be. Then it’s a case of tidying up and working out how to dress the photos, as the property was tenanted at the time.”

We’re always extremely careful about moving someone else’s belongings for obvious reasons, putting everything back where we find it. Conveniently, having a camera in hand is very useful towards getting this right. And if there is loads of clutter, we’ll do our best to tidy up, using our experience and eye for detail to think carefully about what to leave in view and where.

So if there’s an empty bowl of cereal on the side? “I’ll hide it in the sink!” said Gabby. “We do want to get the very best shots for the client, and as the results are completely in my control, we take the time it takes to meet our usual high standards.”

Once dressed, the job of taking the photos can begin. But Gabby had to figure out how to take the shots without all her own gear in view. So as this property has a shower pod next to the front door, “I did the shower pod first, so that I can put mine and some of the tenant’s stuff into it, out of sight.” Complete with toilet, the shower pod was so compact you could use both facilities at the same time!


Mind the gap

With the client’s set number of shots to complete, Gabby decided to shoot each living area as a separate entity, hence the shots of the bed, kitchen, seating, bathroom and outside front elevation, just like the shots we’d take of a less unusual home.

But it was the shot of the bed that had Gabby most worried.

“I was in my socks,” she recalled, “and the steps you see buried into the wall are metal, as is the ‘landing’ next to the bed. I was doing my best to straighten the duvet while standing on the small, metal platform. But this was really difficult, as I was struggling to reach all the way across the bed without climbing all over one of someone’s most intimate spaces.

“You can see the big gap between the bed and the narrow ‘landing’. So it took a huge amount of care to stop myself from slipping in my socks, falling through the gap and hitting the floor with a smack six feet or more below!”

There aren’t many ways to have an accident in a space that small. And we were especially relieved Gabby, having been with us since we started, hadn’t successfully found one of them.

Having managed to be very considerate as well as very careful, and with good shots in the can, it was a lovely for Gabby (to be alive!) to see her shots all over the papers just days later. Plus, it was great fun for us to see CP Creative’s work splashed all over the pages of the national press, too.

As you’d guess, given the extra publicity our shots have brought our client, interest in the property from buyers has been high. And at the time of writing, this little gem is said to be under offer.

*Britain’s official smallest house is a tourist attraction in north Wales. Just 10ft tall, 6ft wide and only two rooms, visitors pay £1 for a very short experience within its walls. Uninvited visitors to our smallest house will more than likely be less welcome…

CP Creative - Christmas Photo Blog

Welcome to CP Creatives Christmas Photo Blog.

With Santa almost on his way to deliver gifts to all the good children around the world, inclusive of us here at CP Creative, we thought another blog was in order.

Now, although Santa enjoys all those pies, milk and cookies, We also believe that he loves to secretly visit properties and admire them as much as we do. It is the season when a lot of our homes will be filled with many Christmas decorations, from toy santas, to reindeer’s on the lawn and  maybe even a lovely Christmas tree in the corner, parading lines of tinsel and baubles and the all important lights.

Our photographers have seen some beautifully decorated homes on their travel and have even spotted these decorations spilling onto the streets of London.

Our photographer Michael took to the streets this week to capture the festivities around London.

Aren't these calling birds beautifully illuminating Carnaby Street, all we need now is the partridge in the pear tree, two turtle doves and three French hens.


Michael even spotted Santa's latest mode of transportation:



It wouldn’t be London if we didn’t include a phone box.



Well it looks like Santa's little helpers have taken a much well deserved break.


This photo just has Christmas written all over it!


Even Rudolph are partial to a macaroon or two.


From us and this delicious Snow man, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.


If you are interested in CP Creative Property Marketing and the services we offer, please contact us on 0845 544 0871 or email sales@cpcreative.co.uk.

Top of the Props - CP Creative Weekly Photo Blog - December Issue

Top of the Props - CP Creative Weekly Photo Blog - December Issue


Its been a while I know, trust me Im sorry, but rest assured that at CP Creative Property Marketing we have been as busy as ever photographing and floorplanning London's properties for all our lovely clients. As we gradually see the slow down for Christmas we wanted to give a little taster of the London properties we have visited in the last week. We will do our best to keep these coming over December and into the new year.


Below are a selection of property photographs from each corner of the capital, spanning from Enfield in the far north, Bromley in the south east, Crouch End, Harrow, Farringdon and finally Battersea. We have tried to give you a broad overview and variety of different styles and locations. Enjoy.

CP Creative Property Marketing june -  (3) CP Creative Property Marketing june -  (2) CP Creative Property Marketing june -  (1) CP Creative Property Marketing june -  (6) CP Creative Property Marketing june -  (7) CP Creative Property Marketing june -  (5) CP Creative Property Marketing june -  (4)



Are you an estate agent, property developer, architect, interior designer or simply someone wanting beautiful images of your home?. At CP Creative we have an in-house team of specialist creatives who can produce a number of marketing materials to help promote, market or sell/let your property. We work for companies across London and the south east on a daily basis and have a client base of over 150 property businesses. Whether you require property photography, 2D floorplans, 3D floorplans, brochures, epcs, property videos or virtual tours, we can do it. For more information please call central London office on 0845 544 0871 or email sam@cpcreative.co.uk.

We are here to help you.





The Best Home Ever

We see hundreds of interior design ideas here at CP Creative and Michaela, our bookings supremo, thought she would tell us about her perfect home...

"Being inspired by some of the interior designs that have filtered through our office, I thought I would take you on a wild wacky adventure on how I would design my own home. There are no limits, no boundaries, no budget and no one to say no!

So in my dream house building scenario, I would of course be a fully qualified architect and the house would be designed by myself. Big, open, airy and in a beautiful rural location (and very much reminiscent of the houses you've seen on Grand Designs). It will be quirky with lots of hidden nooks and crannies that lead to places that you would never imagine. The bathroom would be luxurious and spacious and would contain a concealed door which would lead to a secret oasis that I would call 'the creative pod'.  It would be an amazing creative studio, brimming with easels, computers, over-sized furniture and music equipment.

I shall have a suspended bedroom that will house a new and wacky concept-bed.  Designed by O*GE Creative Group, this bed combines comfort and a play area, and best of all, it is shaped like a nest. Very unusual concept but maybe so unusual it might just work!















Images courtesy of O*GE - https://inhabitat.com/awesome-birds-nest-bed-is-a-cozy-roost-for-kids-and-adults-alike/

The kitchen will be modern, with the latest gadgets and technology from coffee machines, to snow cone makers and from chocolate printers, to fruit bowls that will detect when food is turning bad. Yes they all exist and I will have them all and more.













The Amazing Snow Cone Slushie Maker! - https://www.amazon.co.uk/SNOWCONE-SLUSHIE-MAKER-SYRUP-BOTTLES/dp/B007M8W1YG















The most amazing invention ever - A chocolate Printer!!  Hands up who wants one?!



Fed up of your fruit going rotten! Worry no more:












Mold Detecting Fruit Bowl- https://inhabitat.com/brilliant-mold-detecting-fruit-bowl-alerts-you-to-rotting-fruit-before-it-goes-bad/

The furniture will be a mix of vintage hand made pieces, that are one of a kind and will be customised and accessorised to fit into the modern and crazy palace of my dreams.

The walls will be finished with wall paper designed by Burgerdoodles. Who? Bugerdoodles create wall papers made of doodles that you colour in.  Of course it may take you a while but imagine the fun you will have on weekend at home!



The design of your home says a lot about you as a person. It is the place where you probably spend most of your time. With so many inspirations out there from magazines to television shows, you are bound to find something that appeals to you and allow you to create your unique, dream home!"

Thanks Michaela for sharing an insight into your world!  Please invite us all to tea when its ready!

Top of the Props - CP Creative Photo Blog

Ok - we've stopped calling it a weekly blog as we keep getting really busy and running out of time to update it!  We know you've missed us but fear not - we're back...

Lets start with this beauty:  Situated in the very popular and trendy Battersea area this wonderfully unique property has both traditional and modern features as well as light, open loft style living - best of both worlds we think.  With the upcoming development of Battersea power station and its central location we predict that Battersea will be the next place to buy in London.  There are still some bargains out there so get looking!

Next we go to Farringdon in EC1.  Beautiful decor makes this 5 floor family home a great place to live.  Often having fairly small gardens, properties such as these maximise outside space using roof terraces - often on 2 or 3 different levels.  This has the effect of creating lots of little 'outside rooms' which really helps families make the most of living in the centre of town.

Off the the burbs for the next property.  HA7 is home to some stunning houses, often very large with beautiful landscaped gardens.  Here is a great example with classic styling and wonderful fully opening doors onto the garden.  With a property this size, you need to spend a considerable amount on leather sofas just to decorate the reception rooms.  Bigger house, more sofas...

In our privileged position as property photographers, we get to see the very newest interior design trends in force. Some fashions come and go (such as those bedside lights where the stem is made from lots of round glass balls... very last year), to the use of wood, stone and metal.  Here is a great example of polished marble being used with high quality wood cabinets and chrome chairs and accessories.  Modern, practical and cosy at the same time... Well done that Kitchen designer.

Shiney shiney - with metallic wall paper,chandeliers, black floors and Louis XIV inspired furniture you may think this would be a bit of a cluttered mismatch, but with the minimalist furnishing, white walls and high ceilings, this actually manages to look classy and spacious. Metallic wall paper presents its own challenges to photographers - mirrors and reflective surfaces are our bugbears.

We don't actually see very many pianos at all in our job.  Is it because we are London based and space is limited? Is it because people who have pianos can't move house? Is it because not many people actually play the piano?... (It surprises me because I grew up with 2 pianos in the house and I thought that was normal- turns out it isn't).  I'd feel at home here however with this lovely grand in the living room. Perfect for a Jane Austen inspired soirée.

 We get about a bit.  Up to the East here with a family home in the Enfield area.  Interesting open plan living space which was fairly tricky to photograph due to the angles available. We are good at squeezing ourselves into tight corners, but when occasional tables and vases of flowers are around, we have to be extra careful! There was a huge dog living here which was locked in the garage for our visit... had a taste for photographers apparently!

So there you have it, another captivating glance into the property world of London and the Home Counties. If you want to see any of our more 'challenging' properties, just let us know and we will do a blog showing some of our less impressive (to put it politely) properties.

Check back soon for more lovely professional photographs of property in London and the surrounding area!

We are recruiting again...only the best may apply!

Fresh on the back of our latest new recruit starting at CP Creative on monday, we are ready to roll out the red carpet for another new starter. This time we are looking for a new Property Photographer / Floorplanner to join the team. As always we are looking for the best recruits to join the team and help us to achieve our goals. If you are interested please send CV's to jobs@cpcreative.co.uk. More details below:

CP Creative is a leading creative property marketing company based in Central London, covering the UK and abroad. We specialise in marketing and advertising services for the property industry and lead the way in creating innovative, eye catching materials.

Some of the exciting services we offer include Interior Photography, Floorplans, Virtual Tours, Design & Print Campaigns, Brochure Design, Computer Generated Imagery, Video & Audio Tours to name a few.
We undertake projects of many types and sizes from Estate Agents Photography and Floorplans all the way through to Restaurant Photography and Virtual Tours of Holiday Villas.
As a company we work hard to be the best and we are currently looking for a Property Photographer/Floorplanner to join our team. The position would be based in London and would involve photographing and floorplanning properties across the capital.

The successful candidate will need to:

• Be ambitious and Hardworking
• Have a courteous and friendly manner
• Have excellent communication skills
• Possess outstanding organisational and time keeping ability
• Be enthusiastic to learn, grow and develop within the company
• Have a full UK driving license

And Finally

• Experience in property photography is essential. Floorplan experience is beneficial but not compulsory.
• Knowledge of creative arts and the property industry is favourable but not compulsory.

This position would be a rewarding role for the right candidate, within a company that is committed to creating a positive working environment and encouraging staff to grow and develop.
The available position is full time and permanent. Head office is based in Camden, central London.

Applications must be sent to jobs@cpcreative.co.uk


Summer of Fun

With the trusty weatherman promising the 'hottest July in 7 years' it seems summer may have finally arrived. London is glorious when the sun is shining, so lets seize the opportunity to leave the brolly at home and go exploring! London has so much to offer, here is a snippet of what you could be getting up to this summer.

As we love properties and buildings here at CP Creative, it seems only right to start our list with...

'The Serpentine Pavillion'

Every Year The Serpentine Gallery commissions a renowned architect such as Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry and Ai Wei Wei, to design a temporary pavilion which sits in front of the Gallery. The quirky buildings are a true demonstrations of architecture that has been given the opportunity to push design and creativity to it's very limits. With a coffee stall to boot, the experience feels like you're sitting within a piece of abstract art, giving visitors the chance to marvel at the bold designs from within, whilst tucking in to a tasty slice of carrot cake. This year Sou Fujimoto has designed a pavilion that The Guardian described as 'A cloud like cluster of white steel rods' and 'one of the most radical pavilions to date'. So pack a picnic and head down to the park, the Pavilion is most definitely worth a visit.

Radio Rooftop Bar

We have photographed Marconi House on a number of occasions but as of now we haven't had the chance to venture up to the Radio Rooftop bar. Located on The Stand, the bar sits on the 10th floor of the ME London hotel. It's website boasts of 'views that touch the clouds'. Whilst surrounded by landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament and The Shard, its sounds like the perfect place to sip a cocktail whilst watching the sun go down.

Zoo Lates

With CP Creative's offices just around the corner, Zoo Lates at London Zoo will give us the perfect chance to enjoy a Friday night this summer doing something a little different. This adult only event lets you explore the zoo (including the new tiger territory enclosure) whilst enjoying the 'adult-sized playrooms (complete with ball ponds), improvised comedy, twisted cabaret, roving performances, pop up bars, street food festival, acoustic stages, carousel rides, the incredibly short film festival and a silent disco'. A silent disco? Well you could hardly have a noisy one in a zoo! One online blogger described this idea as 'good in theory, but it's possibly the most awkward looking thing of all time. This was only enhanced by the people outside the disco looking in at the dancers like they were animals in the zoo'. To me, this is something that must be seen!

References –
The Guardian
Time Out
ZSL London Zoo
Places I left my Wallett

Websites -





Top of the Props - CP Creative Weekly Photo Blog - Part Four

Top of the Props - CP Creative Weekly Photo Blog - Part Four

Well the famous saying that March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb did not really ring true this year. It seemed to come in like a lion and get progressively worse and ended up leaving like a pride of rabid angry lions wanting to tear strips off you. Aside from the weather, the month of March was positive for CP Creative property marketing and saw us photograph and floorplan over 400 properties across London. In addition, we have completed a project of virtual tours and artistic photography for a student accommodation provider in central London.  Our Lease-planning arm - www.leaseplanners.co.uk successfully completed 74 land registry compliant lease plans for properties from Brighton to Bristol and as far north as Newcastle. Phew, what a busy month.

Below is a small selection of some of the properties we have photographed over the last week. We do not just aim to show you the most expensive, most luxurious properties we visit but a true cross section of London property. New and old, big and small, cheap or ridiculously expensive. We hope you enjoy our photos;  all photographed by our brilliant in house specialist property photographers.


Property 1)

Check out the exposed brick work and wood flooring in this house in Tooting, South London.






 Property 2)

Our photographer took some great detail shots of the features and decor in this characterful house in Greenwich, South East London.


 Property 3)

This warm and welcoming family home is located in the leafy and affluent area of Mortlake, just moments from the River Thames in South West London.


 Property 4)

Last week we featured a property in Arsenal's old Highbury Stadium. This property is more suited to supporters and players of their bitter rivals - Tottenham Hotspurs. Situated in South Tottenham , this modern apartment offers stylish contemporary living space.


 Property 5)

Fancy taking in the Waterloo sunset over the River Thames?  This is the property for you. Located close to the Southbank and the famous Waterloo Bridge.


 Property 6)

Blackheath Village is one of our favorite spots for photographing beautiful and unique properties and this one is no exception.  A wonderfully individual, architect designed property with full length windows which flood the property with light and provide great views of the landscaped garden.


 Property 7)

Essex is definitely the place to find opulent and bold interior design. This property is situated in the affluent Repton Park Estate, a converted  hospital with an abundance of park land surrounding it.


We hope that you enjoyed the latest installment of the CP Creative Weekly Photography Blog.

If you work in the property industry, design or hospitality sector we have many services that could help you and your business. We are property marketing specialists based in Camden, London.  We cover the whole of London, the South East and East Anglia. We have a team of in-house creatives who specialise in many services including professional interior and property photography, floorplans, video productions, design and print, virtual tours, leaseplans, EPCs and so much more. If you wish to hear more about what we can do for you, please call 0845 544 0871 or email sam@cpcreative.co.uk.  Our website is www.cpcreative.co.uk

We look forward to hearing from you.

CP Creative Easter Egg Hunt - Find The Easter Egg In Our Property Photos!

CP Creative Easter Egg Hunt - Find The Easter Egg In Our Property Photos!

Its Easter time again and to start off the well needed four day weekend we thought we would have a bit of property photography based fun. One of our crafty interior photographers has been sneaking Easter eggs into their lovely property photos. Have a look at the selection photos below and see if you can spot the subtle and not so subtlety hidden Easter Treats. Enjoy. These photos were taken this week at a amazing property in Wimbledon, check out that beautiful contemporary chandelier.

Easter Egg Hunt - Photo 1


Easter Egg Hunt - Photo 2


Easter Egg Hunt - Photo 3


Easter Egg Hunt - Photo 4


Easter Egg Hunt - Photo 5


Easter Egg Hunt - Photo 6


Easter Egg Hunt - Photo 7


Easter Egg Hunt - Photo 8


Did you find all of the eggs?

We hoped you enjoyed our London property Easter Egg Hunt as well as the great photography (of course). Please keep an eye on our blog for weekly photography examples, stories and updates. Happy Easter Everyone.

CP Creative Ltd is one of London's Leading property marketing companies specialising in producing eye catching interior photography, floorplans, brochures, virtual tours, videos and much more. Located in Camden CP Creative covers the whole of London, the Home Counties and East Anglia. Working with some of the top property companies in the UK on a daily basis CP Creative provide them with the visual marketing they need to succeed. If you would be interested in hearing more about what CP Creative do, please call 0845 544 0871 or email sam@cpcreative.co.uk.

Top of the Props - CP Creative Weekly Photo Blog - Part Three

Top of the Props - CP Creative Weekly Photo Blog - Part Three

Another week and another installment of the CP Creative weekly photo blog. As we supposedly approach spring we thought it would be relevant to focus on some of the riverside properties we have photographed in the last week. As the Thames winds its way through London its diverse banks are home to some of the capitals most impressive properties.  They change in style, size (and price) as you move from East to West; from the luxury apartments of Canary Wharf, the warehouse lofts of Shad Thames to the beautiful riverfront homes of Chiswick, Kew and Ricmond. A river-front property really is the pinnacle of city living.

Our first property is located along the Union Canal in Islington N1. This stylish loft style apartment is situated overlooking a quaint section of Canal basin and an array of wonderful barges. Many people believe that house boats are limited to the suburbs and countryside but London actually has one of the UK's largest proportion of house boat communities, often tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the Capital.

Greenwich is one of London's most prized maritime hot spots, primarily down to its biggest tourist attractions - the Cutty Sark and the Royal Greenwich Museum. This river-front apartment offers bright and substantial living space with direct views over the Thames.

Riverside Court is located in Westminster and is moments from Vauxhall Bridge. The benefits of living in this area are both its proximity to Central London and the abundance of well kept gardens and parks which often go unnoticed by visitors. Over the bridge are Pimlico Gardens and Riverside Walk Gardens and just behind the property is the famous Flower Market.

Located directly overlooking Chelsea Bridge and across the River from Ranelagh Gardens, this luxury apartment has a south facing full length balcony, perfect for soaking up the sun (when it finally arrives). Inside, the substantial reception room is stylishly decorated with red and beige furniture.

Ok ...so our final property might not be on the river but it makes up for it by having a great, wildlife filled pond!  It is actually located in the North West Suburb of Stanmore. This stunning, spacious garden really highlights the benefits of living outside of Central London - just look at the amount of space you get for your money.

We hope that you are enjoying the CP Creative weekly photo blog.  We are one of London's leading property marketing companies and specialise in producing eye catching interior photography, floorplans, brochures, virtual tours, videos and much more. Located in Camden we cover the whole of London, the Home Counties and East Anglia. If you are interested in hearing more about what we can do for you, please contact us on 0845 544 0871 or email sam@cpcreative.co.uk.


Top of the Props - CP Creative Weekly Photo Blog - Part Two

Here is another installment of some of the wonderful properties we have photographed in the last week. From the 4th to the 8th we photographed close to 150 properties across the capital. These ranged from mansions to apartments, modern developments to period homes in every corner of London. Here is just a small selection showing the variety of sizes and styles.


This property in Harringay shows just what you can achieve with  bold colours and bright airy spaces. Another period home that has been updated with contemporary design and decor.


Sticking with North London and the popular area of Highbury, we photographed a house that has recently had a rear extension built to house a stunning minimalist kitchen. The perfect way to add extra living space as well as value to your property.


Moving away from minimalism, but no less attractive, this property is warm and homely.  This shows that properties do not necessarily have to be empty and minimalist to photograph well. Anyone walking through these doors is likely to bite the agent's hands off (if the price is right of course). 

This property is for all you Gooners out there, Tottenham fans might as well skip to the next property right now. It is located in the listed Highbury Stadium, which was converted into apartments with the arrival of the Emirates Stadium down the road. The apartments are built around the central gardens which have replaced the playing pitch. Renowned for it Art Deco design, this unique building retains many of its original features.


Moving central to Mayfair, W1, is a newly built luxury apartment we photographed this week. Easy walking distance to Piccadilly, Soho and Oxford Street, this would be the ultimate central London pad (but it comes at a price of course).


The perfect property for musical-lovers! Here is a taster of the interior photography we carried out on another modern apartment in the renowned Marconi House development on the Strand. This property is a stones throw from a choice of West End theaters.  Before the shows you could pop down to for a cocktail in the American Bar of the Savoy hotel.


Now this is what we call a nice bathroom. Located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich we found this stunning open plan bathroom with just a curtain separating it from the master bedroom.


Property Photography and Marketing blog by CP Creative Ltd. This Top of the Props blog showcases a selection of the properties we have photographed across London.   CP Creative Ltd is a property marketing company based in Camden and covering London and the south east specialising in producing beautiful eye catching marketing materials for the property industry. Services include Interior Photography, Floorplans, Brochure Design and Print, Virtual Tours, Property videos, CGI, EPCs and much more. For more information please give us a call on 0845 544 0871 or visit www.cpcreative.co.uk.


CP Creative Weekly Photo Blog - Top of the Props

Top of the Props -

At CP Creative we are fortunate enough to see a vast array of properties on a daily basis. They vary greatly in style, size, design, decor and presentation and we can testify that no two properties are ever the same. Our new weekly blog will showcase a variety of the properties we have photographed to give you an insight into our weekly work. This blog is not about showing off the most amazing property but to display the variety of properties in London - we attend all kinds of houses, flats, mansions and studios regardless of location or cost. Here is the first installment, we hope you enjoy it.

Located in the heart of the city, this light and spacious property showcases contemporary interior design and the exposed brickwork mirrors the vintage style tiling in the bathroom.

Heading north to the fashionable area of Islington, this one bedroom flat has cleverly maximised the space available to provide a unique and well proportioned living space.

At the other end of the scale and moving South West to the leafy area of Putney, this typical Victorian house combines modern renovation and period features superbly.

These two properties in the affluent area of Stanmore (HA7) in North West London are moments away from each other but differ considerably in style. One a palatial elegant property (property A) and the other a beautiful period conversion with stunning exposed beams and an array of original features (property B).

Property A

Property B

In the north London suburb of Palmers Green we photographed this warm and homely Victorian property. Notice the wonderful high ceilings, ornate cornicing and large windows which are typical of house of this era.


From old to new. This interior designed apartment in the popular area of Wimbledon shows light and airy modern property at its best.

We hope you enjoyed our new weekly blog, please check back next week for our next installment of London property photography from CP Creative Ltd. For information about our services please call 0845 544 0871 or visit www.cpcreative.co.uk. CP Creative Ltd are a London based property marketing company specialising in property photography, floorplans, design, property videos, virtual tours and much more.

10 Tips to Beat the January Blues

10 Tips to Beat the January Blues

It can be hard to find your enthusiasm for your day job when you've just spent 2 weeks eating, drinking and being merry with family and friends, however without your day job, you'll soon be in a pickle so here are some top tips for finding your energy for the new year ahead.

1. Eat Well

Have a detox, cut out alcohol, eat lots of fruit and vegetables. The Christmas excess can leave you feeling bloated due to too much salt, fat and sugar - and alcohol is a know depressant. Be kind to your body by giving it all of the nutrients and vitamins it needs to reach tip-top condition.

2. Exercise

Its probably the last thing you feel like, but even if its a 15 minute walk, get back out there. Don your trainers and walk briskly to get your body moving. The fresh air will invigorate you and your circulation will improve. The first time will be the hardest but it will be easier next time and you will feel virtuous in the long run.

3. Plan Something Fun

Whether its a night at the theater a visit to friends, a trip to the cinema, a journey on a boat, a night in with your partner, an evening out with workmates or a fancy dress party. Put some effort into planning it. This will give you something to look forward to in the short term and also help you find your motivation muscle.

4. Do Something Educational

Learning something new is extremely rewarding and can give you a feeling of purpose and motivation in the new year. You might discover a new talent which opens new doors you never knew existed. Look into evening courses and educational experiences. If you can't afford something right now, why not set up a savings goal and plan to do it later in the year.

5. Plan A Summer Holiday

Nothing beats the winter blues better than day dreaming about a hot exotic holiday. In your lunch hour browse the web for the infinite possibilities that the world has to offer. Enjoy the process of researching, planning and costing a trip. If its too grand for this year, why not work out how to do it next year or the year after and start saving now.

6. Focus On Improvements

Think about the following 8 things and decide if there is anything you can do to improve each one. Health, money, social life, relationship, career, friends/family, home, personal growth. If there is, why not do it? It will be you that benefits.

7. Get Your Life In Order

Chaos is stressful. Even the most creative free thinkers need some order to feel secure, so if this year feels woolly, wobbly and a bit directionless, why not impose a bit of order. Whether that means tidying your house, clearing the mess on your desk, getting your expenses and mileage in order or drawing up a housework rota, controlling the little things that effect your day to day life will make you feel more competent and in control of other, less predictable areas of your life.

8. Review Your Career

Where do you want to be. What do you need to do to get there? Do it. The number one trait that makes a successful entrepreneur is focus. What might you be able to achieve if you start to really focus on your goals?

9. Do Something For Others

Ever feel like you're all 'me, me, me'? If you're feeling blue, why not stop navel gazing and look around you for ways you can influence and effect those around you. Are there local volunteering projects you can get involved in? Is there someone you know who could benefit from your help? Putting energy into helping others and looking outside your self will not only benefit others but also boost your own sense of self esteem and confidence.

10. Look On The Bright Side

Its easy to get bogged down in bad news and worry in today's world. The media tends to fill our consciousness with bad news and fear, but for every sad or bad story out there, there are hundreds of good things happening all the time. Try and focus on the positives – keep a little book of niceness in the new year, listing the positive things people say to you, the smiles you get, the small acts of kindness that happen all the time.

2013 is going to be a good one and if you do the 10 steps above, you'll be ready for it. Enjoy.



Photographers on Ice

Photographers on Ice

Who'd have thought that photographers have a natural ability at ice skating??  Turns out they do!  We were all surprisingly good with only Jon and Ashleigh ending up with damp knees and that was thanks to arm-linked groups of children acting as both obstacles and missiles!  Check out the photos taken by a specialist iphone-ographer.  The centre photo below shows (from left to right), Patricia, David, Jon, Sam, Erica, Max, Ashleigh and Gabby.


CP Creative Photographers

For the CP Creative Christmas Do, we went down to Somerset House and had great fun on the Outdoor Ice Rink.

Wobbling on the ice

Here are Jon, Gabby, David, Patricia and Ashleigh all showing off their skills.

After Iceskating

After our Icey exploits we all ventured down to the Southbank to enjoy a mulled wine among the Christmas stalls. We then headed for dinner at The Cinnamon Club.  The food was excellent and atmosphere very warm and welcoming. A great way to celebrate the end of a busy year and look forward to the excitement and challenges of 2013!


Flash Ah Haaa

Erica Hawkins, normally based in our office as Creative Manager, recently went on a course to learn more about using flash in portrait photography.  She is building her own career outside of work as a wedding photographer and has already got 12 weddings booked for next year. Here is her account of the course:

"No longer afraid of the dark!!

One of my biggest fears is the dark. As a photographer, when the sun goes down and I have to pull out my Speedlight, I do it with a tremble. I gingerly fix it to the camera, press a few buttons, bounce the light and hope for the best. Something had to change, it was time to face my fear!

So this week I took part in a flash photography workshop in central London. I headed to a quirky little cafe in Waterloo and meet with Andrew the course leader. It wasn’t long before the rest of the group joined us and over a quick coffee the techie talk flowed, swapping camera specs and flash models. Andrew gave us a rundown on those scary little buttons on the back of the flash, explaining what everything means in a way that even my 5 year old nephew would understand (he is pretty smart though).

We headed out to a local park to put into practice some of the information Andrew had bestowed upon us. Our model Victoria did us proud, pouting and posing in the freezing cold while we clicked away. My first few photos were not going according to plan, unless we were going for the look from the film Cocoon when all the old people glowed; if so then I nailed it! Andrew was very patient and took the time to review all our images giving us individual pointers that soon had Victoria looking more like a model from Vogue and less like Casper the friendly ghost.


It soon became clear that when it came to flash photography my mental block had stopped me thinking, all my camera knowledge blocked by this massive hurdle that was my Speedlight. But after just a few hours I began to think straight, applying straight forward photography with my new tricks and tips. By this point Victoria has pulled more poses than Zoolander any my toes had turned to ice so I was very glad it was lunch time.

We had a change of scenery for the afternoon and ventured to the underbelly of Waterloo at Leake Street, aka Banksy Tunnel. With the dingy lighting and grimy scene it was the perfect setting for us to take the next step in flash photography, it was time to go ‘off camera’.

With relatively little time, we soon had a two way lighting set up. Andrew again made this look easy and effortless talking us through the different equipment required in order to achieve the look. My Christmas list has now taken a slight turn, with brollies, brackets and triggers at the top of my wish list.

As the sun set on our little workshop for the first time I felt confident I could cope without the sun, I had conquered my fear of the flash and was no longer afraid of the dark."

Thanks to Erica for detailing her experience!  Erica did her training with Andrew from www.36exp.co.uk.  Erica's work can be seen here - www.ericahawkinsphotography.co.uk

10 Reasons Britain is Great

10 things we think make Britain great.

1. Funny Place Names

You literally couldn't make them up; take this small sample of British place names - someone, somewhere is having a laugh.

Prickwillow, Cockermouth, Sodom, Bush, Bell End, Cockshutt, Dicker, Fannyfield, Weeford, Upperthong, Shitterton, Badgers Mount, Brown Willy, Pratt's Bottom, Looe, Muff, Tarty Burn and Twatt. Not forgetting the River Piddle which flows to Puddletown in Dorset. There are so many more we could list here, but we are scared that our blog will get banned if we put them all in.

2. Sense of humour

We Brits are known the world over for our quirky, satirical take on life; cult greats like Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, The Two Ronnies, Fry and Laurie and Morecambe and Wise - when you start to think of all of the other people who make you laugh, you realise what a fertile place Britain is when it comes to funny men and women. To name a few past and present tickle-sticks... Spike Milligan, Dawn French, Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard, Kenneth Williams, Peter Cook, Jo Brand, Jack Dee, Harry Enfield, David Mitchell, Sue Perkins, Rowan Atkinson, Sally Phillips, Caroline Aherne, Ade Edmondson, Simon Pegg, Kathy Burke, John Cleese, Ricky Gervais, Miranda Hart, Steve Coogan, Billy Connolly, Peter Kay and so many more.

3. Our patient, polite and tolerant nature (most of the time)

Ok, so we are not claiming that ALL Britons are saintly in their behaviour and that there aren’t some who get a bit hot and bothered now and then, but on the whole, ours is a nation of polite people. For example, London is a city of 10 million (give or take) and considering how busy it gets and how crowded some of our spaces are, there are relatively few confrontations. Even in the busiest place, Britons will queue in an orderly fashion and have an innate sense of 'fairness'. Pity the tourist who tries to queue-jump, they will find themselves on the receiving end of some withering looks. Nice that it is generally just withering looks they have to endure, as polite Britons have the capacity to absorb quite a lot of annoying behaviour before they will actually say anything to anyone.

4. Sport

We totally pulled off the Olympics. Romney eat your words, we ROCK at sport (and organising amazing sporting events). Most of the British media is taken up with Football, which is one of Britain’s greatest exports, but as well as football we excel in many other pursuits. Take cycling, sailing, rowing, running, jumping, riding, throwing, catching, swimming, diving, gymnastic-ing and driving. Our tiny little country can stand up to the likes of the USA and China in most sports and that is a.m.a.z.i.n.g when you think about our size.

5. Architecture and Infrastructure

Great Britain boasts some of the worlds most varied, historically important and beautiful architecture and infrastructure in the whole world. It is possible to take a metaphorical “journey through time” on a tour of the UK. Contrast the prehistoric majesty of Stonehenge, completed 3500 years ago, with the ornate grandeur of Chatsworth House, Derbyshire; the Roman baths of Bath with the Anglo-Saxon churches dotted throughout country towns; compare castles in Scotland and Wales with the great academic institutions of Oxford and Cambridge and the Palace of Westminster with the mining landscapes of Devon and Cornwall. There are a staggering 28 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the UK making it a great place to understand how history has shaped the built world around us.

6. Creativity

Britain has produced some pretty amazing creative types when you think about it, from artists, musicians and poets to authors and composers. What other country can come close to a line up this impressive: Chaucer, Shakespeare, Austen, Carroll, Stevenson, Doyle, Kipling, Tolkein, Dickens, Bronte, Coleridge, Byron, Hardy, Shelley, Blake, Betjeman, Eliot, Milton, Larkin, Purcell, Elgar, Britten, Vaughan Williams, Holst, Constable, Hogarth, Bacon, Gainsborough, Lennon, Bowie, Page, Plant, Jagger and so many more. Britain is made all the more wonderful by the fact that you can explore so much of this creativity for free at the hundreds of museums, galleries and libraries across the British Isles.

7. Science and innovation

Britain has long been home to clever science types. It is still leading the way in innovation with science and hi-tech industries vital to our economy. Here are a few notable Britons: Harrison (clocks), Airy (astronomer), Babbage (computers) Logie Baird (TVs), Bell (telephones), Berners Lee (Internet), Cavendish (Earth's Mass and density), Caxton (printing press), Crick (DNA), Darwin (Evolution), Davy (Chemicals), Eddington (Stars), Faraday (Electricity), Fleming (pennicillin), Galton (fingerprint), Gilbert (poles), Gregory (telescope), Halley (comets), Harvey (blood), Hawking (physics), Kelvin (temperature), Lister (surgery), Newton (physics), Owen (dinosaurs), Turing, (maths), Whittle (jets). We pretty much did everything then.

8.The Royals

Love 'em or hate 'em, for now they are here to stay. Great Britain has a constitutional Monarchy and currently, Queen Elizabeth II has the top job. Despite the press often taking pops at the royals, it seems that the majority of British people are fully behind them – just look at the turn out for the Jubilee and Kate and Will's wedding if you need proof. It is often said that the monarchy cost the UK tax payer a lot to look after (approximately £150 million per year it is estimated) however it is argued that the net return for GB in having a royal family is far higher than the cost of their upkeep. (Just think, if we didn't have a Queen, we'd probably have a president, and how much would that cost the UK taxpayer?), so we think three cheers for cucumber sandwiches, silly hats and garden parties. Hurrah.

9. British Food

Britain hasn't always been known as a culinary hotspot, however a dinner of spam fritters with smash and tinned fruit salad for afters is no longer the norm for most Britons. Local artisan producers are now wowing the world with their high quality breads, cheeses, charcuterie, pickles, jams, cakes, bakes and curries. The move towards organic and wholefoods in Britain is strong, meaning the quality and availability of produce is getting better and better. Many things about our colonial past should make us hang our heads in shame, however its influence over our food is one area we can be positive about. Curry is now the favourite dish in Britain, and its good for our palates to be sampling such eclectic foods. (Great Britain now has more Michelin-starred restaurants than France). As well as food, British beer is taking off in a big way. A few years ago, you really struggled to find a decent pint of ale in London. Now there are hundreds of pubs serving draft ales to a new audience.

10. British Countryside

We love the British countryside. From stunning Scottish glens to Welsh mountains. From lakey districts to peaky districts, from south downs to moorlands Britain is beautiful. With 80% of us living in towns and cities, it can be hard to remember that over 93 % of Great Britain is in fact rural, made up of rolling hills, farmland, beautiful views, natural grasslands, moorlands, mountains, heaths and woodlands. If you ever fly from the UK, you get a real sense of how green most of it is, when you look out of the window. The variety of different landscapes on our tiny group of Islands are vast and often breathtakingly beautiful. What's not great about that.

So next time you want to remember why Britain is so great, after you've played footy at your local park, don your walking boots, get on a train and head off to explore some of the wilderness. Stop for lunch at a pub, have some wonderful artisan food, a great pint of locally brewed ale, then pop to a country house in Upperthong in the afternoon. Read some Byron whilst wandering in the grounds and admire the paintings by Constable that hang in the drawing room. In the evening, pop to London to the Science museum and be surprised by how busy, yet civilised it is, then go to see a comedy show where they take the mickey out of the Queen. Name another country where you could do all that in a day....

Haunted Camden

Anyone who has walked around Camden recently could easily have thought that it is overrun with the un-dead, based on the alternative fashions on show, the pale skin, dark hollow eyes and body markings and piercings, but might there be a reason that Camden has become this kooky, individual hot bed of eccentricity? Could it be something in the water or even spirits from the past possessing its current inhabitants.


Unlikely as this may sound, there is a surprising amount of evidence that Camden has more to it than you see on the surface. Hauntings and stories of the dark arts are commonplace if you speak to the locals and you don't have to look very far for unexplained events which might indicate the supernatural.

Lets start with the pubs, always a good place to start and seemingly the home of most of the ghostly goings-on in Camden. The Black Cap, on Camden High Street is a well known destination for the brave ghost hunter. According to legend, the first Landlady was a mysterious witch, who as well as brewing and selling ale which occasionally killed the drinkers, did away with several of her many lovers and whose parents were hanged for black magic. We've heard rumours that early on Sunday mornings you can see unexplainable shadows at the windows which don't show up in photographs.

Cross the road and head towards the Tube, and you come to another infamous Camden haunt – previously called 'Mother Red Cap” and now the World's End. This old halfway house for highway men has been serving for nearly 300 years and has seen its share of violence and darkness. Staff here will regale you with stories of how the pub once served as a gallows and torture chamber and on quiet nights if you listen carefully it is said you can hear the screams of long dead prisoners being tortured in the dungeons below. Staff have complained of 'funny sensations' and 'seeing things'.

Leaving World's End and heading towards the Stables Market, we should remember that silently dormant beneath the streets of Camden are miles of tunnels, sewers and drains, many closed off and blocked up for years. South Kentish Town Underground Station is an infamous 'ghost' station whose entrance has now been turned into a Cash Converters. This abandoned station is creepy enough to make anyone's imagination run wild and legend has it that ghosts stalk the disused tunnels and stations. Photos have been published showing shadowy figures and unexplained footprints.

 The Domesday Survey of 1086 shows only small hamlets in the Camden area and it remained very rural until around 1820 when the canal was built and industrialisation began. Camden Lock wharves and warehouses were typical of industrialised Victorian England with all manner of scoundrels, thieves and prostitutes operating the streets. Only the roughest people would dare to go to the lock area at night and you were lucky if you came away face up without stones in your pockets.

The stables for the horses which pulled the canal boats, are now the famous Camden Stables Markets and if you speak to the right local traders they will tell you tales of having seen ethereal women dressed in Victorian clothing walking through the Stables tunnels offering their special services. That, and the sound of horses hooves galloping over cobbles all lead to spine chilling tingles and goose bumps when you pop out for your shopping.


Here we've just scratched the surface of Camden's ghostly past with many more tales out there if you speak to the right people, such as the hundreds of skeletons excavated from under the site of the Eastnor Castle, the criminal cigarette smugglers and their murderous adventures and the stories go on...

 It is impossible to prove that these ghostly occurrences are influencing the current streets of Camden, but anyone who has visited the area would certainly agree that there is a spark of the unusual here. There is a hint of mystery and eccentricity in many people you meet and a unique creativity which means it has become home to artists, poets and musicians as well as many creative businesses. We have even had our own share of unexplained poltergeist activity in our Camden office and who knows, it may be the spirits of the past making themselves heard.

Failing to plan is planning to fail - CP Creative Blog

During World War II, Winston Churchill said “He who fails to plan is planning to fail”. Obviously he wasn’t talking about property floorplans when he penned these wise words, but in this blog I am going to look at the importance of property marketing, how it has developed and how our company CP Creative can help. And I will try to be impartial and unbiased!

Way back in the spring of 2001, I took my first naïve and nervous steps into the world of property marketing. As I walked into the glossy new head office of Foxtons in Chiswick Park to start my job as property photographer, little did I know the importance of it and how it was going to change the industry so significantly in the years to come. To be honest I didn’t expect that in the winter of 2012 I would be in my 9th year of running a property marketing company.

That year heralded what I believe was a boom in creative and visual property marketing. In May 2001 my sole job was to produce beautiful photos of houses, by the end of the year I had been trained to produce virtual tours, floorplans, compile brochures and write adverts - you know the ones that say “charming and cosy one bedroom flat” which really means “run down flea pit, in which you can't swing a cat”.

The company was really leading the way in promoting and marketing their properties and were slowly but surely taking over London, one area at a time. This in turn meant that every other agency worth their salt had to step up and look at what they were doing or more importantly, not doing, in terms of marketing.

The industry was crying out for an independent property marketing company that could offer the small, medium and large agencies a quality service that could compete with the likes of Foxtons... so I flew the Foxtons nest and found a way to help them meet this need.  In 2004 I set up a property marketing business in London and 9 years down the line, whilst the world of property marketing has steadied it is certainly still growing and changing on a regular basis with new with improved technologies being developed all the time. It is now a global business which sees our company CP Creative Ltd working across the world with like-minded, creative businesses in places such as Sweden, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

One of the biggest changes in property marketing over recent years is the shift in the notion that it is only reserved for the upper end of the market. Whilst years ago professional photography and floorplans would only be ordered if the property was a million pounds plus, this is no longer the case.  At CP Creative we work hard to make our service affordable and accessible for the entire market regardless of the type or value of a property.

It is when photographing a lower value property that the true worth and skill of a property photographer comes out. It is simple to photograph a stunning luxury penthouse apartment but it is more challenging to show lower value properties in their best light. Every property has a potential buyer and it is our job to help make sure that the property reaches that person.

This week alone we have visited such a diverse selection of properties, 136 to be precise. Just yesterday I was at a grade 2 listed rural estate in Bedfordshire, on the same day we photographed 25 flats in Westminster and a handful of houses in Haringey, Islington and Hackney to name a few. They were all completely different in style and value but all getting the same great property marketing.

Although 2001 only seems like yesterday, technology has come a long way. Website marketing and advertising was pretty basic with most agents only having limited information for people to view. Now, with the growth of mobile technologies people can scour the market whilst sitting on the bus home.

 We can produce property videos, audio tours, E-brochures which are viewable on handheld devises at the click of a button. We can produce interactive floorplans which not only give you the layout and measurements of a room but also photographic images.   We can create an abundance of visual information that is creative and eye catching and essential for potential customers to help them make decisions.

At CP Creative Ltd we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our marketing materials but equally as important to us is the efficient and personal service that we offer our clients. The beauty of our service is that it is beneficial for everyone involved. The agency gets beautiful interior photography and floorplans which in turn promote their properties and improve their company image. The property vendors/landlords get the special treatment and nice images of their homes whilst the buyers get an abundance of images and information with on which to make an informed decision without even having to leave their desks. Everyone’s happy and everyone’s a winner!

Since 2001 property marketing has evolved, with agents, vendors and buyers wanting more images, better technology, faster viewing, wider coverage and a more 'immersive' experience.   Constant innovation and future planning is needed to keep up with the hectic pace of the world we live in. At CP Creative we thrive on the challenge of keeping what we offer relevant, up to date and forward thinking.  Watch this space to see where the next 10 years will take us.

Written by Sam Crozier


Making the Camden Bus Video

You don't need an Oscar winning director, Hollywood budget and a large film crew to make an interesting and eye catching company video. Here at CP Creative we have just finished the promotional video for Camden Bus Estate Agents, and if we do say so ourselves, we think it's pretty good. Before we had even started the video we had a sneaky feeling that Camden Bus would want a video that was a little different to your average corporate video, given that they work from a vintage routemaster bus in the heart of Camden! Well, we were not disappointed and after the first meeting ideas were bubbling, creative juices flowing and it wasn't long before we had the concept drawn up and ready to shoot.

We presented them with a storyboard after the first meeting to help them visualise what we were planning. By keeping our clients in the picture at every stage of the process they were fully aware of the direction the video was taking and had the opportunity to have input in the film or leave it down to us. 

Camden Bus Office Shot

We wanted the video to celebrate Camden's diversity whilst reflecting the fact that the team at the Camden Bus not only know the town inside out but have sold a large number of properties in the area. With over 50 locations crammed into under 1 minute of footage, planning was a vital part of the process.

In-between some of the wettest days on record we were able to shoot most of the footage over about 3 days. All that walking certainly kept us fit and we now know the streets of Camden better than a local cabbie. The time-lapse was filmed over a few different days with the sunrise of Camden being filmed from 4.30-7.30 on a Sunday morning. Watching Camden transform itself after a busy Saturday night is very impressive - CP Creative salute the street cleaners of Camden, we have seen you in action and admire your work!

Once all the footage had been filmed it was time to get to work in the edit suite. The music and editing were key to getting the videos many images to gel together. Camden Bus now have a video that sets them apart from other estate agents and it truly reflects the company's style, passion and love for the town they live and work in.

Charles Christie Webb

We asked Charles Christie-Webb, Owner of Camden Bus Estate Agent how he'd found the process and this is what he said: 

"It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. It really has...I just want to say that ...what sets CP Creative aside from others in the service industry as a whole, is you really care a great deal about your work. Having written a few reviews in the past (raving and also scathing ones), I’ve come to the conclusion that when someone in the service industry can’t put their heart into their work then their head isn’t quite engaged either. Often I find I’m being looked after by people going-through-the-motions and it’s usually disappointing, sometimes infuriating. When someone genuinely cares about the service they’re providing the effect can be amazing, especially if that person is an expert in that field. And that definitely what's happened in this case."


I was fairly clear about what I wanted from the outset and CP Creative genuinely liked the idea and wanted to build on it. I knew then, as a client, I needed to keep quiet and let creative people do their thing. We shared ideas during an initial meeting. CP Creative came back to present a storyboard. I instantly approved it".


We used so many locations yet every scene had been meticulously planned by Erica which minimized the filming sessions that I was involved in. She had even walked down each street beforehand and, as is her style, spotted improved scenes to put forward. “


"Love it. Camden Bus is very much part of the Camden scene and it’s a good reflection of what we’re about. It’s targeting at potential sellers living locally who’ll relate to the shots around Camden Town. Just this week we’ve visited Danny Tull (Madonna videos) and also Graham Coxon (Blur) who, I'm sure, like so many other Camden residents prefer a home-grown agency to a soulless chain competitor. But I freely admit that if anyone outside Camden views this video they'll will wonder what on earth its about."

We genuinely couldn't ask for nicer feedback from a client and we've really enjoyed the whole process. If you would like more information on a video packages please feel free to contact us on 0845 544 0871.

 Click on the frame below to watch the video:


As well as company videos, CP Creative provide amazing interior photography, floorplans, brochures and virtual tours.  We work with estate agents, private sellers and commercial agents to help them market their properties and their businesses.


Property Marketing Jobs - CP Creative Ltd are recruiting, Come join the team.

Property Marketing Jobs - CP Creative Ltd are recruiting, Come join the team

CP Creative is a leading creative property marketing company based in Central London, covering the UK and abroad. We specialise in marketing and advertising services for the property industry and lead the way in creating innovative, eye catching materials. Some of the exciting services we offer include Interior Photography, Floorplans, Virtual Tours, Design & Print Campaigns, Computer Generated Imagery, Property Videos & Audio Tours and more. Our projects range in size from estate agent photography and floorplans through to luxury hotels and holiday villas.

As a company we work very hard to be the best and we are looking for an Office Administrator to join our talented team.

The position would be based in our head office in Camden Town, Central London. The key roles of the position will include:

• Answering the telephone in a polite, well spoken manner
• Making decisions about passing on calls to the relevant staff member or taking accurate messages paying particular attention to details.
• Booking and helping manage the photographer, floorplanner and freelancers' diaries.
• Quality checking detailed drawings for accuracy and carrying out amendments.
• Help to keep the bespoke company database accurate and up to date.
• Taking orders and liaising with clients over the phone and on email.
• Help ensure projects and orders run smoothly and are delivered on time.
• Assisting the managers and company directors with administration tasks.
• Undertaking some artworking duties with Adobe illustrator and Photoshop (training to be given).
• After training, taking responsiblity for specific office procedures.

The successful candidate will need to:
• Have excellent communication skills and a courteous and friendly telephone manner
• Be ambitious and Hardworking with excellent attention to detail
• Be comfortable working alongside managers, directors, staff and sub-contractors
• Have an sound understanding of computers and IT including software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook Express.  
• Have experience of using customer databases
• Possess outstanding organisational and planning ability
• Be enthusiastic to learn, grow and develop within the company
• Have exceptional customer service skills and be comfortable dealing with clients on a daily basis
• Experience in an office environment is an advantage
• Knowledge and interest in creative arts and the property industry is favorable but not compulsory
• Knowlege of the Adobe creative suite will be an advantage

All CVs must be accompanied by a covering letter which details an example of a time in your life when you have demonstrated excellent organisational skills and superior attention to detail.  Applications received that do not have a cover letter showing this example will be disregarded. Applications should be emailed to jobs@cpcreative.co.uk.

This position will be a rewarding role for the right candidate.  As a growing company we are committed to creating a positive working environment and encouraging staff to grow and develop.

The available position is full time and permanent for approximately 35-40 hours a week (to be negotiated). Salary is negotiable.
The Head Office is based in Camden, London, NW1. For more information please visit www.cpcreative.co.uk

The Olympics and The London Property Market (through our eyes)

The Olympics and The Property Market (through our eyes)

After 8 anxious years of expectation, preparation and exasperation, the Olympics finally arrived in London, whipping the whole nation into a frenzy of Olympic mania and mayhem. The 2012 games were a huge success and even the biggest sceptics seemed to have been won over by the time the closing ceremony came.

Even before the first baton had been passed (or dropped) and the first bike pedal pushed, many Londoners were dreading the two weeks and what it might mean for people trying to work, travel and lead a normal life in the city. Whilst we tried to be 100% positive about the Olympics, we couldn't help but watch the splendour of the opening ceremony with an element of trepidation, thinking “right - let’s get these games over and done with so we can get back to work”.

As a property marketing company based in Camden, covering the whole of London (and quite a bit beyond) our business revolves around getting people from one appointment to the next in the shortest possible time. Our property photographers, floorplanners and energy assessors have to spend a lot of their day traveling between appointments, from Greenwich to Ealing and Brixton to Hampstead, and as you can imagine, a huge multi-national event involving road closures, traffic jams and a vast number numbers of spectators can throw a bit of a spanner in the works.

One of our biggest fears was the infamous Olympic lanes weaving throughout central London.  These, along with the expected increase in traffic had us concerned that our team would simply not be able to make appointments on time and force us cut back on the amount of work we could do.

The idea that the Olympics would line the pockets of London businesses did not seem a realistic possibility in the short term, especially for small and medium sized businesses.  If you were a giant multi-national corporation, sponsoring the sale of food inside the Olympic Park then fair enough, but for companies like ours, it has been a worrying time.   Unlike large global brands, with their enormous turnovers and profits, smaller companies cannot afford to have two weeks of poor sales - for many companies this can spell real trouble and the risk of closure. This may not have been the case 10 years ago when you could get credit to buffer your balances, but in this financial climate there is a very thin line between profit and loss.

So what actually happened... On the first Monday of the Olympics our property photographers, floorplanners and DEAs set off on their journeys and amazingly the roads were quiet.  So quiet if felt like you'd gone back in time.  We have never experienced so few people on the roads.  All of the warnings had been heeded, people were staying away from central London.  Tuesday continued the same way and so it was for the whole two weeks.  (It may have helped that the schools were on holiday too, and that the normal rush of 4x4s at 8.30am and 3.30pm weren't there.)

Where we had planned to be stuck in traffic all day (and kept our diaries sparse) we could have doubled the number of appointments we did each day and doubled our turnover.   Bring back the Olympics, it made our journeys wonderfully easy – except this time we would plan for the quiet so that we can keep the diaries full.

Other businesses we know of experienced the same eerie quiet.  Whole streets of central London had hardly any shoppers, during a period they would have been experiencing their best sales of the year.   Parts of East London including Greenwich were barricaded so that people couldn't even get to the shops.

A lot of people have also gone on holiday to escape what they thought would be the madness – 50% of emails we send as a company receive an automatic reply 'We're on holiday, contact us in two weeks'.  So whilst our diaries remained reasonably quiet during the Olympics, the capital now faces a post games come down as we wait for people to return to their posts, pick up the phones, make their sales calls, field all of the foreign investors that want to buy a place in London, start getting instructions and fill up our diaries again.

So in the short term, its been quiet, but in the long term, surely London has been shown around the world as one of the most amazing places to be.  Its friendly, diverse, successful, beautiful, complex and can boast being able to plan, organise and host a spectacular event.  What better advert for our great capital and surely that will in the long term, be a real boost to the economy.

For information on our property marketing services including property photography, floorplans, virtual tours, property videos and design. Visit us at www.cpcreative.co.uk or call 0845 544 0871. CP Creative Ltd - London's premier property marketing company.


Written  by Sam Crozier - Director of CP Creative

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New Video for Camden Bus

We've just finished a new video for one of our lovely clients!

Have a look at Camden Bus Estate Agent's new "not-so-corporate" video!

We have had great fun developing the concept with Charles and Erica H has done some great filming, editing and project managing to get it finished.  We think it is really fantastic that Camden Bus wanted something unusual and original to promote their agency.  No stuffy voice-overs to camera for this Estate Agent.  We hope you enjoy!

Vacant Vs Occupied

What do potential buyers think of an empty house? Does seeing a blank canvas fill them with excitement for what it could become or do they see a daunting challenge, where their furniture might not fit?

Having canvassed the views of some of our trusty estate agent clients, it appears there are mixed opinions as to whether a property is easier to sell if it is vacant or lived in. For us photographers, both types of house present their own challenges. Tidying up clutter, avoiding priceless Ming vases whilst wielding a tripod and staging a perfect photo, though tricky, can sometimes be easier than making an empty room look inviting.

It would seem sensible to think that property photography of an empty room would be easy (no chintzy curtains or pub-style carpets to think about), however without any context to define the space, an empty room will be just that. “In a totally empty house the buyer comes into a room and sees 4 walls and a window and that's it. There is not much there to engage their brain or cause them to take a longer look”*. Rooms sometimes look smaller when they are unfurnished and can appear tunnel-like with nothing to distract the eye from the door to the window.

Buyer vision is key. A creative buyer will move from room to room, taking in the empty space and be excited by the possibilities and potential. They will see the room as it could become, imagining the walls decorated in elegant Graham & Brown wallpaper, feature details picked out in Farrow & Ball and arranging the antique furniture that Auntie Anne passed down to them. Not every buyer has this ability however, and a vacant property can fill some people with concerns. If a house has been emptied, there is nothing to hide the signs of wear and tear and it can exaggerate the extent of worn carpets, faded wallpaper and dated decor.

According to Billy Boyle, Sales Manager of Winkworth in Palmers Green, some buyers, especially those looking for a family home, find it much easier to visualise their own belongings in a property when the house is furnished, taking the attitude “My sofa is the same size as their sofa, therefore this is the house for me”. If they can't see a bed in a small room how do they know theirs will fit? Whilst it is nice to imagine people think very rationally about buying a house, it is often the first impressions that determine the outcome.

shabby empty property

This tends to be different when it comes to purchasers who are property professionals, either building a portfolio of rental property or investing in development projects. For them, with their more objective eye, furniture or no furniture doesn’t tend to matter. ROI is the most important thing. If anything, they will see an empty property as an opportunity to negotiate harder – if its empty, it is probably costing someone money and they will be more keen to sell quickly. This opinion is widely shared among agents. “Vacant homes always sell for less...A vacant home gives the buyer a false idea that the seller is in some kind of trouble and needs to sell fast and will take a lower offer. Most of the time this is not the case at all.”*

So what do agents feel is the best way to create an excellent first impression if you’re selling your house?

“A few well-placed pieces of furniture can help connect viewers to the living space”*. Staging your property for viewings seems to be the best way around this issues with sites such as Ebay and freecycle making it affordable to do so. If its a bedroom, make sure it has a bed in, which at least has a sheet over the mattress and some colourful cushions. Try and put a sofa in the reception room to define the space with pictures and flowers to give it colour and life, and if the kitchen is big enough for a table and chairs, put them in there so that potential buyers know it is. Staged furniture may not increase the asking price, but it is likely to attract a wider spectrum of buyers, and that can only be a good thing.

*Quote source

How to Dress a Home for Photographs (Part One)

How to Dress a Home for Photographs (Part One)

Reception Rooms

As photographers, we are always striving to make properties look their very best.  We can achieve amazing results with our top-end equipment but if house sellers take a few steps to ready their property for the photo shoot, it can make all the difference.  Think going from ‘Take a break’ magazine to Country Living.

Here are a few things to do to make a sitting room look its best:

 1) Hide away clutter

Minimal is always best when it comes to photos.  No one likes mess or clutter in a photo, although designer clutter is of course allowed – bring on frame clusters and shabby chic.  When staging a room, don’t worry too much about actually cleaning – dust doesn’t really show up in photos – but think of hiding.  Hide everything you can that doesn’t need to be in the room.  When you look around the room, can you see mess, cluttered table tops, piles of magazines under coffee tables, remote controls, flat cushions, dead flowers, grubby windows or crumpled curtains? Do your best to hide things that don’t add to the feel of the room.  Our favorite hiding places are: Hallway (these are not normally a selling feature so rarely photographed), storage cupboards (stack them high and close the door), box rooms, downstairs cloakrooms (unless this is key sales feature).

 2) Think about angles

We photographers love light and will almost always choose to shoot a room towards the windows.  Stand in each of the corners furthest away from the window facing diagonally into the room and take a good look.  Are you staring at the back of a chair?  Is there a way you can open up the room or move furniture to create a welcome, open feel?  Is there a feature fireplace in the room?  If so, can you free up the space in front of it to really show it off?  If furniture is crammed in, or over sized for the room, try and push it to the edges as much as possible – people invest in space, so if a room looks cramped in a photograph, fewer of them will want to view your property.  Try and be detached about the fact it may be a house that you love, that you’ve spent many happy years in – imagine you are trying to create a magazine shot for a glossy magazine.

 3) Bring rooms to life

Invest in flowers, plants, fruit and lamps.  Imagine the sort of living room you’d love – I bet it would be light, airy, full of freshness, clean and cosy all at the same time.  Create your look using lamps and fresh flowers to brighten a dull corner.  Put greenery and houseplants near the windows to bring the outside indoors, and put fruit bowls on tables to make people associate your house with health and vitality.  Supermarkets pump the smell of fresh baking into their shops to make you hungry, do the equivalent to your living room – make it aspirational and show people that if they buy it they will be happy, healthy and wealthy.

Check back next week for our top tips on getting your bathroom ready for photos! For more information please contact www.cpcreative.co.uk

 By Gabrielle Prince

The Property Market in February

Here at CP Creative, February has been a bumper month with orders for photography and floorplans up 30% on last year. Fingers crossed this is a sign that the property market is starting the year as it means to go on and the green shoots of recovery are beginning to show for our economy.

Whilst it has been very busy at CP Creative property marketing, here is a brief summary of what else has been happening in the world of property during the last month.

February started on a somewhat downbeat note as The Nationwide announced that property prices had fallen 0.2%. The average house price fell to £162,228 in January compared to £163,822 in December. The fall in house prices has been put down to the grim economic outlook ahead of us and the struggle first time buyers face trying to raise the huge deposits required to get on the ladder.

More sorry news followed for the UK property marketing when Zoopla.co.uk, the property search engine claimed that 4 out of 10 property vendors were being forced to drop the asking price of their property by any average of £19,600. The highest price drop on record, with Glasgow topping the list and Chelmsford recording the lowest. Although bad for sellers, this may offer a glimmer of hope for those trying to get on the ladder.

Despite some negative news, reports in February suggest that first time buyers have returned to the market against all odds. Chartered surveyors E.Serv announced that 58,610 mortgages were agreed in January which is a whopping 30% increase on the same time last year. Of the mortgages agreed, it is believed that 15,300 of them went to first time buyers which is the highest number since March 2008. With the governments Stamp duty holiday ending in March it appears that first time buyers are rushing to snap up properties to avoid the 1% duty on homes under £250,000.

The positive news didn’t stop there. Figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders showed that property repossessions were down to 36,000 in 2011 which is the lowest figure since 2007. This seems mainly thanks to the low interest rates and the better financial management offered by lenders, which has in turn helped property owners to keep hold of their homes.

Further good news followed as two of the UK’s biggest house builders announced substantial half year profits which further raised hopes that the property market is gradually recovering. Barratt Developments and Galliford Try both encouragingly managed to raise profit margins and sell more homes than a year ago.

Finally, ever fancied owning a quaint little farmhouse in the south of France? Well here is your opportunity to own a whole French village for the grand price of £275,000. The village of Courbefy in the Limousin Region has been described as a deserted ghost town and consists of 19 buildings and a swimming pool and is located just 30 miles from Limoges. What are you waiting for?

Look out for further blogs, news posts and updates from CP Creative.

By Sam Crozier

Welcome to our new website!

As the previous incarnation of the website was a few years old, we felt that it deserved to be changed in all sorts of ways. As well a huge improvement visually, the new site gives much more information about our full range of Property Marketing Services.

The whole structure and the content have been revised. It was our aim to make the site more accessible, so please do tell us what you think.

Thanks are also due to our Ipswich Web Designers custardfish for their design skills and technical endeavours – we hope you like the end results as much as we do!